The Lord Needs Your Whole Heart, Might Mind, and Strength!!

Last time I’ll be sending you guys one of these things so you better enjoy it!! hahaha jk but for real I can’t believe this is my last letter before I get to talk to you all in person. I’ll tell you more about my week in detail in the homecoming talk but lets just say I couldn’t have had a better last week πŸ™‚ God has blessed me so much through out this mission and I know he won’t ever stop even when I come home and I’m so grateful for that relationship that I’ve built with him.Β  First things first is that it freakin snowed in MCALLEN TEXAS. It’s been 13 years since that happened and lets just say it did not get me excited for the cold weather I have to come back to haha.Β  We were on bikes for both the snow days and lets just say I was pretty dang cold but it was the biggest blessing ever cuz literally everyone was letting us in and I’ve never taught the restoration more in my life, it was so sick!!! There was one time in particular that we were biking back to the apt and passed this family and waved but I had a distinct impression to turn around and go talk to them. My comp was a little ahead of me so I went and caught up to her and we turned around and turns out this family is sooo prepared to listen!! They all want to get baptized as soon as possible and I know they will this month and literally everytime the spirit can talk to you that clearly it’s such a miracle!

The next day riding was a joke cuz our whole area is pretty much dirt roads and the mud was unreal! haha the mud was literally all over us and it was some of the hardest days of my mission biking for miles in the cold, wet, and windy weather. But it just makes all the memories that much greater so I’m beyond grateful for everything that I’ve been through these last 2 weeks in San Benito and honestly just my whole mission.Β  It’ll be hard to express my gratitude that I have for these last 18 months on email so I’ll just wait for Thursday but I just wanna thank everyone who’s prayed for me, supported me and been there for me this whole time! I really couldn’t have done any of this without you.Β  I know missionaries who are coming to the TMM read these so if you’re one of them GET SO PUMPED!!! We’re so close to getting a temple here and the Lord needs your whole heart, mind, might, and strength. This mission is literally one of a kind and you’re so lucky to be coming here under the direction of President Torres πŸ™‚
I love you friends and fam and I’ll see you on thurs on the escalator AYYYY
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Horgesheimer πŸ™‚
Snow in McAllen
Biking In The MudDSC01832.JPGDSC01833.JPG

There Is No Better Way To End The Mission!! I’m So Grateful!!

San Benito is my favorite!!! You guys need to look it up, it’s like a ghost town, but it has the coolest people here in the world! Literally I’ve never worked so hard in my whole mission than I am with Sister Zidek and not gonna lie i’m exhausted but there’s no better way to end the mission and I’m so grateful!! I’ll probably be sleeping the first week straight when I get home though haha. My comp is awesome though. She has so much fire and just wants to work hard! We have been going none stop and I have literally 0 time to think about anything at home so it’s kinda super weird to read all these emails and realize it actually is coming to a end in like 10 days. We saw some AMAZING miracles this week though.Β  I got to the area Wednesday afternoon and literally everyone we talk to is willing and wants to set return appts. We’ve had so many appointments and so many new investegators and it’s just hard to know I won’t be here for much of their teaching process!

This one fam in particular, The Ruiz Family we met them and next time we came back we brought a member and it was a miracle cuz turns out they knew each other! The lesson was so so powerful and it’s so cool how good me and Sister Zidek teach together! They came to church the next day and loved it πŸ™‚ Another cool thing was Saturday morning we were biking looking for a referral and there was this guy sitting on the porch and we gave him a card and invited him to church and he showed up this sunday!! Honestly I know God is blessing us with so many miracles my last week cuz they said San Benito hasn’t brought an investegator to church for about 3 months. I know it’s nothing we’re doing, I just know that people are prepared and God blesses us when we show him our pure desires to help his children out!
I seriously love my mission. Every time I think about how grateful I am for it I almost start crying and I just couldn’t be happier to end it the way we are! I can’t wait to see everyone next week! It’s gonna be amazing πŸ™‚ Love you all and I’ll talk to you for the last time emailing next week!!
Hermana Horgesheimer
Lol President Torres dabbing!! It’s the best.
Back on the Bikes!!DSC01799.JPG
Jayci’s new companionDSC01810.JPG
Jayci and Cam Allen finally connect in the mission– Friends from High SchoolDSC01791.JPG
The families pet iguana!!DSC01808.JPG

We Have A Few Minutes Right Now

We had such a great week!!! I’m getting transferred and it was the best last week I could’ve ever asked for.Β  We worked all week helping this amazing part member family prepare for the baptism of their youngest son.Β  His name is sonny and i’m pretty sure i’ve written a little about him but I don’t how to explain how a little 9 year old could change someone’s life so much but he has!!Β  He’s very hyperactive and is obsessed with this one tv show and so we always have to teach him the gospel using that and it’s just been so fun.Β  Really it was a miracle he was able to get baptized before I left because his grandpa from mexico came up and baptized him and that caused his whole family down in mexico to start going back to church and same with sonny’s! They’ve been less active for years and years and this baptism lit a fire for all them because all a sudden the 18 year old wants to go to seminary, and go on a mission πŸ™‚ It was such a great weekend and I’ll send you all the pictures!!

The other amazing thing is the family we’ve been working with with 4 girls came to church this week and LOVED it!! they’ve been before but it was just like a conference broadcast but they loved all the classes so much πŸ™‚ After church we set a bd for the 9th of dec which is her birthday and the same day Elder Cook is coming to the mission so i’m probably gonna be able to come i’m so pumped!!Β  The biggest miracle with them this week though is we went to visit them just to set a return appt and the dad who has NEVER listened out of no where was like “we have a few minutes right now”Β  We taught him the restoration and he was crying throughout the whole time. Β Then after we invited him to say the closing prayer and he did and it was honestly one of the most spiritual moments of my whole mission.Β  The whole family was crying and said that never in his life has he ever joined the family in anything religious related. He didn’t come to church with them yet but he’ll get there πŸ™‚
I’m being transferred to a city called san benito for my last 2 weeks!! It’s a bike area and i”m gonna finish training another of dad’s patients sister zidek!!! Woo i’m pumped!! I’ll tell you guys about it next week πŸ™‚ I love you all so much, have a great week!!
Sonny’s baptism and family. He loves “goku” so that’s why we’re standing like this haha

This is the family that’s gonna be baptized dec 9, pray for the olmedo fam :):)
I got her a sushi cake cuz she doesn’t like cake haha

she mordided me even though it wasn’t my birthday but it was way funny!!

I Didn’t Realize It Was Thanksgiving– You Can Save Me The Leftovers!!

haha what the heck I didn’t even realize it was thanksgiving this week til everyone’s writing me about it!! I think it’s funny cuz you guys can save me leftovers and they’ll probably still be good enough to eat hahaha weird.Β  This week was awesome other than I got sick again!! I don’t know what’s happening because anyone who knows me knows I never get sick. Probably just satan trying to slow me down right at the end but it’s not gonna happen!! We had this mlc with Elder Pearson and his wife from the 70 and it was super good.Β  He talked all about how we are gonna move our mission to the next level and I started crying cuz pres had all the people stand who weren’t gonna be there next transfer and was like “you won’t be here to see the mission go to the next level, but thankyou for what you’ve done to get us here.” That was honestly way hard for me to hear.

This sunday we had this family come to church with 5 kids and we can never find them to teach them but they have just been coming to church! It’s honestly way sick but I’m praying we can find them cuz they are never in their house! Our other family have a baptismal date for the first week of december. I’m super excited for them and the only problem is they’re super involved in their other church but once they receive a stonger testimony i know they’ll leave behind their old ways and be a HUGE asset in the mission 4th ward!! I’m probably gonna leave for my last two weeks so that kinda stinks cuz i won’t get to see a bunch of people i love be baptized :/ But it’s all good cuz i know i’ll come back soon and visit them all!!
I love you all and I might be writing this week on saturday so just been ready if so! Have a great week and enjoy the snow πŸ™‚

Being An Answer To A Prayer Is The Best Part Of Being A Missionary

sup fam!! This week was incredible! The best part was going to the temple with the solis-ramirez family and seeing them get baptized for their ancestors that they found who they’ve had dreams about.Β  We went this tuesday and it was literally amazing how within 2 minutes we were led to the exact family member, her great grandma who she had had a dream about.Β  They found a bunch of other names and they just loved the temple so much!! I’ve already decided i’m coming down here in a year when they go through for the first time:)

It kinda stinks cuz i feel like finally when I only have 4 weeks left, I’m finally understanding what it means to be an instrument in God’s hands. I’ve realized that there’s literally nothing that brings me more joy than that.Β  This week we had another cool experience where we met a lady and she said that she had just been praying the night before to send her someone.Β  We were led there totally by the spirit and I know God loves his children so much and answers every prayer. Being an answer to a prayer is literally the best part of being a missionary!
The other cool thing that happened is one of our investegators that we’ve been working with since i’ve been in the area, his grandpa is coming into town for the holidays and he finally wants to be baptized while he’s here!! That should be happening in the next few weeks so we’re super excited for that πŸ™‚ We;ll keep you updated but yeah everything’s still going great!
We had elder pearson from the 70 come this week and I just felt so much motivation and fire to finish strong this last month and do literally everything possible as a full time servant of the lord! I can’t wait to just give it literally my all til the end and thanks for all your support in everything! I love you all and hope you have agreat week πŸ™‚
Love Hermana Horgesheimer

El Arbol Familia– We Can Help!!

This week was so awesome!! I feel like I just barely wrote but there’s still so many miracles and updates to write about.Β  First of all, Alex our recent convert received the Melckezideck priesthood this past sunday!!! It’s only been like a month but our bishop loves him cuz he said he reminds him of what he was like when he first joined the church πŸ™‚ He’s gonna be our new ward mission leader too!! Honestly so pumped for that haha. This weekend is gonna be awesome cuz we’re gonna go up to the temple with them and do baptisms πŸ™‚ The mom had a super cool experience where she had a dream of someone telling her to go to the temple and she found out it was her great grandma and they just can’t wait to go up there now.

The other wayy cool thing that happened this week was we met this family with 4 cute girls and started teaching them. on like the 2nd visit she showed us her bible and was like “yeah I bought this one because it has el arbol familia” and she showed us and it already had like all the names filled out up to 4 or 5 generations!! Then she was like “I’m frustrated though because i can’t get any of the names for my husbands side and I don’t know how.” We were like WE CAN HELP. hahaha so they came to church for the first time yesterday and LOVED it and have a baptismal date for november! The coolest part though was the night before that lesson I remember looking at my planner and there was only like 2 appts and I just prayed asking God to bless us with some sort of miracle. I have such a strong testimony that it’s so simple and all we have to do is literally ask God for what we need and he’s always so willing to bless us with things that bring us joy and happiness πŸ™‚
Β I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Hermana Horgesheimer
Had to say bye to Lucia, she’s going back to Honduras!

me and luque messin around hahaDSC01623.JPG

Another Baptism & MLC Conference

FAM! Hey sorry i’m a little late. it’s been a really crazy week because we had a 2 day mlc that we were in charge of all the food and getting people to the right places and everytthing so that’s why I’m writing today haha. they were really good meetings though and we even got to go paintballing with all the mission leaders!! It was seriously the best!

We had another baptism last week and it was so great πŸ™‚ this is the same family that we had an FHE with president so he came and was able to baptize the girl that didn’t get baptized 2 weeks ago! It was supposed to be her and her brother but he backed out the morning of, but we’re going over tonight to try and see why he’s scared and hopefully he can get baptzied and join the rest of his family this week or next πŸ™‚ I seriously love this family though so much. You have no idea how amazing they are! We walk into the Halloween party yesterday and she was like running the whole show and all her 7 kids were there dressed up and so cute. It’s just so cool how one family can have such a positive impact on the whole ward and I”m just so blessed to be serving here with them πŸ™‚ We asked our president for permission and he said that the next ward temple trip in 2 weeks we can go with them and our other recent converts to do baptisms for the first time!! I never thought i’d get to go to the temple again on the mission but i’m so so excited to go with them!!!
That’s pretty much all the updates for the week πŸ™‚ Pray that we can find some more amazing prepared families cuz I know there are so many here! I love you all and hope you have another great week πŸ˜‰
Hermana Horgesheimer
Baptism with President Torres
Meal appointments for days hahah #6monthstosexy NOT
Our family from la joya who we got to go see get sealed in the temple met up with us this last week and that was the best thing ever seeing them!!

Paintballing– MLC Activity

Thanks for the package mom!! We had fun


God Is Intertwined In Every Aspect Of Our Lives

Wow lets just say this week was one of the best yet on the mission and I have sooo much to write about!! I’ve never seen so many good things happen in such a short period of time but I guess that’s what the missions about hah! First things first, Mirasol and 3 of her kids were baptized saturday and confirmed sunday:) There were so many miracles that went into it but one of the coolest was that originally she was going to get baptized next month but she decided that she wanted to move it up to this month.Β  Well she told us the day of her interview that she realized that she was going to be baptized the EXACT same day, oct 21 as she received the Book of Mormon after a car crash in Mexico that planted the seed and started this all πŸ™‚ We were shocked and amazed when we heard that and it’s just so cool how intertwined God is with every aspect of our lives πŸ™‚ There’s so many other things that happened but basically the morning before we got a text and she said she wanted to postpone, we went over and talked to her and we saw one of the biggest miracles of my mission and everything was fixed and she got baptized πŸ™‚Β  Our recent convert Alex who got baptized 2 weeks ago, baptized all 4 of them and that was one of the coolest things watching that happen.

The next day on Sunday it was so amazing!! Seeing Alex bless the sacrament, The Salinas family get confirmed, and Best part was my first recent convert in La Joya MOVED INTO OUR WARD HERE. Best day. Lets just say life is going really good πŸ™‚ We had president’s neighbor from hondoras who’s going on her mission in 2 months get to be in a trio with us all week and it was the best cuz it forced me to speak straight spanish all week!
It was a great week and I can’t wait to tell you about it all more in detail in a few months lol! Love you guys all so much and I hope you have a great week πŸ™‚
Hermana Horgesheimer
Mirasol and her three kids
Recent Convert who happens to be a cheerleader
Carving PumpkinsDSC01551.JPG

SICK & Family of 7

Well this week was so “sick”!! haha no literally I’ve been super sick all week and I’m just praying I’ll be better by all the crazy transfers this next coming week.Β  I feel so bad cuz i’ve gotten my comp sick, both the other sisters we live with, one of the recent converts in our family that just got baptized and one of our investegators but it’s just like a cold so it’s not too bad! this week was still amazing though.Β  We had an FHE with President Torres and his whole family monday night with our family of 7 and he was able to overcome the mom’s underlying doubts that he discerned and we didn’t even know about and it was so perfect! We had a lesson with the whole family a few days later and one by one each of the kids said they wanna join their mom in getting baptized next week πŸ™‚ and you know it’s official when the mom wants to go dress shopping for the girls to have a white baptismal dress lol πŸ™‚ I’m excited to write you all about it next week and send you pictures.

Sorry this is short, next week will hopefully be longer but I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Hermana Horgesheimer


THE SOLIS RAMIREZ GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was honestly such a great week you guys!! Their baptisms and confirmations were incredible I’ll send you pictures πŸ™‚ It is so amazing to work with this family. They have so much faith and even though they were scared to get baptized without knowing everything, they got answers so strong from God that they needed to so they just followed it! Alex is getting the priesthood next week, and Itzel wants to go on a mission in a few years!! The mom, Imelda is talking to her husband to send missionaries up to where he works. It’s honestly gonna be so great to work with them and get them going on family history!!!

The other amazing miracle is the family that we’ve been working with that were gonna get baptized in Nov came up to us after church without us even bringing it up and said they wanna get baptized earlier this month!! WOOO. Tonight we have a family home evening with President Torres and his fam so hopefully we can set a firm solid date. Their family is huge and take up 2 benches at church it’s such a blessing to work with them too! They’re so prepared and I’ll keep you updated on their progress πŸ™‚
Its been another kinda crazy week helping out a lot of sisters but we still found some awesome new families to start working with. This one night it was a kinda a hard night cuz all the plans didn’t work out and no one was answering, but the last house we stopped by a super prepared family was outside having a carne asada and they were like yeah, my sons been wanting to go to that church, but I didn’t know where it was!! She’s planning on going with the whole family next week so it’ll be sick πŸ™‚
I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!!
Hermana Horgesheimer

District Pic

I Felt Like A Missionary Mom

This week was amazing and yes conference was incredible!! my favorite part was all the talks on the book of mormon πŸ™‚ We had zone conferences this weekend too and we got a call from pres early tuesday morning and he said that he needed help making book of mormon bookmarks for all the missionaries because the night before he recieved a revelation that the whole mission needs to read the whole book of mormon in october. It’s just so cool how inspired he is especially hearing all the talks on the book and it’s power. You guys should all join the tmm challange it’s gonna be sick πŸ™‚

We had to travel this time to all the conferences so we dind’t have much time in the area but god still blessed us with new families to start teaching and our family that we’re working with finally committed to baptism!! We’re so excited and if everytihng goes good they should be going down this saturday!
Lots of the puerto rican elders got sent here after the hurricane and pres put us in charge of going shopping with them and getting them all new clothes and suitcases and stuff cuz they literally had nothing. I felt like a missionary mom and it was kinda weird but it was fun! I’m excited to just crack down in the area this week and see a bunch of miracles πŸ™‚ the conference like filled me and sister luque up spiritually and I can’t wait to just keep the work going here! I love you guys all so much and i’m glad ya’ll made it back safe from tahiti! Talk to you next week πŸ™‚
Love Hermana Horgesheimer
“road trippin”

don’t judge how sweaty we are haha.
bought some cute mexican dresses, sis luque says when i wear it i speak better spanish lolol
shopping with the puerto ricans. we were all so tired after!

All the Comps

“He Sent Me 2”

I love writing these letters every week cuz it just makes me realize more and more that the miracles that we are seeing are never gonna stop!! It’s the most amazing thing to be apart of and I love it πŸ™‚ Β The amazing family that I told you about last week are still progressing so good!! We had a family home evening with another family in the ward and they are recent converts for about a year now and it was just incredible!! The mom was kinda saying that she doesn’t think they are ready for baptism and the family there with us were all just like “We felt the same way!! but we were wayy less prepard than you are and look at us now!” it was so powerful and it was cool to see all their doubts just start to go away. Then right after that we invited them to come to family history and holy cow I promise if there’s any other missionaries that are reading this and you don’t know how to help your invs progress, TAKE THEM TO THE FAM HISTORY CENTER. I promise when you have people here on earth and their ancestors on the other side of the veil trying to help them get baptzied, it’s gonna happen πŸ™‚ They found a family of 11 of their great great great grandparents and I wish you could’ve seen their faces light up when they saw that. they dont even know about why we care so much about family history but the Spirit of Elijah is so real!!

The other way cool thing is we contacted this mom and dad and started to walk with them to pick up her kids from school and she was so interested right at the beginning cuz we talked about eternal families! After she picked up her boy we walked back to her house and she invited us in and started talking to us for about a half hour in the fastest spanish I’ve ever heard about all the struggles her family has had in the past.Β  She kept saying she just needed to find a light at the end of the tunnel. Well we shared the Restoration lesson after and the family was so amazed at the first vision of Joseph Smith and they could relate so much. And then she told us that the exact night before she was just praying to God to send her someone to show her the way and she was like “He sent me 2!” Honestly so cool and the family understands the Restoration and Book of Mormon so good alrealy and say they already believe it’s all true πŸ™‚
Well I hope you have fun in Tahiti mom and dad!! I love you all and can’t wait to keep telling you more miracles we’re gonna see next week!
Love Hermana Horgesheimer
Mexican independence day party and the family in this pic is our investegators we’ve been working with πŸ™‚ they can literally get baptized next week or any week so I’ll keep you posted!!!
I got to see one of the families we worked with and reactivated my first transfer in la joya at stake conference!! I can’t believe that was last year at this time, but they’re doing sooo good and getting ready to go to the temple when the dad’s papers get in!!

The Mission Is The Best! I Love Every Part Of It!!

haha I forgot it was the byu utah game but that stinks they lost 😦 lets be honest if I was in that student section they would’ve won πŸ™‚ Β this week was so sick you guys!!! The cool family I wrote about last week came to church for the first time and LOVED it. They are kinda shy tbh but they were like participating and everything it was sick! I feel like they’re secretly mormon already or something hahah. We’re pumped cuz we’re gonna have a family home evening tonight in President Torres’s home with his famiy! The plan is that they should be getting baptized in 2 weeks πŸ™‚

The other cool miracle we had was with a part member family that missionaries have been working with for years. The mom and kids are very active members but the husband isn’t baptized but he works out of town pretty much all the time. Well the ward has been wanting him to get baptized for forever even though he wouldn’t be able to come every single sunday and we got a call this week and he asked us to come over and we weren’t even planning to talk about baptism but he just brought it up and we set a date and he was like nah lets move it a week earlier, haha we were like HA YEAH OKAY. He’s so sick and the only thing is he doesn’t know his work schedule so if he’s not home this week it’ll probs be the next week but that was just such a cool miracle for us especially on sis luque’s 2nd day in the area!!
Guys the mission’s the best. I love every part of it! Especially my comp sister luque. She’s literally the latino version of leah nelson so yeah. We have a good time hahaha. The mission’s going way too fast and i can’t believe it’s already september! I’m enjoying every second and my testimony is growing so strong seeing all these miracles and people changing their lives πŸ™‚ I’ll talk to you all next week!
Love Hermana Horgesheimer
DSC01391 (2)

Transfers & The Coolest Family Ever

Sorry I haven’t been able to write til today! Helping with all the transfers and stuff has been crazy to say the least! I got a new companion Sister Luque and it’s way sick cuz she’s one of Dad’s patients at the office!! hahaha honestly she’s so amazing. She has like the best gift of discernment I’ve ever seen and follows the spirit so well in everything so I’m excited to learn from her πŸ™‚

This week was so amazing though!! We found the coolest family ever to start teaching and they are so receptive to all the lessons! And baptism too πŸ™‚ they prayed about it and are down to be baptized! I’ll keep you updated on everything that happens with them but we’re just praying they’ll keep progressing. Also there’s this other family that the missionaries were working with before I got to the area but they went on a summer trip and just finally got back and she said she was reading the Book of Mormon the whole time and that they wanna come to church again!! The work is going so great and I love being a missionary!
I hope you all have a great week and I’ll talk to you on monday! and I’ll be praying our house doesn’t burn down, that’s crazy!!
I love you!!
Hermana Horgesheimer
The Best Districto Ever Assembled

Fill The Fonts & Hurricane Harvey

I guess I’ll just start out by telling you I’m totally fine and Hurricane Harvey didn’t do anything to us down here except FILL THE FONTS WOOO. The misssion is honestly so amazing you guys. I’ve never seen God’s hand in my life or the lives of those around me so much as I’ve seen it this last week.Β  Last week we got a call from a lady in the other ward who told us she’s been bringing her friend to church with her and she wanted us to go start with the lessons! So we went over and met her and her name is Rita and she’s my adopted grandma hahaha. She’s the cutest 72 year old ever and she just cracks us up!! She lost her son and when we shared the Plan of Slavation she was just crying and we’re so excited to start her on her family history! Well she was planning to go to Houston this weekend and this week our Mission pres, President Torres came to a lesson with us and we set a BD and he told her that with faith she’ll be here this Saturday, then Hurricane Harvey hit and she stayed!!! Well Thursday we had to go help all the missionaries evacuate so we sent some other sisters to teach her, Friday night she called and said she was too sick to be baptized, Saturday morning at 10 the elders went and gave her a blessing and healed the sickness, at 12 she had her interview, passed and was baptized 10 mins later πŸ™‚ Β Sunday she was confirmed a member and I’ve never seen a happier grandma in my whole life. she was just beaming!1 AH i love Rita!!! Β haha she loves the church and fits in so perfectly with the old mexican ladies in the relief society. She said the most beautiful prayer about how grateful she is that she’s found the truth and how it’s never too late and how she’s grateful for the Book of Mormon. She may be older, but Rita is so so converted!! the thing that made this so cool was that 2 weeks ago we had interviews with our president and he promised my comp after 4 transfers the trial of faith will be over and we both just had to give it all to God and he just made it all work out so smoothly it was so cool πŸ™‚

We’ve had other missionaries living with us from the hurricane and they’ll probably be here for a while but it’s been such a blessing to have them cuz they’ve just been here helping in our area so much and we’ve found so many people because of them!! Also the members are taking care of them and us very well πŸ™‚ I honeslty haven’t seen the news or anything so I have no idea how bad it is but everyone says there’s like no standing buildings in some cities except for missionary apts and the churches so I thought that was pretty cool. I’m really blessed to be a missionary right now and I know God is looking out for us. We don’t have to just work and struggle and stress and worry, cuz if you just leave it to him he’ll just make everything work out perfectly πŸ™‚ I have such a strong testimony in that!
Well sorry this is super long I just had to tell you how amazing rita is!! I’ll send you some pics!
I love you!
Hermana Horgesheimer
Cute Rita gettin dunked after 72 years πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
When Hurricane Harvey hits in the middle of the night and your not allowed to go to bedDSC01343.JPG
My evacuated Comp for the week
S/O to Amy!! Yes we got the package Thanks!!!!
The last pic is a pic of all my comps that are still alive on the mission playin conch this morning!

I Love Love Love Teaching The Restoration!!

sorry this probably wont be the longest email ever but it was such a good week!! Honestly it was a record how many restoration lessons we taught this week but it was so sick cuz there’s literally nothing better than telling people about something that only takes 5 mins to do but can change their lives forever if they just accept it! I love love LOVE teaching the resortation and seeing the light that comes from it every time. You can teach it the same but it just hits people in such a personal way everytime it’s amazing πŸ™‚

So a cool thing that happened was we were about to back out of an apt complex and Sis patterson always has to be my backer lol but right as she was about to get into the car she’s like pull back in we gotta go knock on this apt. So we did and we saw these members in their car and they gave us a way cool referencia, then we knocked on this door and met this way cool lady who called us later that night asking for help moving a couch, then we saw this other lady getting out of her car bawling and we prayed with her and she cried even harder saying that we were an answer to her prayers cuz she has a doctor appt tomorrow and God sent us there to bring her peace. So literally one prompting from the spirit brought 3 new potential families to teach, a service project that we did today, and probably a baptism lolol πŸ˜‰ ALL IN # MINS. it was legit haha.
Love you fam and hope the beginning starting school again goes great!! Someone tell brock not to wear cut off basketball jersey’s anymore hahahahah πŸ˜‰ just kidding love you all!!
Hermana Horgesheimer
The mission is the best!! Β recent convert he and his wife. then this is a sister from haiti i got to do exchanges with and then the other one is a fam we’re teaching!

She Had Been Praying For God To Help Her And Guide Her Life

SUP FAM!!! Still doing great over here in Texas para que sepan! This week was so good and we found so many miracles.Β  One of the coolest things though was the family that I was working with in McAllen and loved soo much just got baptized this last week and I got to call them and they were just all so happy!! So the funny story of the week is every night my comp leaves the room to go pray out loud, and i usually fall asleep before she gets back but one night I guess when she walked in I totally slept talked and said something pretty rude and she was honestly mad at me for 2 days and I had no idea why!!! hahah thank goodness for comp invetory but I’m telling you my sleep talking is gonna be the death of me! But don’t worry we’re all good haha me and sister patterson are like bffs.

So this week it was super cool. We had no exchanges, meetings, NOTHING. So we just got to go so hard and i’ve never found more new investegators in my whole mission!! And they were some of the coolest people ever. our president always says that the best times to find are from 10-12am and 2-4pm and honeslty that’s so true!! We got to go out like all the mornings and we were walking around the apt complex and i was sending a text and the spirit told me pretty strong to put my phone away and right when i did there was this girl setting up this scavenger hunt and we went and talked to her and she was like “are you the people that go to the church on bryan?” and we said yes and she said she used to go there with her aunt when she was 8! she was never baptized or anything but she said 2 weeks ago she was in slc and temple square and then the night before she had been praying for God to help her and guide her in her life, and then we showed up πŸ™‚ she started crying and hugging us and honestly it was just such a cool miracle πŸ™‚
I love this mission and I can’t believe how fast the time is passing all a sudden. The school year is already starting, like I pretty much am only gonna be here for the same amount of time as 1 more semester of school and that is NOT enough time!! Sisters missions are so flippen short haha! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!
love hna horgesheimer
what i do when i get home at nights lol
I love Sis Patterson

It Takes A Lot Of Faith Sometimes

Hey fam!! This week was super awesome! It was one of those weeks where there was a ton of meetings and traveling but we still got a lot of work done so it was great!! I love this new area but it’s so different than the english areas so I’ve been adjusting! Like it’s soo easy to find people, but helping them get to church is a nightmere sometimes! As to the engish wards it was hard to find, but once you did you already know they are the most committed person ever. But it’s all good cuz i know God has so many prepared people waiting for us in this area who will be committed, we just have to keep finding them so pray for us that we’ll be led to the right people!! It’s super cool though cuz the other set of missionaries is baptizing a family of 11 this weekend so they’ll be such a good add in to the ward!!!

I got to go to the great city of Laredo this week for the first time in my mission!! But not for a good reason haha… One of the sisters broke her ankle so I got to go down with her for a little and her comp got to come work in our area. Laredo is like 20 degrees hotter tho and yeah it was a good time but i think i would die serving there in the summer!
I really am so grateful to be here, this area i’m in hasn’t baptized for 4 months and i’m the 3rd sister to ever serve here since the mcallen mission has been open but I know that God has something good prepared for us! It takes a lot of faith sometimes but really that’s all he wants, is to see our faith, and obedience and that’s when the miracles come πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to tell you all about them and I know we’ll baptized this month!! Love you all so much, i’m glad everyone got home safe from powell, I’ll be there next time!!!
hna Horgesheimer

I’ve Never Been So Tired In My Whole Life!!

Sorry everyone I don’t have much time today to tell you all about the amazing week but it was such a good one!!! so the first night of the transfer we pretty much just had to get the greenies all figured out and then the dead people as well! We were at presidents house for literally 2 days straight just cooking and cleaning and helping with the new arrivals and we even got to go the party with all the people going home and that was the weirdest thing of my life… hahah but other than that the week was super awesome!! going back to spanish was kinda a shock and im probably going to spend my whole p day studying and trying to get it back but i really love this area and the ward so much already!!

We’re teaching some pretty solid investegators and found a bunch of new ones this week too! It’s kinda crazy cuz this area is honestly so small but we are always finding the most random new people who are prepared for the gospel it’s so cool!! Sister Patterson is my new companion and she’s been here for like 4 transfers already so it’s kinda hard cuz i feel like a greenie again most the time, but it’s really been so humbling and i’m super excited to work on that this transfer! The first night we were there we met this mom and daughter and they had been studying with jehovah’s witnesses for forever but she had a feeling to talk to us and we did and honestly she’s so prepared!! we set a baptismal date with her already and I know their family will go down in august πŸ™‚ Honestly I can’t wait for all the things that are gonna keep happening here in this area! I’ve never been so tired in my whole life every day when we get home but it’s such a blessing πŸ™‚ There’s no better feeling than just knowing you accomplished as best as you could what God wanted you to that day. The mission is honestly just a dream right now and I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else right now for real! I love you guys so much and hope you have a fun week in powell!!
Love Hna Horgesheimer
already miss my old comp sis calero!! 1 and dones are too fast!

dropping all the dead sisters off at the airport haha
the one next to me with the glasses is my new comp, she’s seriously amazing!!!

You Just Can’t Argue With A 13 Year Old And The Spirit!!

*sorry long email*

What up homies!!! Just found out that i’m getting transferred out of mcallen 😦 but it’s okay cuz im not going far! I’m going to a town called Mission and Im going to be the new STLT!!! President told me at church yesterday in front of the family we’ve been teaching who literally said the night before that if i get transferred he won’t get baptized… lol awkward but don’t worry he was kidding! Life is about to start getting really crazy though! I’ll have an area, but tons of the time is just going to all the others sisters areas and zone conferences and everything so it’s gonna be nuts! I’m excited but sad to leave this ward. the family I will send you a picture of is getting baptized on the 13th and it’s so sad I don’t get to keep teaching them 😦 also another girl we’re teaching is getting baptized next week and on top of that we found 3 of the coolest people ever yesterday so it’s gonna be hard to leave but I know God has a plan. Plus I’ll finally be serving in Spanish again so I’m pretty pumped about that!

This week was seriously incredible though. we had a lesson with the family I told you about and the dad really just wants proof of the Book of Mormon and everything. he was just asking a bunch of questions and I kept feeling the spirit telling me so hard to let the youth talk that we had brought with us. I passed the rock to her and she’s the cutest shyest little 13 year old girl and she just bore such a sweet testimony and he just sat back nodded his head and accepted everything πŸ™‚ Me and Sister Calero just walked out of there and she’s like ” you just can’t argue with a 13 year old and the spirit!” haha
Another cool miracle was this last conference pres was talking about having faith to drop the investegatos and not holding on to the garbage. We had an experince with this with an inv who came to church once but didn’t like it cuz it was too quiet compared to her church and we let her know we couldn’t just come to the house if she didn’t wanna act and go to church, well 2 weeks later we get a call from her asking us to come over and we did and she just went off about how much she’s felt a difference without us and in her own words she said she’s “hungry” to feel the spirit again. we explained how it’s possible to have that even when we’re not there if she’s baptized and recieves the holy ghost and she basically said she’d do anything to have that, she came to church again and now has a BD. Such a miracle πŸ™‚ Her names Jaine and she has the cutest young family!
So many amazing other things happened this week but I can’t remember right now cuz my minds kinda going crazy! Everyone pray that my Spanish can miraculously come back cuz I’m gonna need it to communicate with the ward and pres and his fam haha! But last thing is S/O to Austin and Braedon for making it home after 2 years!! Love you guys so much! Everyone have a great week and don’t forget to write me even when you’re partying it up down at lake powell!! Be safe and love you all!
The esquatel fam!!! LOVE THEM. yes they’re gettin sealed 1 day

Brother Saenz is literally the coolest guy ever! He’s a convert and always hooks up the missionaries!!

Being A Missionary Is Thee Best

Sup fam!! This email probs is gonna be short but that doesn’t mean that nothing happened this week cuz you have no idea how blessed we were this week!! Literally miracle after miracle after miracle. haha being a missionary is THEE best. First we found this family through a member who’ve been taught before but now it’s so obvious that they are so ready!! the whole family listens and they just love reading the Book of Mormon. It’s cool cuz usually we plan lessons with stuff from the Book of Mormon included, but with them we’ve been planning the Book of Mormon and how we can teach the lesson through it and wow it works so good with them πŸ™‚ they are already so converted and I have just such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and the power it has, it’s way cool!!

Another cool miracle was we were knocking and we had an appt to get to so we were driving off and we both saw this trailor and knew we just had to stop and knock it. So we stopped the car after driving for 2 seconds, went and knocked and we didn’t even say anything before this lady was like come in come in! usually when this happens its just gonna be a really old mexican lady who wants to share her whole life story with you, but sam is this 21 year old mom who was just so happy to have us there. we told her after sharing the 1st lesson that God told us to stop here and she’s like “yeah never in my life have I ever let any people in like you but something just told me to let you in” She’s SO receptive because of the spirit she felt when she saw us on the door step and I can’t wait cuz we have another lesson with her tonight πŸ™‚
Can’t wait to write to you about all the miracles next week that we’re gonna have, cuz we both know it’s gonna be a good one!!!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
This random taco stand gave us 4 tostadas, frijoles, pina and chips with salsa for 3 bucks this week!! perks of being a missionary hahaha

This Gospel Is A Gospel Of Miracles

ayyy!! Sorry again this will probably be pretty rushed but this week AGAIN was just so full of miracles! I feel like I say that every week but I’m not kidding it just keeps getting better and better, it’s unreal!! The best one was Jackie was baptized on the 4th of July wooo!!! It was right after the ward breakfast so you guys won’t even believe how many people came and supported her! Literally the whole ward πŸ™‚ Β It was so so spiritual and she was confirmed this Sunday. Β You already know she’s the most commited new member ever cuz she even came to get confirmed when she had a fever of 103. #dedication haha but we were so happy for her πŸ™‚ Even though she was sick she was just beaming with light after that baptism!

Right after that we decided since it would be impossible to set any appts on 4th of July to just go down to the fireworks and talk to everyone sitting there on blankets with thier fams and holy cow it was gold!! I’ve never seen so many families all together in one place ever and it made misisonary work really really easy haha. Β We found a bunch of potentials that we’re teaching now, so sick!!
The last miracle happened on Wednesday. The mission office lady Sister Neil just happened to be staying overtime til 8 there and it’s such a miracle that she did because a family walked into the church and said they wanna meet with missionaries again. The mom had been baptized about 7 years ago but fell away but now the daughter and dad want to be baptized!! we’ve been teaching them and they came to church this sunday and the dad even brought a friend who wants to be baptized on the 23 of july too!! haha literally I’m telling you this gospel is a gospel of miracles. Β Go read Miracles in the bible dictionary, truest thing ever πŸ™‚

We had a missionary leadership meeting this week and it was seriously so crazy!! We learned just how much our mission needs to change and it pumped me up SO much cuz I still have 6 months to be apart of it. Β I’m loving every second of this hot humid weather and I can’t wait to see what Heavenly Father has in store for me these last 6 months here!!
gettin real festive for the 4th of july hahha πŸ™‚DSC01248
Baptism of Jackie on the 4th of JulyDSC01250DSC01254
We found our recent Converts at the FireworksDSC01258

Baptized On The 4th of July

HEY FAM. I bet bear lake’s not the same without me eh just kidding don’t worry πŸ™‚ I hope you’re having a good time and that there are no “gail forced winds” as my mom would say πŸ˜‰ This week was so hot but so good and again just SOO many miracles!!! We had interviews then pres took me and my comp and the zone leaders out to lunch after so that was fun πŸ™‚ Then that night we had a lesson with a part member/less active/ recent convert fam we’ve been working with and Eric is the dad and recently has been making a bunch of changes in his life. After 7 years of missionaries trying to set baptismal dates, HE FINALLY ACCEPTED!! It’s so cool to see the changes he wants to make for his fam πŸ™‚ the only thing is he never goes to church no matter how many times we visit him sunday morning so pray for that so the BD can stay.

Jacob is seriously the best person ever. Wednesday night we invited him to the family history center and he came and some of our Less actives as well and it was so special! he found his mom and dad, printed out their names and they’re ready for him to take to the temple now πŸ™‚ our president made us a promise that if our recent converts find a name within the 1st month of baptism, then take it to the temple themselves in the 1st quarter of baptism, they will never go less active so that is our HUGE focus with all these recent converts!! He wrote in my journal with all my polariad pics in it and it was seriously the coolest thing ever! i’ll send a pic πŸ™‚
Our investegator Jackie had a huge miracle and instead of waiting til the middle of july for baptism, it all worked out that she’s going to be baptized this week on the 4th of july!!! We are so excited for her and she is the most prepared girl ever πŸ™‚ she’s only 18 but is married with a son and 3 step daughters that she takes care of. she just has her life put together and there’s not a lot of people like that around her it’s so sick!
Last thing was last Β pday it had rained the whole week so the whole zone went and played mud soccer in this field and it was literally the same thing as hot tubbing in a bunch of mud haha! the water was up to our knees and it was just the time of our lives so everyone trying to make me jealous of lake powell and bear lake, not working!! I’ll hopefully have some pictures to send to you all of that. πŸ™‚ I love you all so much and I can’t wait to send you some pics next week of the 4th of july baptism. gonna be so good πŸ™‚ Love you!!
Sister Horgesheimer
family history with jacob and the journal he wrote me and also if you look really hard you can see the reflection of the flag

Dog Troubles & Then A Miracle

Not a lot of time to say all the amazing little miracles we saw this week but it was a good one!! Me and Calero are working so hard to find new people and families to teach and even though it’s going kind of slow right now I know the Lord is preparing them for us! The best story of the week was on an exchange I was doing with a sister in her area and we really wanted to contact this house but they had a big fence. We were knocking on it as much as we could with a rock but it just wasn’t loud enough so I decided to hop it not thinking there was gonna be a dog cuz it hadn’t come out when we were knocking before but as I was knocking on the door a huge german shepard runs out of no where and if anyones seen the sandlot thats exactly how I felt looking eye to eye with him… hahaha he starting jumping on me and was getting aggressive and then a miracle happened and he just stopped and scratched his head and I booked it and threw myself over the fence and it was exactly like in napoleon dynamite how he landed but i don’t even care cuz i didn’t get eaten alive haha!! Literally funniest thing that’s happened on the mish. Now that we wear pants i can feel like I can do anything but I don’t think I’ll be hopping any fences anymore!!

Anyways our investegator Jackie is doing so so good!! She’ll be baptized in the beginning of July and she has family who we’re hoping we can go visit soon too. We can’t wait! Well we’re gonna go play soccer is this huge muddy field so I gotta go a little early but I love you all so much and have fun in BEAR LAKE!!!
A Short Letter but lots of Pictures
This is Sister Wolfgram who almost experienced my passing to the spirit world on that exchange!

I felt like SpongeBob this week making Hamburgers with a member!!DSC01175DSC01178
This random guy we contacted gave and drew us pictures haha!


#scripturepower lol just your average cheesy missionary pic

We Had The Baptism Of Trinity

Another transfer in the books haha i can’t believe how fast this mission is going all a sudden it’s pretty crazy!! I got my new companion sis calero and guys she is THE BEST. I seriously am so blessed with my comps it’s not even fair haha. Me and her are already best friends and i thought i was a hard worker before i got with her but in comparison haha no! she’s amazing and we are gonna see some miracles this transfer for sure. We actually already did this past weekend! We had a baptism of trinity!! She’s been coming consistenlty for like 2 months now and she’s the most prepared 11 year old ever! Her mom and dad aren’t married yet so they couldn’t join her but i know they will soon in the future. Her aunt and uncle and cousins are members so that’s how we met her but yeah it was just the cutest baptism ever. Her whole class sung I like to look for rainbows and one of the girls in her class gave a talk and Norma, her mom actually said the prayer and it just confirmed to me by the spirit during it that she’ll be a member one day πŸ™‚

It was super hard to say good bye to sister schickedanz! she’s literally gonna be a lifetime best friend. But it was really cool cuz the sisters going home got to stay at our house the last night of their missions cuz we’re right by the airport and in the group going home I had my trainer sis valdez and fav comp ever schicky! hahah such a fun night.
That’s about it for this week but I love you all a lot and i’m grateful for the prayers and support. pray for me in the heat!
Love sister horgesheimer πŸ™‚
horge+her 3 fav comps and a sleepover = lol good idea pres hahah

Trin’s baptism!!
coolest members ever

The First Person She Saw Was Pres. Torres!!!

I don’t have much time to write today cuz my comp is going home tomorrow so we’re gonna spend the whole night knocking doors for her last night we’re so excited!! but this week was incredible. Honeslty this whole transfer but i know it’s just gonna keep getting better cuz i get to stay for another 6 weeks and Sister Calero is coming in with me!! I don’t know her but all i’ve heard is she’s one of the hardest working sisters here and that she’s way amazing so it should be an amazing transfer πŸ™‚

This week the big miracle was this lady walked into the chapel and turns out she was baptized 7 months ago but then had a baby so was never confirmed. Well she just moved back to McAllen and is ready! The first person she saw at the chapel was President Torres so they talked and he told her she should take the lessons again and be rebaptized! So we’re working really hard with her and she should be ready by end of June πŸ™‚ she’s so prepared and is seriously the most humble cute girl I’ve ever met!!

Anyways keep having a great summer and have lots of good faceplants on the wake board for me! love you fam πŸ™‚

ps: we get to house all the new greenies coming in tonight from the airport so that should be fun!!!

DSC01149DSC01150our fav recent convert ever and only in Texas do people drive things like this haha

In Those Moments It’s So Crucial To Have Faith

ahhh I’m not even gonna look yet at all the wedding pictures cuz I know i’ll waste all my email time on that but wow shoutout to the new happy couple kelli and trey!!! The wedding sounded so so amazing and just perfect! I’m so happy to hear that all was well and that I even got to dance on the dance floor hahah. shoutout to whoever’s idea that was!

AHH THIS WAS THE BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION. Dad in the skype you said “I can feel that something big is about to happen.” Yeah you were right!! The miracles of the sacrifice to miss the wedding were shown immediately and I just felt so loved by Heavenly Father. You guys are going to die at all the miracles that happened. So first Jacob at the beginning of the week finally committed 100% to baptism. The same day i was baptized 12 years ago, June 4th πŸ™‚ we set it all up and a couple days before sunday, he said he got in contact with his best friend from kindergarten, all the way til highschool. after graduation they lost contact for 40 years. During that time this man met the missionaries and was converted and is now a branch president in San antonio. Well turns out he’s the cousin of our Stake President and he just happened to be coming down this week from San Antonio. We contacted him and he said he’d love to preform the baptism for Jacob. Jacob was so thrilled. We read the scripture to him of Alma and Amuelk and their joyous meeting and he was crying so much. It’s Alma 27:16-19, go read it that it was SO perfect.

So that miracle was all set up and then on Saturday he had his interview. Lets just say some stuff came up and Jacob was not going to be able to be baptized. We were all shocked. He was so sad and seconds after he told us his best friend sent a picture of him all in his white clothes and it just made it so hard. On top of all that Kelli was getting married that night and man it was definitely the saddest I’ve felt my whole mission. Β It was seriously so hard and we tried to go out and work and it was just not physically possible cuz we would knock on a door and just be trying so hard to hold in the tears haha. The worst part was just how sad and disappointed Jacob was. Β I’ve never seen someone so happy and excited for baptism and to find out after inviting his whole family that it wasn’t going to hapen was devastating.

The next morning we went to church and President pulled up right at the same time and said I’m going to interview Jacob right after sacrament. Β Seriously the perks of having the mission pres in your ward hahahaha. Well anyways everything cleared and an hour before the baptism was back on and we were trying to do everything to fill the font so fast!!! It was seriously the most amazing baptismal service EVER. We had President Torres and his whole family there, the Patriarch, the stake president, and the branch president from San Antonio. I think God was saying something about Jacob’s future eh? πŸ˜‰ We were closing and Jacob was like wait, i’d like to bear my testimony hahha guys. Literally it was like he’s been a member for 4 years! Kelli– think your sealing room experience the spirit was strong πŸ˜‰ hahah jk

This next morning we got a text from him saying he ran for the first time in 5 years and yeah lets just say he’s really taking advantage of his new life. Β It’s the most amazing thing, God blessed us soo much when we needed it most! and I know he’ll do the same with everyone. Just when we”re on the brink and we litereally don’t think we can do it anymore and everything is just falling apart in our lives, we should be happy, cuz that just means that God is just about to bless us with a miracle! I’ve seen that over and over again on my mission and I know it applies to everyday situations. In those moments it’s so crucial to have faith so that we can just expect the miracle. Β Love you all and have a great week recovering from the wedding!
Kelli and Trey have fun CRUISIN!!!

We think he looks like a mix between President Monson and Elder Holland what do you guys think hahah?



Connection At The Eye Doctor

Thanks for all the birthday shoutouts guys that made my day!! It was such a fun day and we played volleyball with the zone and just chilled so it was great! I told my comp that all I wanted for my birthday was to have a family home evening with Jacob and the bishop’s family at their house and it happened!! Things like that always are so hard to set up but we were so pumped it worked out πŸ™‚ They made me a cake too so I definitly got celebrated!

This week was another just incredible week in McAllen!! One way cool thing happened was we taught this family but just the kids cuz the parents weren’t home and the kids said they probs wouldn’t be interested cuz they just got baptized in a different church and so we never really went back. But we had the idea to go back and the lady answers the door and was like “I know you. I was the one to do the visual field test at the eye doctor last week.” We started talking and she turned from like the “what are you doing at my house” type of attitude to saying “yeah come back this tuesday at 7!” such a miracle cuz i know for a fact she’d never even given us a chance if i hadn’t had that connection at the eye doctor!

So saturday we had 1 scheduled meal appointment but idk why but literally everyone jsut wanted to feed us! We ended up eating like 5 times and 3 of the times had cake involved and it was just the worst! haha but we were getting out of the car to go walk arond and knock doors after and I hear Sister Schickdanz say “what the” and i look over and she’s just holding her leather belt which snapped in half on the back. you guys have no idea how hard we were laughing hahahah literally funniest thing that’s happened on the mish

The weather here is getting so hot and humid! I love it so much. the other day I was wearing my glasses and I walked out of the car and they were fogged up and couldn’t ever be clear cuz of the humitity! anyways that’s about all for the week! We’re really excited for jacob’s baptism this week. It’s gonna be a struggle to teach him all the lessons before sunday but I know the lord will provide a way! Trinity’s baptism is also coming up really soon so we’re getting excited for that as well! Thanks for all the prayers and support love you guys and have a great week!!


schickey’s belt hahahha good thing she goes home in 2 weeks!



Family Night Birthday CelebrationDSC01116


What’s The Glow? And How Do You Both Have It?

Wow guys there is sooooo much to write about this week! You have no idea how many miracles we’ve seen. It’s just been a week where I’ve been constantly reminded how much the Lord loves me and loves the people in McAllen Texas. So I guess the first person who has literally been the biggest miracle of my mission is Jacob. We received this referral from a member in a different ward and she wanted to come contact it with us. She had met him a week ago but you would’ve thought they were life long friends. The second I met him I just knew he was so prepared. He was raised Southern Baptist but loves the doctorine in this church and he always explains that it’s so clear to him that it’s true! At the end of the lesson he was like I have 1 more question. “What’s the glow and how do you both have it?” He said that the second he saw us walk out of the car he’s never seen anything like that! That made us feel good that we had really prepared spiritually that morning and made me remember how important it really is as a missionary to always be obedient so that others can see that, cuz it made all the difference! The next morning he called after reading the stuff and had all these questions about the apostacy and dispensations and then sent a text and was like “and I would also love if you prepared a lesson to add baptism in it” hahahahhaha we were laughing so hard.

He came to church and seriously LOVED every second. As the talks were being given and they quoted a scripture he would like try to find it in the book of mormon. Definition of GOLDEN. The text he sent after church was serioulsy so sick. He said: “I was full of anxienty and depression and uneasyness, but your obedience to be serving a mission has changed my life.” Ha so cool. I know any missionary could teach him and he’d be baptized, but i’m just so privleged to be the one to get to know him and help him realize the truth finally in his life. He’s 50 years old and has been looking for this his whole life and finally found it. and he knows it too and is just changing every time we see him. Can’t wait to keep you all updated with him!

Literally there’s been 50 other amazing miracle just like that this week and we don’t even know what to do with ourselves there’s so many blessings! we had 6 investigators that came to church and every single one of the was so fellowshipped and just loved it! Can’t wait for the amazing things that are going to start happening the last 3 weeks of this transfer and Sister Schickedanz’s last 3 weeks of her mish! Seriously have never been so happy and blessed in my life. Our president told me in the interview this week that sometimes you work so hard and don’t see any results, but sometimes you do, so enjoy it!! So great πŸ™‚ love you all and hope you have as amazing week as we’re about to have this week haahah!!

Mom’s Note: Β The Light of Christ is truly amazing to me. Β It’s actually a physical thing that you can see radiating from people who live the gospel and keep their covenants. Β It’s amazing to me that it can be seen so clearly by others searching for light. Β D&C 88 49-50 “The light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not; nevertheless, the day shall come when you shall comprehend even God, being quickened in him and by him. Β Then shall ye know that ye have seen me, that I am, and that I am the true light that is in you, and that you are in me.” Β Doesn’t this scripture just perfectly describe what Jayci described in her letter!! Β I’ve spent some time studying about God’s Glory and how he shares it with those who choose to follow him. Β The more we follow and learn and are obedient the more God is willing to give us. Β I believe that’s why missionaries radiate light and truth. Β A physical tangible light that can be seen by other. Β I guess because I have been studying about God’s Glory and truth and light I was especially tuned in to this part of her letter. Β Just such a testimony to me personally about what the gospel brings to each of our lives. Β I never want to live without the Light of Christ in my life, it’s a remarkable gift!!

Sorry no pictures this week. Β For some reason they wouldn’t open!! Β Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

Shout Out To Pants!!!

Wow it was sooo so fun to talk to you guys last night! Me and sister schickedanz were so trunky it was the funniest thing but don’t worry we’re back to normal missionaries now πŸ™‚ I’m soo glad lots of the family could make it and it made my day just seeing everyone and holy cow all the cousins are growing up haha! I’m scared for what 7 more months is gonna do!

This week was so good πŸ™‚ it felt like the longest week ever because so much was going on and so many plans but it was amazing! We are teaching the Munoz Family and they were very skeptical at first but as we’ve brought the spirit into their home with the message of the restoration they can’t get enough of it and always want us to stay longer! But they came to church this week and they have the cutest 3 little kids. They even went up and on the stage and sung the mother’s day songs which was so funny even though they have no idea what their doing. There only thing is they’re really close and connected to their other church because it’s so small, so we’re gonna try to get them really involved with a bunch of our members and then I know they’ll be ready to go down!!

I got to go on 2 exchanges in a row with the STLTS and then one of the sisters in the YSA ward and it was so fun! We had a cool miracle with a ysa investegator. So me and schicky found this way cool kid named Edson who’s about 22 and we’d tried and tried to contact him again but we never could. So I decided to take the YSA missionary with me and we finally found him! We set a BD and then right after he followed us and came to institute and LOVED it!! It was so awesome and exchange miracles are legit! I’m excited to go on some more this week πŸ™‚

Saturday was like the coolest/best day of my whole mission. We had 8 lessons set up from 10 in the morning til 9 at night every single hour and we honestly had no idea how we were gonna do it and drive and stay on time for everything. But we just prayed a ton and it seriously was so amazing how it all worked out! We even took president’s 16 year old daughter with us to some of the lessons! I love this work so much and thanks fam for all the support and advice and everything from yesterday, it’s gonna change my whole outlook on the mission and i’m so excited for that!! Love you so much and have a great week!

Hermana Horgesheimer

Happy Birthday to Schickey!!!!!


elder or nah? lolol

Guys its so sick now i can tumble, hop fences, and do heel stretches so s/o to pants hahahah!!



GUYS I’M IN LOVE WITH MY MISSION!!! Changes were this week and I’m with hna Schickedanz!! (chicken dance) lolol. She’s literally my favorite person I’ve every met we get along sooo good because we are literally the same exact person. haha wow it’s been the best week of my life not kidding. AND SHE WORKS SO HARD!!! It’s her last transfer and you would not believe how much she wants to end it off perfectly good and I am seriously so priviledged to be her last comp/ We seriously haven’t ate, or slept cuz we wake up and run so early every morning and i’m just in heaven cuz finally someone is just down to sacrifice everything with me for the Lord and his work. It’s seriously so amazing.

We have the leadership training meeting this week and I was seriously so pumped! Pres changed the whole focus of baptizing, back to retention and establishing zion. We have so many menos activos and so many of our converts fall away so half our efforts are just going to that and I seriously love it. For example instead of our main goal focusing on how many investegators we get at church, we focus a ton on total sacrament meeting and stuff. It’s so great and our ward plan is to plan a recent convert temple trip! we have about 10 recent converts from the last year and with each of them we are going to help them find some names and then the ones who are able to cross the checkpoint we’re going to go up with them and do baptisms for the dead!! and guess what day that’s gonna be…. JUNE 3rd!!!! Sound familiar kel? we’ll get to be in the temple the same day! Pray that all the recent converts can jump on board with this. we’ve met with 3 so far and it’s looking pretty good!

We had a cool miracle this week. We’re teaching a dad and daughter and she’s about 10 and his doubt is that he can’t get over the fact that “every church is good” there’s not one true church. Well we watching this video about baptism and then automatically it just went to the next one and it was about the sacrament. Well after the video the 10 year old was like “dad why don’t we do that in any of the other churches we go to?” haha it was so sick the dad just sat there for like a minute and contemplated and finally just accepted after like 5 weeks that this is the one and only true church, from something so simple as a little video! Love it.

OKAY GUYS READY FOR THE CRAZIEST NEWS EVER……… OUR MISSION NO LONGER IS A DRESS/SKIRT MISSION… WE HAVE TO WEAR PANTS. ahhhhhhh hahahhahah. Zeika is hitting in brownsville and during the leadership training we got the news and everyone was dying. The mission is paying for them as long as they’re under 20 dollars but yeah pretty much we can only wear skirts and dresses at baptisms and church and zone conferences. so like once a week. Yeah it’s nuts and i’m not too excited about it at all but being an stl you gotta like be a good example for the other sisters. they cant be tight at all and our mission president’s wife explained that they have to look like marching band pants. so yep we’ll send some pics next week! pray that people will still talk to us even though we’ll look like weirdos!

Wow sorry this letter was so long. just so many amazing things this week. I’m just so happy all the time and sister schickedanz is the biggest blessing EVER. so sad she’s dying next transfer but it’s all good! LOVE YOU ALL, wish us luck with the slacks hahahah

last night with the brownsville 1st crew! and last day with crispy


Guys NO ONE can say our last names hahahah they’re both the hardest german last names out there!

Last day with dresses…. ha sad huh


This Transfer Is Officially In The Books!!

Well fam this transfer is officially in the books! haha. We got a call yesterday in the middle of the meal appt that I was going to be transferred out of Brownsville. I know you guys probably can’t believe me when I tell you how much I love this city with a name like “BROWNsville” but no it’s so true I have literally become a new person here! I know the Lord put me in this area for a specific purpose even if I don’t know exactly why yet, and I may never know but it’s okay. I’m going to be transferred to the heart of the mission in McAllen and I’m going to be an STL! I’m super excited because I already know my companion and she is THE BEST. It’s gonna be so much fun. Oh and rumor on the street is i’m going to be in the same ward as President Torres. WOOOO!

This week was honestly way hard. The Epps were texting us everyday wanting to plan out the baptism and everyone was so excited and the ward was ready… but then the interview questions ;/ Little did we know the mom hasn’t committed to fully live the word of wisdom and can’t give up coffee yet. This brought up a bunch of other doubts like modern day prophets and it was just obvious that this family actually wasn’t as ready as we thought :/ It was so hard to accept. But now that we actually know their concerns it’s been so much easier to teach to their need and they’ll keep progressing and get baptized soon! The Lord has a perfect plan and even though I won’t be there in person for their baptism, I’m still always gonna think of them as my converts. Love that fam soo much and I’m so sad to be leaving them right now. The cool thing was is after that news, we went out and literally found like 8 new prepared investigators. Way cool how God blesses us if we just keep pressing forward even when it’s the last thing you wanna do!

Natalie, a girl we’ve been team teaching with the elders got baptized yesterday though!! She’s amazing guys!!! not kidding she’s the most converted person I’ve ever seen. She’s 19 and is gonna go on her mission next year. Her family is not supportive at all but she’s so strong and comes every week and it was just soo amazing to see her get baptized yesterday!! It all started with her because she went to the book of mormon play hahahaha sooo yeahhh… but hey if it works it works I guess! One of our invs came and he loved it so much he wants to get baptized next week! He’s already been to church 3 times so it’s probably gonna happen. Don’t you hate how you always have to leave right when everything starts happening?! Leah you can relate am I right? lolol

The mission is so amazing and I can’t wait for what’s in store for me up in McAllen!! S/o to Cam Allen you’re comin to the sickest mission out there!! Love you fam and hope it’s a great week!

Saying goodbye to the Mission NurseDSC01009DSC01013DSC01016

The Brownsville Apartment SistersDSC01036

Baptism of NatalieDSC01041

God Does Everything For A Wise Purpose

Woohoo go Jazz!! I’ll keep them in the prayers lolol. This week got pretty crazy! So one of the sisters we live with had a freak out and took her bike and ran out the door. She didn’t get too far but moral of the story is her companion was put into a trio with us and that’s been an adventure! I was kinda just like yeahh not doing this whole trio thing and it’d be way sick to have 2 companionships working in our area so we’ve just gotten members who are getting ready to head out on missions just come with us and we’ve seen a ton of miracles! The Epps family we’ve been working with are still doing awesome and they told us this week they have gotten their answer to their prayers finally and wanna be baptized!!! We are all just praying it’ll happen this week πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

We got to do this service project for a member and build this huge brick path and it was way fun! super hot and sweaty but we had a good time.

I read a scriputure this week that really helped me with this transfer being with Sister Crisp. Β Although its been hard and a big change and adjustment I’ve learned that this really isn’t about me and about what I need to learn from this or anything like that. Go read words of Mormon 1:7 and it explains that God does everything for a wise purpose, and the reason he does it is to fulfill his will. It changed my whole perspective and I’m so much happier to go through this trial because I’m doing it to help God’s plan, and help my comp, not just so I can learn something that’ll help me later on in life. I love how the book of mormon can literally just answer any question/concern it’s seriously so amazing!!

I love you fam and hope you have a great last week of april! pray for the font to fill this week in brownsville!!!
Love Hermana Horgesheimer

1. best text message I’ve ever received!!! I was literally jumping off the walls during exercise that day haha
2. socks and sandals? why not right. (don’t worry didn’t pros like this)
3. mi nueva compa por la fin de semana πŸ™‚

Service Project making the brick path and random zone pics!

Blessed For The Small Sacrifices We Make As Missionaries

We had a great week!! Our family with all the girls from New York have been progressing soo good and they all came to church this Sunday and stayed for the whole 3 hours and LOVED it!!! She’s had a few slips with the coffee but we’re working with her and we have a lot of faith that the family will be baptized on the 30th πŸ™‚ We went and helped her organize her laundry room and she was so grateful! It’s super funny cuz literally all our other investegators right now are single 18-30 year old guys and then the Elders in our ward have like 5 18-30 year old girls that are all progressing and coming to church. Β Weird how that works hahah

This week was the first time I’ve been sick on the mish! I woke up with a fever and chills and body aches but I wasn’t about to mess up the streak of never not going out because of me so we went out and God blessed us with sooo many miracles! I wasn’t even thinking about being sick because we found 3 prepared Families all in like 2 hours. It was amazing. We kept working the rest of the day and the second I walked in the door at 9:15 I like passed out because it just all hit me like a train. But it honestly grew my testimony so much how much God was blessing us for the small sacrifices we make as missionaries πŸ™‚

Easter Sunday was amazing and it’s a Mexican tradition where they save all their eggs for the whole year and fill them with confetti and then have a huge egg throwing fight! me and Sister Crisp got to do it a little and I had confetti in my hair for the rest of night but it was fun πŸ™‚ Hopefully the video we took works it was funny haha. anyways love you fam and have a great week!! and S/O to the Jazz sooo sick!!!


I Had A Cool Experience Following The Spirit

I’m sorry guys, for some reason i’m having the hardest time remembering anything that happened this week so this might be kinda short! But Brownsville’s still rolling! Our mission has a goal of 100 baptisms this month after starting the year off at 20 and slowly progressing to 70 so we’re feeling a lot of pressure to get the work done with these investigators and get some baptisms happening!

The Epps family is a family from New York with the cutest sassiest Junior High daughters that we just have the funnest time with. The other day we were visiting them and they have been really slow to accept an actual baptismal date because of social reasons and their perspective of what mormons are, but they love church and the activities so it’s been a little frustrating! Anyways, we went over and taught the Word of Wisdom this week and when she heard about coffee she was really questioning if it was some rule made up by man, or by God. I had a pretty cool experience with following the spirit because I was trying to think of how to answer her question in the best way and all I could hear was “open a scripture, open a scripture” very strongly. The problem was I had no idea where to flip to answer the question perfectly. So I just went to the typical d and c 89 and started reading the promises we get from keeping the word of wisdom. This is an investigator who we’re always joking around with and laughing with but She started crying and we asked why and she said that that had been her scripture in rehab for other addictions she’d been going through. Right then and there she commited to live not only the Word of Wisdom, but to be baptized on April 30th πŸ™‚ seriosuly such a miracle!! I love the Holy Ghost!!

This week in interviews President Torres gave me a challenge to have 160 people in the church when we usually have around 130. Β He told us to spend our Saturday visiting families that sometimes come, sometimes no and have all the auxillaries call people as well. So that’s exactly what we did and Sunday came and it was sooo cool! literlaly every person we took the time to go visit and talk to showed up on time for sacrament and even though we didn’t meet our goal exactly, it was still a miracle to see all these people who havent been in a while or who barely ever come! I spoke this week as well on becoming Converted to Christ and it was my first talk on my mission and i think it went alright!

This email turned out a little longer than I expected haha but Happy Easter and go watch the new video #prince of peace It’s so amazing!!! Love you all

Hermana Horgesheimer


Happy Easter!!

I Have No Idea What I’d Do Without Prayer!!

Another solid week in the TMM! We have 2 super solid families that we are working with right now who are still a little nervous about baptism because of the social reasons but the testimonies are increasing every day it’s super cool to see! On Sunday morning before the first session we stopped by one of the families and turned it on for them and music and the spoken word was on before and they were like mesmerized by the spirit that entered their home. I thinnk as members of the church we’re used to feeling the spirit but when you can visibly see it hitting someone for the first time so strongly it’s so amazing to see! Shout out to Motab haha!

Some sad news is our recent convert Pedro had to move back with his mom in Crockett Texas 😦 it happened so fast that we didn’t even get to say bye. It’s sad because he was gonna recieve the priesthood this week but it’s all just in the Lord’s hands now I guess what ends up happening to him. There’s a little branch right by his house though so I know he’ll be led right to there!

Conference was amazing and all our investigators that watched loved it!! Especially that talk by Elder Costa on the sunday session. So cool πŸ™‚ One thing that’s been super good this transfer is how close I’ve gotten with my Father in Heaven. I live with 3 very different than me sisters right now and I feel alone and like I can’t really ever relate to anyone all the time but on my goodness I have no idea what I’d do without prayer. Β Heavenly Father gets me and understands everything I’m going through even when nobody else does and it’s the most comforting feeling. It’s really helped me learn a lot more about the relationship we can truly have with him if we just give our whole lives to him.

Everyone go watch the new ask of god joseph smith video. Β It’s the coolest thing ever and we’re gonna get so many investigators from it! haha love you fam have a great week and UNC GONNA WIN TONIGHT!!!
Hermana Horgesheimer



Hold On!!

I don’t know if you guys got to see the women’s conference, but there was a quote from Linda K Burton that was pretty much my motto this week haha. “HOLD ON.” So tuesday I went and met my greenie and her name is Sister Crisp and we literally don’t have one similarity except that we are both missionaries lol! But it’s been working out super great. She’s like soo smart and already knows spanish after 6 weeks. She loves studying russian, lithanian and french too and I have to tell her to only study spanish during language study haha. But even though she’s super different from me she’s so diligent and we are always to stuff on time, she doesn’t let me forget anything, and honestly sometimes I feel like she’s training me haha!

It was seriously such an awesome week. Lily was sooo excited for her baptism the whole week and we had all the talks and everything planned out, and then saturday night she sent us a text saying her mom wants to make sure lily isn’t just in “a stage” and wants her to prove she can live all the commandments for longer…. That was seriously so hard. I wanted my greenie to have a baptism on her first week so bad. :/ Sending all the texts to the ward to cancel everything was super hard but what made it okay was I was forced to have to act positive and have faith to show sis crisp that we can’t let satan win. It was hard but I know since we still just acted positive God blessed us with a cool family we found right after that happened.

This transfers gonna be VERY different but training will be fun! Sister Crisp has never had a friend except online so I’m trying my best just to love her, be patient and make her mission amazing πŸ™‚ Pray for me fam haha.

love Hermana Horgesheimer

Amy your package was definitely inspired when you sent rice “CRISPy’s” and CRISPy m&ms hahaha good job!!

and yes ps fam no one really realizes it’s the chile flag and not texas expect me hahaha works out really great right?


I Love To See The Temple!!

I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE!! Holy cow fam you guys have no idea how good of day I had on Saturday πŸ™‚ I had the amazing oppritunity to go visit the temple with the Garcia family. The family we spent literally soo much time and effort helping them reach their goal of becoming active again so they could go get sealed in the temple! It was a lonnnng drive up with 4 crazy kids but we finally made it and the temple was amazing. barely any missionaries in this mission ever get permission to go so I was just feeling blessed the whole day. The sealing was absolutely beautiful and the family was crying and smiling and it was just incredible. This 3 year old is one of the most difficult kids ever when it comes to crying and sitting still but you should’ve seen him when he came into the room. He was just sitting there so content and you just knew he was feeling things that isn’t possible to feel anywhere but the temple. The kids where so good til we got outside that’s why we didn’t get the most amazing pictures, but they’re up there in heaven somewhere right? haha OH yeah I even got to be an escort for sister Garcia! so cool πŸ™‚ I would write more details buuut temple…. lol

GUESS WHAT… I”M TRAINING AGAIN!!!! Β I get to stay in Brownsville and train another greenie!!! Seriously soo excited for this opprituiny. and if all goes well my greenie should have a baptism her first week out lol. I’m so happy I get to stay in Brownsville though. THis place really is the best! I’m so excited to bring a new missionary into this area cuz there is soo much happening!! We just met a family with 7 kids and the last two lessons. all 7 of them and the parents come sit and listen. it’s amazing and s/o to leah cuz it totally reminds me of those family home evenings we used to have at your house! They didn’t come to church this week, but my greenie will have a ton of fire and get them there next week πŸ™‚ Love you all have an amazing week!

I promise they’re all so happy they just don’t like smiling I guess hahaha!


our amazing bishop’s family. cutest fam EVER.DSC00931

thee best dating district everDSC00912

last pic with the roomates! 3 of them are leaving 3 are staying!DSC00933

Random Referral Miracles

Well everyone Spring Break has officially started here in Texas haha! I can’t believe of all places I could be I’m at South Padre Island for Spring Break. Β Honestly it’s way sick!! hahahah jk jk don’t worry mom. But it’s pretty crazy down there right now! Not many missionary opportunities cuz everyone’s so drunk haha. Even though no one has even told us we can’t go on the island we’re staying far away don’t worry!

This week was solid! We found 2 awesome families who have taken the lessons before but are starting to get interested again. It’s hard to catch them but when we do it’s like us and the WHOLE family, mom dad 4 kids and they all just listen and participate and it’s awesome! That rarely happens here but when it does it’s just the best.

This guy called us this week and was like hey! I’m Michael and I’m in the ysa ward in McAllen and I got baptized a year ago and I just wanted to give you my brother’s address because he’s ready. It was such a cool referral and we met this kid and he really is so ready and accepted a baptismal date and everything! This area is full of just random referral miracles and it’s the coolest thing ever! it just goes back to if you rely on the Lord he blesses you πŸ™‚

I just found out I get to go to the temple this week with the less active family we helped reactivate in my old area and we can’t even wait!!! I’m so excited and it’s SO rare that missionaries from this mision get to go to the temple once on their mission so I’m feeling very blessed πŸ™‚ I’ll keep you guys updated and send you lots of pictures!

Have such a great week I LOVE YOU!!!

DSCF1022DSCF1017Sister Black’s Birthday

Depend On The Lord

Well this week was super amazing!! Well actually one of the weirdest weeks of my mission. We had a district meeting and made plans on how we were going to bring more people to church each week. This plan basically was just ways we can depend more on the Lord and not our own efforts. It was so great to focus on that this week but honestly it took a lot of faith. The whole week Monday-Friday we found 1 new investigator and we were trying soo hard everyday. We would take our bikes out and literally just talk to EVERYONE but no one wanted anything to do with us. And on top of that pretty much half our progressing investigators dropped us. Came Saturday night we had about 1 investigator that might come to church and I just prayed harder than ever for help. I knew I was hopeless and there was literally nothing else I could’ve done and it was the coolest prayer ever just giving my whole self and all my desires to God so that he could truly help. And oh my goodness HE BLESSED US. sunday morning we had a weird prompting to go by this permagater we dropped again and when we got there he said just seeing us was the exact push he needed to get to church. Then we got to church and Pedro wasn’t there and he was supposed to be receiving the Holy Ghost… Well we just kept praying and finally he walked in πŸ™‚ turned out his ride was just late. This other part member family randomly showed up, and then the coolest miracle we saw was Ernesto.

We’ve never met Ernesto before but he was in the church sitting in the back looking very uncomfortable. I went and sat by him and he started talking and said he’s never been to a church in his life, but God led him there today for some reason. He LOVED it. it was fast and testimony meeting and he was crying and the whole time through was also talking to me and saying he’s never felt anything like this and he wants to be apart of this church more than anything. I set the baptismal date right there and he is so excited! We’re going to meet with him for the first time tomorrow so i’ll keep you guys updated πŸ™‚

For all of you who’ve served missions you know investegators don’t just “randomly” show up. When we thought we would have 0, God blessed us with 4 and I KNOW that’s because I changed my whole aspect on my mission and just let him do it all. None of the miracles I’ve seen have ever been because of anything I’ve done but it’s truly just been God wanting to bless me with a Tender mercy. my testimony was so strengthened on that and one of the worst weeks turned into one of the best. But it doesn’t even end there….

Next right after church a brother in our ward invited us to dinner and he invited pedro as well. Pedro is so big on how much he wants to share what he’s learned with other and this brother has a 18 year old boy who’s getting ready for a mission and so naturally we decided to talk about missionary work πŸ™‚ we showed them how to do role plays and pedro and this youth were companions and did a door contact then taught us the plan of salvation and it was one of the sweetest moments on my whole mission. Hers this convert who got the holy ghost 3 hours before teaching the plan of salvation with more power than I ever could! I started crying and I just am praying with all my heart that one day pedro will have the oppritunity to serve his own mission πŸ™‚

I’m sorry this is so long but it seriously was just the most amazing day of my whole mission. God is looking out for me and sister black. I know it πŸ™‚ Have such a great week fam I LOVE YOU!! #dependontheLord

PDay at the Zoo


I Seriously Love Being A Missionary

Guys this week was one of the best yet on the mission!! Pedro Salazar went down baby woo! The whole day was so amazing πŸ™‚ The member that picked him up brought him one of his old church outfits and a white shirt and tie and just seeing him walk out in that seriously made me wanna cry. You have to know that Pedro has literally nothing. He’s been in foster care his whole life and just barely aged out and the only place he had to go was with his cousin and her family that live in seriously the saddest little shack. But when he received those clothes you guys should’ve seen how happy it made him πŸ™‚ Our ward has just embraced Pedro and people pick him up for church, for institute, activities, firesides EVERYTHING. He loves having this new ward family and I know it’s gonna change his life forever. I wish there was more I could do for him because he deserves so much better in life. But I know that he’ll have the holy ghost and he will be guided throughout life on how to have a brighter future. I wish you guys could all meet him so bad he’s seriously amazing!

The baptism was so great too. We had 2 of our other amazing investigators there and they both told us after how much they wanted that for themselves. It was so spiritual and the work here is really just going so great. I sung for it and it was the first time I’ve ever sung in front of people so I was pretty scared but it went okay! Our whole ward was there supporting and I seriously could spend my whole mission in this ward with the people i’m teaching and be happy. I LOVE BROWNSVILLE!!

So funny story was that same morning we were going around helping people remind them about church and we went to one of our investigator’s house and started knocking on the door. Well this huge gust of wind went through and blew the gate open and their dogs just start booking it all the way down the street. Me and sister black are freaking out trying to chase them all over the neighborhood for about 20 mins cuz we were so scared we had lost our investigators dogs and they wouldn’t talk to us ever again haha. But it’s all good, we finally solved the problem! Afer all that the couple didn’t come to church lol… But it’s all good we’ll get em next week πŸ™‚

We found some awesome people to start teaching this week and I seriously love just being a missionary. There’s nothing better πŸ™‚ anyone trying to decide if they should go or not… GO!! You’ll never have a happier and better experience in your life. Love you all have a great week!

Pedro’s Baptism


GUESS WHAT!!! You know the family that me and sister valdez reactivated back in la joya?! Well they’re getting ready to go to the temple in the next couple weeks and me and valdeezy got invited!!! SOO excited πŸ™‚ it’s gonna be so awesome and literally if I did nothing else on my mission except that it would all be worth it

Amazing To Teach Someone You Can Actually Talk To God

Another amazing week in the TMM! We had lots of cool lessons with people and tons of little miracles were just always happening! I say this a lot but that’s the best part about being a missionary is just getting to realize every day how much God cares about our lives and our every day efforts. We had a cool lesson with this girl named Dulce and she’s been SUPER hard to catch but we finally did and taught her the restoration and just started to explain how good it felt to hear the truth. She’s only like 13 but explained to us how she knows the catholic religion isn’t right because it’s against the 10 commandments to have other people you worship other than God. after she prayed and just started crying and she was like so confused where all the emotions were coming from but it was just amazing to teach someone that they can actually talk to God and not just say memorized prayers. She has a baptismal date for next month but we’re gonna start working really hard to teach her family as well!!

Our other inv pedro is amazing and we are getting his baptism all planned out for this sunday! We’re super excited for him. He was sad he couldn’t get baptized last week but he’s just so ready and is gonna be an awesome new member of the Brownsville 1st ward! me and sister black are playing our ukes and singing at it so wish us luck lol….

Thanks for the pizza for valentines day mom and dad that was much needed haha!!! love you all so much and I hope you all have a great week!

1. this is the sister who I go running with every morning and we got to go on exchanges this week in the Spanish area and it was SOO fun to speak Spanish again in lessons!! I was a little rusty but I miss teaching peeps in Spanish a ton!

2 we gave this fam a book of Mormon then came back the next week and she had made book marks for all of us and for her family!! so cute

3. thanks for the pizza mom and dad!! night made!


The Miracles Are Starting To Flow

Aight fam we had a super great week here in Brownsville!!! The miracles are startin to flow again and it just feels good to work hard otra vez! One thing our zone is working real hard on is depending on the Lord in every aspect. On Tuesday we had like thee best night planned out with lessons and members presents set up and they all just started falling through one after another. It stunk but we just decided to pray and were led to this potential inv family who we didn’t really see progressing, but we just followed the spirit and went anyways. We got there and they were like “Wow you came just at the right time! We needed help so bad!! We were able to help them move all this furniture and they invited us over again and are going to bring another family so we can teach them. Milagros wooo!! But the cool part is we walked outside to leave and one of the lessons that fell through were literally just pulling in to their drive way. They yelled for us to come in and not kidding most prepared fam ever!!! The girls had like made bookmarks for their book of Mormon and the whole family had read the chapter we’d left. It turned out to be such a great night and I know it’s not because anything me and sister black did but it was totally just depending on the Lord and his plan.

okay now I get to tell you all about PEDRO!!! I don’t remember how much I told you about him in the last email but holy cow he’s on fire!! We couldn’t catch him all week but then on Friday and Saturday we went and brought members and he is loving it!! We had some of the best most spiritual lessons I’ve ever had on my mission with him. During my personal study I found a scripture exactly for him and ever since he read it and realized how much the scriputures can actually apply to his life he has been reading every single day and night!! He’s already in Mosiah after like 3 days! The coolest thing was this sunday he went to the 1st ward then loved it so much he stayed for Spanish as well hahaha 7 hours in total in that church but he just loves it! He has a super hard past but everytime we talk he just can’t get over how much new hope he’s feeling. Me encanta como este evangelio puede cambiar las vidas πŸ™‚

The other sisters we lived with got their area shut down so now me and sister black have this huge apt to ourselves and we cover half of Brownsville, and 5 surrounding cities English speaking…. lol It’s so nuts there’s soo much area! But it’s gonna be the coolest chance to follow the spirit every day on where to go. Loving life here right now and can’t wait to keep you all updated on everything going on! Love you guys!!


Start The Covenant Path

FAM What’s up!!! Sorry I missed writing last week, it’s been crazy but we’re back at it today! This week was so good πŸ™‚ My comp is recovering well and we got to work a lot more this week. I seriously love this city of brownsville more and more every day and the people here are just amazing! One thing that stinksΒ is we always meet the coolest families but then they don’t speak english so we have to pass them off to the spanish ward but still there is just so much potential here it’s crazy!

The coolest milagro we had this week was with a guy named Pedro. We met him and started talking to him and I promise i’ve never met a more prepared person in my whole mission. We started talking and he was just telling us his life story but like bearing his testimony on all these perfect gospel principals and we were like, “pedro where did you learn this all?” He had a Book of Mormon already and said that he’s learned it from there and from the spirit. haha so cool. He basically explained the gospel of jesucristo to us and when he got to the 3rd step, baptism he was like begging us to do it! I’ve never had an investegator have their own desire like that to be baptized and it was just so amazing to realize there are people out here in brownsville texas that want to start the covenant path! haha. I’ll keep you all updated on Pedro but we should be having a baptism pretty soon here πŸ™‚

One of the members who lives on the island took us out to eat this week and holy cow i felt like i was on a vacation! we were out on the island, over the beach eating steak and fish and not kidding it was a nicer restaurant than ruth’s chris lol… Definitely felt spoiled and apostate a little but this is a member who just got called as the 1st counselor so I guess it’s fine! Lance you probably know him, Edward Geiger hahaha!

Well the work is so good. Every day I just get so excited to go out and find people cuz our area is huge and there is just so much potential everywhere! I literally could stay here my whole mission and be happy about it. Seriously so blessed to be on my mission here and I literally would not wanna be anywhere else in my life. nope not even mexico city west πŸ™‚ I love you fam and everyone else! keep me updated!

PS: my new fav hobbie is the uke. When I’m out on south padre so much it’s a must to be an islander you feel? πŸ˜‰

New Favorite Hobbie
Dinner on the Island

Great Week In The Texas MCAllen Mission!!

We had such a great week here in the TMM!! Me and sister black worked so hard to meet all the goals we set and for the first time in my whole mission we actually did it! It’s been a huge focus for our mission lately and we went home last night feeling so accomplished last night that we had done what the Lord wanted us to do this week. We definitely saw some miracles from it too. We were knocking and we found this family who wanted us to come back soon. So we did and as we started teaching them we found out they’d been baptized in georgia a couple years back and their records just havent moved! You wouldn’t believe how often this happens tho so this wasn’t the cool part. But we started talking and realized everyone was baptized except the 16 and the 7 year old… But the 7 year old’s bday is this week on the 29th!!! Tender mercy for sure. They’re so pumped about it and the parents have said they have had such a better week since we’ve started coming and that they’ve felt something very different in their home πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to keep helping this family out!
We were soo excited driving back after the appointment that we actually got pulled over…. lolol just my luck right? Don’t worry though it wasn’t for speeding, just cuz our bike rack covers the liscense plate ha.

We actually made it out to the island this week!! It was so cool. We met these way cool girls ysa age who live there but don’t drink coffee, alcohol, or do anything bad (which is VERY unheard of on south padre) lol but it was such a great day there. and then this random dude offered to buy us food and I’m not kidding I’ve never had better fish tacos in my whole life. Dad you’d love them!

So we have a member that graduated from Bountiful in 89 and i was like wait… my mom graduated from bountiful in 89! We were talking and turns out he definitly remembers you mom! Matthew Thornock? haha small world! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Best Place to do Missionary Contactingdsc00824dsc00827

I know many of you know Paul Evans who passed away this past weekend who graduated from Woods Cross High School. Β  Turns out this is the best friend of Jayci’s companion who just started serving in the McAllen Texas Mission. Β  Jayci’s companion Sister Black just learned today of Paul’s passing. Β If you know Paul and have a chance to send some words of encouragement to help Jayci’s companion Sister Black get through this difficult time, Β I know she would greatly appreciate it.

Sister Jayci Horgesheimer & Sister Black’s address is

1900 Coffeeport Rd #F-6 Β Brownsville, Texas 78521

Part of Jayci’s letter home to the family

so if you guys could keep my companion sister black in your prayers that’d be awesome. She got a call this morning from president that her best friend passed away. His name was Paul and she ALWAYS talks about him. They would write every week. Β  It’s been so hard and I just can’t even start to imagine. She called her parents and I talked to her dad and said I was going to do everything to take care of her and that i’m here for her so pray for me as well that i can be that person for her.

I’ve Never Felt The Gift Of Tongues Like That Before!!!

Hey sorry we didn’t write yesterday all the libraries were closed but how are you all?! This has been such a great and probably one of my best weeks yet on the mish! I don’t really know why, because nothing out of the usual really happened, but I’m just so much happier all the time and I love it! I really think a lot of it is because on my comp. She has so much fire and positivity and is so fun to be around all the time I love it πŸ™‚

We finally got to go out to the island part of our area this week and that was so much fun! On our way out we were following our gps and put in it to go the route that uses the least amount of miles and it took us on some old dirt road and we were literally in the middle of nowhere!! I was just thinking about how when I first got my mission call to Mcallen texas this is exactly how I imagined it to be lol!! We had a good time getting lost in the middle of texas haha. We didn’t actually make it out to south padre island because it was too late, but we literally have the coolest members ever that live right on the coast. One of the families invited us to dinner and then drove us around in this wayy sick lime green golf cart jeep thing and was just giving us referal after referal of the whole town of port isabel! I have no idea if it’s even allowed to drive on golf carts in missions but it was a good time haha!

We had a pretty cool lesson with this lady who”s pretty young with kids who is trying to recover from a stroke. The whole family speaks english but since she had the stroke she forgot english and is very slow in speaking in spanish. It’s really sad but she is so humbled and prepared. Anyways this was kinda my first time teaching a full on lesson in spanish without sister valdez and it was seriously the coolest thing ever! The spirit just talked through me I’ve never felt the gift of tounges like that before! We came out of the lesson and my comp told me I sounded like i’d been on my mission for like a year. It made me have a lot more faith that i really do have the ability to speak spanish if i have the spirit with me. I was so pumped and she understood everything we were saying!

I love you all and can’t wait to have another great week in Texas! I’m so happy here right now and there’s really no place i’d rather be than serving my heavenly father. I don’t think i could’ve said that even a few months ago but now I just realized how blessed i am to be here serving this mission and it’s the best!! have a great week πŸ™‚

Hit 6 months with this Sister this week!!


1 this is where the gps took us
2 islanders go hard haha

I Have Never Felt This Much Joy

This week was so great!! I’m seriously loving my mission and i’m in the sickest area in the world. Brownsville is popping!! We have seen the coolest miracles ever with people ready to receive the gospel here it’s the best. I’m absolutely LOVING training sister black and having that responsibility. She’s the best and we work so good together. This week we got a call from the zone leaders saying that president needs us at MLC. (basically just a leadership conference) and I was just thinking all the trainers would go but nope! just us and the zone leaders and stls haha definitely felt out of place but he randomly called me up in the middle of it to share the experience I had with having faith in the promised blessing with the baptism I had last transfer. Other than using 100 miles in the car it was such a great experience! haha

We found this wayy cool guy from our recent convert this week. He randomly met them and they started talking and both realized they were members of the church. Anwyays we got to meet him this week and he’s from Idaho but ran away from home for 3 months and has been homeless. But our recent convert totally converted this guy back to God! He walked over an hour to be at church yesterday for the first time in about 5 years and he had such a great experience there. His name is Seth and he’s 6’7 and likes to write music and calls himself “Crystal Seth” hahahhah. Someone go look him up on sound cloud. Anyways it’s just so cool how missionaries changed the life of this recent convert and now he’s changing the life of others! Seth has had a change of heart bigger than alma the younger not kidding!

Anyways this week had a million little miracles like that but i dont have enough time to write about them… but i love you all and want you to know i’m sooo happy here in brownsville texas. I love this work more than anything and have never felt this much joy my whole mission. Now i know what people mean when they say the mission is the happiest time in your life. So true!! have a great week and sorry ya’ll are in the negatives while i’m hear getting tan in 80s hahahah sorry!

Love hna HorgesheimerDSC00762.JPGPicture with Crystal “Seth”

Training & Whitewashing

Wow I can’t even tell you all how crazy my life has gotten over the last few days but it’s amazing!!! I found out last week that I would be training and whitewashing an area. But pretty much opening an area because missionaries haven’t been in it for a transfer. I don’t know how the Lord can expect so much from me all a sudden but it’s been AMAZING to see the miracles that already have been happening. My babies name is Sister Black!! (and no she’s not black…) haha but she is awesome. She’s literally the definition of “greenie fire.” Literally all the miracles we’ve seen is cuz she’s so intune with the spirit. I’m seriously so lucky to have her πŸ™‚ My area is THE BEST. I’m in BROWNSVILLE woooo. I’m in this huge area and it’s so much different then small little la joya and i’m a little overwhelmed… but i know the Lord will help me πŸ™‚ Oh yeah and we have south padre island in our area hahahaha. Pray that I get to stay in this area all the way til spring break haha jk. but i’m pumped cuz we have a dinner apt there tomorrow with the former stake president πŸ™‚

So one of the milagros we saw was a couple days ago sis black was sick. So we had to stay in for the first time in my mission and that was hard for me, especially with all this huge new area I gotta figure out! But as I was trying to organize the area book a little we got this call and it was this random guy the other elders had taught a while back saying that he’s super interested and wants us to come meet with him! It was just super cool cuz God is always blessing his missionaries even when we feel like we don’t deserve it necessarily πŸ™‚

I’m loving my life here in brownsville! Everyone here is VERY obese and it’s kinda sad… But lots of humble people too! It’s gonna take a little bit to figure out everything and how to be a trainer and whitewash at the same time but I know God will bless me and help me every step of the way cuz I can already see it happening! Thanks for all the support πŸ™‚ my new address is

1900 Coffeeport Rd #F-6
Brownsville, Texas 78521

New Companion “Sister Black”


The Power Of Promised Blessings

Well not much to say cuz I pretty much told you everything on skype yesterday but this was the best week on my mission hands down!! My testimony has increased so much on the power of promised blessings from priesthood leaders. Mosiah 1:7. A couple weeks ago in interviews, president promised me that I would have a baptism before I leave La Joya if me and my comp can work hard together. If you would’ve told me last week at this time that we would have a baptism next week I wouldn’t believe you because things were not going our way at all. But we just continued to have faith in that promise blessing and miracle after miracle things just kept happening and we got to Sunday and everything went smoothly and Zuleika Toscano was baptized in the cold waters of La Joya woo!!! It was amazing and so perfect because like 30 members of her less active family came to church and then to the baptism after and the spirit was soo strong! After she got baptized and came out of the font and said “I felt something, I don’t know how to describe it but it was really good.” aww man she’s like 9 and so converted already it’s incredible πŸ™‚

This week was so fun and now I understand what everyone means by christmas being the best on the mission. ITS SO TRUE. I love you all and hope you have a great rest of the holiday! I’ll talk to you all next year lol


1. matching comp unity on point
2.nativity scene that we got for the ramos fam
3.Drive though on bikes haha

4. Baptism of Zuleika Toscano




FELIZ NAVIDAD!!! How’s everyone doing?! This week was so great! Me and sister valdez had the motto and attitude that this was going to be the best week of our time together until now and it was pretty close πŸ™‚ So to start off we had our ward Christmas dinner and I’m seriously so converted to authentic Mexican food now it’s not even funny. We had tamales and rice and salsa and I don’t even know but just all these way good desserts.. but the best part is I ate cow feet! hahaha. I wish I would’ve taken a pic of that… so gross lol!

So it hit 40s this week here and lets just say I’m grateful for my comp comin in clutch with all the winter clothes cuz I brought nothing but a jacket! it’s okay though because it’s only cold like this for one week then it will be 80s again next week, so don’t send any winter clothes! but that morning the elders thought they’d be nice and bring us over mcdonalds hot chocolate. I started drinking it and it was way good and then like half way through sister valdez like screams and was like “THIS IS COFFEE!” hahahaha so yep. don’t worry i’ll call the mish pres and get an interview for word of wisdom issues lolol

We had a way cool experience this week! so president a couple weeks ago promised us that if we work together we’ll baptize this transfer before I leave. We’ve been doing literally everything we can since then but the only problem is we didn’t know who we needed to put our focus on to baptize. We had about 5 potentials that it could be but we decided to pray and fast and have God tell us who it was. We made a plan to go visit all those people that day and use the spirit to tell us who. It wasn’t til the night we received our answer. We got news that a member of our ward was released from jail 2 months early… and this isn’t just any member, but he was like one of the most active missionary members who converted his whole family! Well he’s also the uncle of one of our invs and before he went to jail they’d go to church with him every week. So right then and there we knew exactly who we are going to baptize this Christmas. I have no idea how everything’s going to work out, but I have so much faith that God is apart of every step of our work and I know he’ll provide a way for this girl to be baptized. I also know that he has a plan and if everything doesn’t work out like we’re expecting, it’s all for a reason πŸ™‚ I love this work and I love the little miracles we see every day. Being a missionary is the best!!! Love you all and merry Christmas!


“I Want To Find A Church Where I Can Go Every Week & Feel The Spirit”

Christmas is definitely happening right now here in La Joya Texas!! Me and sis valdez plan every night with those antlers you sent and our apt is decked out in tons of Christmas stuff as well! I LOVE CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR. Focusing on serving everyday and just being like Jesus I promise is the best way to spend Christmas. If you haven’t started the church’s 25 days of Christmas service DO IT! It’ll make you so much happier this month of December πŸ™‚ It’s definitely not snowing here… but it was close! this past week has been very cold and rainy here and me and sister valdez have both been sick from riding bikes all day in the rain and cold. We both lost our voices so teaching lessons has been fun haha! Everyone says it should be 80s again in a few days though πŸ™‚ Definitely not dreaming of a white Christmas this year ha

Funny story for the week is Tuesday and Wednesday the plumbing in our apt stopped working. Nothing was draining and it was super gross! Right at 10:30 sis valdez had to go to the bathroom way bad so our only option was to sprint up to Waddaburger (Lance will know what that place is…) and I have never felt more apostate in my life being out that late in our pajamas in a public place haha! It was weird to realize that for 5 months, I’ve never been outside later that 9:30 haha

We went to a house this week of some potential investigators and started talking to them and they said that they had just gotten back from baptizing their 2 little boys in the Catholic church. one of them has special needs and their both like 3 and 5. We started talking about it and they explained how they felt very disappointed with the baptism because they had felt nothing from it. They started saying how it just didn’t feel right. We explained to them all about how his son with special needs will go straight to heaven to live with God and about how baptisms should be done and it was such a spiritual lesson! They were so excited to realize that there was a reason it didn’t feel right to baptize their kids and that there is more out there. his direct quote…. “I just wanna find a church where I can go every week and actually feel the spirit” “I want to go to a church where they have a group for men to do service and bless people” …PRIESTHOOD DUHHH so sick. I know God led us there on that day literally right at the perfect time. SO PREPARED!!! Love you all!!

1 this one’s for you kelli with finals!!
2 yes believe it or not it gets pretty cold here!

Seeing these big bright smiles and the happiness that radiates from these two sisters is the best christmas present I could ask for. Β Happiness comes when we follow the Savior and his example. Β Live the gospel and go Light the World!!!

Working Hard & Trying Our Best

So Christmas season is definitely starting here in La Joya! I wish you guys could see but pretty much all the houses have lights and trees and blow up santas in their yard and people just go hard here its awesome! Even though it doesn’t feel like Christmas cuz it’s still hot, I’m not complaining! Last pday was super fun. We had a zone activity and it was a contest who could make the best gingerbread temple and you guys are all gonna be impressed with our district’s haah! We spent kinda a ton of money on it, but we wanted to make it good so we could give it to President!

Coolest miracle. So we were out tracting Wednesday morning and were contacting referals and we met this lady who had just moved there from Washington. we started talking about baptism and receiving the holy ghost and she said the famous words “I’ve already been baptized” we started preppin to talk about the proper authority and receiving the holy ghost by laying on of hands and then she was like (in Spanish) “Yeah last year I was baptized like that, as a Latter day saint in Washington” We were way pumped cuz she was saying ever since she moved she stopped going but wants her fam to all be baptized too!! But the coolest thing is I’m pretty sure she’s from kelli’s mission! So Kelli ask Trey if he worked with someone named Ruth Enriquez…. that would be the coolest thing ever if he did haha!

That’s crazy about mpjh. I wasn’t gonna tell you guys but I guess I will cuz of that but apparently there was this huge shooting this week in the grocery store we go to and 1 was killed and 4 were injured. and like everyone is related in some way down here so everyone had ties to them, super sad. oh and pretty sure we’ve met the shooter cuz he’s from la joya haha.

We’re still just working hard and trying our best to bring people to Christ! it’s really hard sometimes to just realize that people aren’t ready and willing to except it, but that doesn’t stop up πŸ™‚ I know there’s gotta be someone prepared in this little town, there’s a reason me and valdez have stayed here for 3 transfers together and I know we’ll find out soon enough! Valdeezy learned the words antlers, and wretched this week and she says them all the time it’s the funniest thing ever hahaha. love you all have a great week and do some missionary work by showing someone the light the world video!

Gingerbread House Temple with the District


you already know we taught these guys the plan of salvation on the door step ha



It Might Seem Small

Cuentas bendiciones!! thanksgiving was way fun this week. In the morning we got to get together with a couple zones and do a turkey bowl and it felt so weird to hear the words “first down” or “interception” haha it’s been a while without football and I definitely miss it so that was good! After we went over to one of our menos houses and helped her cook her whole meal. she had just had surgery on her wrist so it helped her a ton and I realized how fun cooking is! Pretty hard to pros on thanksgiving cuz everyone was partying, but it’s all good. and mom don’t worry someone made me an apple pie haha. (nothing close to yours tho)

This sunday was way cool! The garcia fam we’ve been working with, the dad got the priesthood and passed the sacrament this week!! It might seem small, but you guys have no idea how far this family has come. It’s so amazing to see their progression and they’ll be in the temple in no time πŸ™‚ He was so happy and is way pumped to keep using his priesthood. This family has been bringing their cousin with them every week to church and he’ll be baptized either this week or next! Bro Garcia is pumped to be the one to be able to baptize him πŸ™‚

haha funny story for the week. I had an exchange with the STL and we went to her area in Hildago. It always amazes me how different everywhere is from La Joya when I leave haha La Joya is it’s own place for sure! Anyways when we were out we talked to this cuban guy and holy I couldn’t understand one word he said cuz of how fast they talk. But he was being super weird and creepy and was like checking us out and later on I found out he said “Wow The Lord has blessed you” hahahah… we ran away super fast

I realized that in my emails I always share my experiences but havent been too good about sharing my testimony with everyone! I really do just want everyone to know how amazing this church is. and how great of blessing we all have to make the choice to make it apart of our lives. I know more than anything that this gospel is for families and there is no better way to find happiness than living gospel principals in the home with your family. I know that our families are strengthened by doing the simple things in the home like scriptures, fhe, and prayers and it’s something I really wish I would’ve taken more seriously before the mission. If there’s ever a problem in a family, I promise these simple things can solve anything πŸ™‚ I love you all and miss you a ton but I know that I need to be here to give back to God all the amazing things he’s blessed me with! Keep strengthening your testimonies and have a great week!

Playin conch with the locals and futbol americano with the zones!


this explains how weird la joya can be haha


Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowldsc00544

Exchanges with Sister Rivera


La Joya Zone!!!



This week I learned so much about SERVICE!!! Seriously everyday we had a major service project to do and I dont even know if that’s allowed but we really saw muchos bendiciones Β from it in the people’s lives and in ours. My favorite one we did was go out to the fields and pick lemons and other fruits off trees. I literally felt like I was in the movie McFarland! every one was super grateful for me cuz they never have tall people to pick off the fruits at the top… (haha yes i’m considered very tall here)

Another thing we did was clean off the walls and floors of a menos activo family’s apartment. The little girl i’m not kidding had sharpy crayon maker ALL OVER the white walls and floor. I wish we would’ve taken a before and after pic but it was a ton of work! We didn’t have anything really to get it off so we just went hard unloading bug spray and nail polish remover all over the apt. haha it evenutally mostly came off but lets just say my wrists are still sore! Both the parents work all the time though so they were really grateful for the help πŸ™‚

The other/worst one was cleaning a room full of dog diarea that had been sitting there for over 3 weeks. The garcia fam got a new dog and decided to lock him up in the back room when he was sick and both the parents and kids were too scared to confront the mess so they just locked the door of that room and left it like that for 3 weeks. hahha me and sis valdez went in and literally scraped poop/throwup off the floor for 2 hours… and we aren’t even done yet so round 2 this week woo!!! hahaha

The mission has had a huge push on member work recently and even though we don’t have any solid members in our area, helping these less active families this week REALLY gained their trust and confidence in us it was so sick to see. All a sudden they’re giving us referals left and right, feeding us, and coming to church without us even pushing it super hard on them it’s so great! We started out last august with 0 actives in our area and now we have 3 families and 3 other people who go every week again it’s so great!!! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! The baptisms aren’t flowing yet, but reactivation is and I know that is our purpose right now in La Joya and I couldn’t be more happy with God trusting us with that responsibility πŸ™‚ Love you all and happy thanksgiving!!

just chilin in la joya! sister valdez wears my north face jacket every day cuz she gets sooo cold and i’m just like dude it’s 70 degrees!


Fill The Font

It’s been a little bit of a slower week so there’s not much to write about, but la joya is still doing good! And I’m staying again for a 3rd with valdez otra vez!!! haha can you believe that? and the other two sisters are staying as well so not much changing around here. I feel so lucky to be biking and in Spanish again though. Biggest blessing ever πŸ™‚ We’re really gonna focus this transfer on just starting new and clean and finding people who will actually progress.

I got to go on an exchange this week and leave la joya and holy cow I realized how in the middle of no where I am lol! It seriously felt like a vacation but I had a great time and the sister I was with loves running so we got up early and ran, it was THE BEST.

Everyone is super upset here about Donald Trump getting elected… Hah we’re not allowed to talk about politics though so I still don’t really know anything going on. Am I gonna be building a wall for a service project soon lol?

2 quick miracles is Eliseo, the dad of karina who’s working in Harlingen is FINALLY coming home for thanksgiving so FILL THE FONT. And second the menos fam that I wrote about last week, the husband got work off every sunday now somehow and has been coming to church and loving it πŸ™‚ it’s amazing to see!

Well not much else but I love you guys and thanks for all the support! I’m super pumped to be in La joya for Christmas, people are already going hard decking out their houses in lights it’s way sick haha

intercambiares y nuestro favorito membro Danny!


Small Little Miracles


This week was good and full of a bunch of small little miracles. That right there is the best part of missionary work, realizing how much the Lord’s hand really is in your life 24/7. The first cool thing is we’ve been working with a menos activo fam who are seriously the cutest family ever. The wife and kids come occasionally but the husband works. Anyways we felt like we needed to promise that if he fasted and prayed with us last week, he’d find a way to be able to go to church. So he did and although all his friends made fun of him at work for doing it he still did it. Thursday night we got a call from him saying his boss “randomly” gave him work off sunday which NEVER happens. It was seriously the happiest sunday of my life seeing their whole family at church going to all 3 hours πŸ™‚ I know that it’s a step at a time, but eventually God will provide a way for him to go every week

Next way cool thing happened to our investigator that we’ve been working with for a while. His daughter Karina is ready to be baptized but can’t cuz he’s out working in a different city for a few months. anyways, he forgot his book of Mormon and only has the books of proverbs and psalms and we send him scriptures to read every night but those ran out fast lol. anyways he really wanted to get a book of Mormon to read but couldn’t come in contact with the missionaries. a couple weeks later we get a call and he was freaking out just saying that he ran into the elders. We later found out this missionary said that he NEVER carries English book of Mormons but for some reason that morning he felt like he needed to πŸ™‚ so sick.

We had a way fun Halloween you’re all gonna love our costumes… I’ll send pics πŸ™‚ lets just say me and valdez had a little too much fun hahaha. Being elder Johnson and elder garlitz was just a one time thing tho don’t worry lolol.

Another sister in my apt is going through some major issues and has locked herself in her room all week so me and her greenie have gone on exchanges so she gets a chance to work and lets just say 2 white greenies in a Spanish area is probably the funniest thing ever. They could make a movie out of the days we’ve had together hahaha. it’s way fun tho cuz we both went to wx and just talk about keva juice and other things about bountiful all day haha!

Love you all have a great week!!

this is the cute menos fam I wrote about!
deezy’s boy sent her soccer jersies for her bday lol



God Protects His Missionaries

So much happened this week but we don’t have a lot of time to write so i’ll try to fit it all in!! I’ll start with a funny story. So our mission leader bought us grocieries this week cuz no one feeds us so that was nice! He bought whole milk and no one would drink it so we decided to take it over to our members house. I tried to put the milk carton through my handle bars and it was the most awkard and unbalanced ride ever! haha but then we hit the dirt road and I went over rocks and my bike completely lost balance and everything went every where! haha I jumped off the bike, the milk fell off and splatterd everywhere. lol i’ll send pics it was pretty funny. Riding bikes on the mish seriously makes everything 20 times better throughout the day

There was one night where we had to schedule an apt in kinda a sketchy area right next to the border at night and so we were going to it and we both didn’t really feel good but we just went anyways. Then border patrol pulls up and was yelling “sisters, sisters!!” he came and talked to us and turns out like a 1/2 mile down the road they were having some big problems. It was way cool cuz turns out this border patrol was a member of the church in another ward and I know God sent him there at that exact time. God protects his missionaries!!!!

We had a really cool experience with the Sierra girls the other night. So the whole family isn’t progressing well. They don’t wanna give up tea and coffee and haven’t been coming to church. But the two middle girls are still progressing sooo good. they literally haven’t missed church or an activity since we met them. They’re amazing! anyways we went to their house and felt prompted to read with them the book of Mormon. We told them to think of a question and one of the girls was “how do I know if I’m actually ready to be baptized. Sometimes I feel like I am, other times I don’t.” We promised her that when we read she’d get her answer. So we told her to open to a random page (Book of Mormon Russian roulette lol” and she did to Mormon 3. go read verse 2 literally coolest thing ever. πŸ™‚ she was like crying and the other sister had her question answered perfectly in that verse too.

The rest of the family was like amazed that that had happened so they were like “okay we wanna try now” He opened to 3 nefi 3 all about like the gaddinton robbers and in my head I was thinking like haha shoot this isn’t gonna work. His question was “Does God actually hear my prayers.” Literally the whole chapter was about war but then like the most random verse about praying was in there and it seriously strengthened my testimony sooo much that God really will answer every question you have through the book of Mormon! You guys should all try it πŸ™‚

So all the missionaries had to speak in sacrament this week but since my Spanish sucks so bad the ward mission leader was like “you can just sing instead. ” lol I guess he hadn’t heard me sing before either but anyways it was going fine until the second verse when my contact randomly decided to fall out. I couldn’t see any of the words and ya lets just say most embarrassing thing ever but it’s all good! God has a reason for everything guess lol.

Anyways happy Halloween!! love you all and were gonna have a party tonight with all the stuff you sent mom!!


He Was Listening In– On A Random Door Contact!!

So guess what!! Texas hit 70 this week!! woooo. There are rumors going around that it’s gonna snow this year so we’ll see. I honeslty wouldn’t be surprised if I brought the snow with me tho tbh πŸ™‚ hahaha but it’s a joke, sister valdez wears my big black winter coat every day and it’s like 80s hahah I don’t understand but she is always cold! it’s like you times 10 mom haha. But she is from Arizona and Mexico so she’s never really been below 60s

This week was really good! We had interviews with president and I had been preppin all day for Spanish and words I might need to know and we get in there and he’s like “today I wanna practice my English, so this whole interview will be in English is that okay?” haha but it was so good! I asked him about how I can feel okay about baptizing kids but not their parents and he gave the best counsel, and then also just said look for families the rest of the transfer where the dad is on board, because if you can convert the dad you can convert the whole family. That revelation honestly could not have applied any better this week cuz we found 3 or 4 families where the dad and mom and kids all are listening at the same time! it’s honeslty so fun teaching full families πŸ™‚ I’m excited to see how they progress.

So we had a really cool milagro on Sunday. We brought 10 people to church so that was amazing, and then there was this ysa age guy there and we went and talked to him and turns out he was listening in to some random door contact we had that week, and decided he wanted to come try it out without us ever even talking to him!!! So sick.

Karina wasn’t able to get baptized this week cuz her dad who always takes her to church and is involved had to leave town for a couple weeks to work 😦 it’s sad cuz she’s so ready. she even came to church all by herself yesterday and loooves primary. She’ll be baptized when her dad gets home tho! and the cheerleader family is also so ready but OF COURSE they have a comp on their baptism date this week…. seriously God is letting me have it with all the sundays I competed on lol. Anyways that’s about it for the week, tons of cool stuff happening here and for the first time ever there was 100+ people in sacrament πŸ™‚ I’m loving la joya and I better stay here for another transfer!

1. Me and Karina πŸ™‚ she was the cutest policeman ever
2. Celeste Ramos is also the cutest ever. She’s 4 and calls herself “THE BOSS” hahaha


Eight New Investigators At Church!!

Guess what guys… new record for me and valdeezy… we had EIGHT new investegators at church yesterday!!! It was so awesome πŸ™‚ and they were all families and it seriously was like the best sacrament ever for them to come to cuz a missionary from our ward just got home from his mission in Seatle Washington and the spirit was sooo strong from him talking. And karina should be getting baptized this week wooo!

Mom I got the dress you sent and I seriously love it! Buuuut… I was riding my bike and all a sudden my break came on way unexpected and I like jolted forward (good thing I wasn’t going that fast or I woulda totally fell off lol) and I looked back and the dress was soo tangled in the tire, and gears, and chains… It was seriously so stuck and we both couldn’t get it out and the tire wouldn’t move so I had to pick up my bike and we walked all the way over to the house we were just at, and someone had to cut it out… so sad 😦 But it’s all good cuz we did some sewing work and it’s still wearable so don’t worry!

We had a pretty cool experience this last Saturday. it was 8:30 and our plans had already fell through for the rest of the night so we prayed about what we should do for the last half hour. we both felt prompted to go to a referral that we had gotten that day so we biked over there and the lady started talking and said she had been praying for someone to help her on a talk she had to give in spanish about jesucristo! she was saying she needed help cuz she couldn’t read the bible well in Spanish and needed more verses to use in her talk. We were like, “well we know Spanish and the bible so I don’t think it’s a coincidence we’re here” and it was just so sick!! We helped her and talked about jesus the rest of the night and for sure God was answering both our prayers

I was so grateful we had had a mission conference this week cuz it totally prepared us for that experience! Elder Kopischke from the 70 came (guy who gave closing prayer in last session of conference) and talked all about how to come to know Christ personally. It led me to study Jesus’s life all week and I’ve absolutely loved it! My favorite quote from Elder K was he said “if you wanna know Christ, serve him. if you wanna know Christ better, serve him better.” It’s so true and everyone can do that πŸ™‚ So everyone reading this find a way you can serve this week and I promise you’ll come to know jesus more personally if you do!

Love you all and have a good week

Hermana Horgesheimer

Every time this girl sees us she sprints and rides bikes with us haha! she even brought her bike to church and rode with us before sacrament started lol love her!



It’s Critical To Raise A Family On Gospel Principles!!

This week was so great and so much happened!! So first, coolest thing ever, but the new greenie sister that moved in to our apt is the one who I went to highschool with!!! Her name is Sister Richardson and I am sooo pumped we get to live together! We always bring back the old glory days of wx haha its so fun and she’s the best!

Alright so I just wanna give a real quick s/o to kelli and how she survived through her mission. it rained sooo hard the other day and like I don’t know how she did that every single day! haha like 20 people tried to offer us rides and put our bikes in their truck but we couldn’t. I’m VERY glad I was sent somewhere hot and not cold and rainy!

Another funny story was this week during studies jdubs came knocking at our apt and they like blanked when they saw our name tags haha. I asked how I could know if their church is true and his answer was “For me I don’t think that’s important to have proof.” I was just like hahah okayyyy.

Alright so it finally happened. I ate menudo for the first time last night…. hahahha and after TWO previous meal appts within the same 2 hours! seriously so bad. but the investigator who cooked it for us had spent all day making it so we just had to endure to the end. haha if you don’t know what menudo is just go ask lance. I’ll send a pic too but lets just say it was a long night last night lol.

Pday was soo fun! the Sierra family who I’ve talked about who are all cheerleaders finally came to church sunday and then we planned out that we were all gonna go shopping and get them dresses they could wear for the next sunday! we had a good time, there literally exactly like all our cousins mixed. But they’re progressing super good and we are hoping the fam will be baptized the 23rd so pray for that!

I’m loving Texas and “the valley” of La Joya. Seriously the people here are the best. What my testimony really has been strengthened on more than anything else is how critical it is to raise a family on gospel principals these days in the world. It’s so sad to realize how many broken and separated families there are here. I know that the gospel and keeping the commandments really can solve so many of these problems and The Family: a proclamation to the world really is the best guide to live by in this world. It makes me sooo grateful for my family. I don’t know how I got so blessed but I think about it every day how different my life would be right now without the gospel. I know no matter who you are or what your circumstances are, the Gospel of Jesus Christ WILL bring mas felicidad. every time. Have such a great week everybody!

Hermana Horgesheimer

1. this girl is part of menos activo fam and we just found out she hasn’t been baptized yet so you already know their getting activated and shes gettin dunked this month!!
2.Thrustin the sickle with all your might lolol” jk we’re just weeding this members yard
3. She litereally looks exactly like the girl on despicable me huh?! Bridget I thought you’d like this pic πŸ™‚

4. Menudo boiii. This is our inv eliseo who made it for us and their daughter is getting baptized this month too!

5. me and sister Richardson reppin wx out here in la joya

6.Β promise I didn’t pee, just sweat don’t know which is grosser hahahha


Be “Ambitious In Christ”

This week was awesome!!! So as far as transfers I’m staying here with sister valdez and I’m way happy cuz there is sooo much work to keep doing here in La Joya. And I’ll be biking for another 6 weeks wooo!!!

Well I’ll start with the scary “prison break” experience we had this week. So on Monday night after we had gotten home we were all there just planning for the next day and we get a call from an unknown number and we answer and this girl was screaming and crying and yelling “Sisters Sisters please help me I can’t see help me” (This was all in Spanish) and then this man with a deep voice gets on and is talking in the fastest Spanish ever yelling that if we don’t meet him somewhere and give him money he’s gonna chop off this womens fingers and kill her. We were all freaking out and hung up and called the police and like we were all crying and hiding in the bathroom hahah.

We said a prayer and the second after we said amen I felt the biggest wave of peace and comfort and like it was so cool cuz the spirit told me right then and there that it was fake, and that we were safe and the girl on the phone would be safe. The police showed up 5 mins later and literally told us the exact same thing that I had just thought. So even though it was scary it was still a pretty cool spiritual experience to realize again and again on the mish how real the Holy Ghost is πŸ™‚

Conference was THE BEST. We started out watching it in Spanish but then a member seriously answered my prayers when he showed up with another laptop to go watch it in English in the other room πŸ™‚ Lots of investegators came with us and that was so fun because they all loved it! Things are going good with our invs and I’m almost for sure we’ll have baptisms this transfer! I can’t wait to see it all happen πŸ™‚

I loved how centered this conference was in finding joy. I know that finding true joy really does come from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There really is no other way. I loved the talk where they talked about how to be “ambitious in Christ” and to not just know about him, but know him personally. It’s by living like he would that that is possible and that is why I love my mission so much. Because I get to show Jesus Christ how much I love him every day by trying to do exactly what he would do if he were on the earth. I think day after day how truly lucky I am to have had the gospel for my whole life. There’s really nothing better than feeling the joy that comes from living it!!!

Love you all!
Hermana Horgesheimer

1.The Toscano Fam are in our ward, craziest fam ever but I love them!!!
2. Jesucristo
3.Probably stands for Jesus Christ but it’s fine lol

4. Halloween’s comin

The Power Of God Helps People– No Matter What Kind Of Situation

Alright so best story this week is the Sierra Family. They are literally the Seljaas fam!! They have 4 girls and they’re cheerleaders. So cute. Anyways we went over to teach them and they have the best questions and their whole fam is interested and I’m really excited cuz they’re progressing! But the best part about it was after the lesson we went out to the back cuz they wanted to tumble and stunt with me. hahaha SO FUN. So during the lesson we were talking about trials, and one of the girls was saying her trial was losing her handspring, anyways when we went out I spotted her and then after like 3 times she did it by herself and she totally got it back perfect!! She started crying and hugging me and said she’s been working on getting it back for months so I guess you could say the power of God helps people no matter what kind of situation πŸ˜‰ The only bad thing is they couldn’t come to church this week cuz of a competition….. I kept thinking the whole time that’s God getting back at me for all the sundays I competed on lolol.

So we had zone conference this week with our president and it was way good!! Not gonna lie though… 4 straight hours of Spanish I promise I’ve never had a headache that bad. But even with the headaches I still felt the spirit SO strong so the church must be true! everyone just say a prayer we’ll be able to watch conference in English haha.

The mission is going so great and even though we haven’t gotten a baptism yet I know it’s coming! We finally had investegadors at church and they’re loving it and getting involved! I really hope I get to stay here in la joya so I can see progression in people. Also I guess I’m in 1/3 bike areas for sisters in the whole mish so I’m praying I’ll get to stay in the bike area as long as possible.

Thanks for all the support love you guys!
Hermana Horgesheimer

I forgot to add the part about my eye apt

I seriously know God is blessing me so much with my eyes here. I had thee best appt in my whole life. I read the chart at 20/25!!!! Have I ever been able to do that in my life? NOPE. Seriously a miracle!! also the pressures were perfect left 6 and right 11. The doctor was good, definitely not DR. Crandall tho. haha but I’m so grateful I can just focus on my mish and not my eyes and I know God is doing that for a reason! Β andΒ I can still do a standing tuck… IN A DRESS wooo.

We were so close to buying these helmets you have no idea!!!

Henry Leo is our fav. he’s a less active (well not anymore) and he always takes us everywhere and buys us food!

Stunting… still got it πŸ™‚

This is Karina who’s gonna get dunked soon!! and her parents soon after πŸ™‚

Sal is our way sick investigator who came to church and a baptism with us yesterday!!

Being The Missionary I Am, I Decided To Pray!!!

After 3 flat tires and 80 meal appointments and 100s of milagros I made it through another week!! haha. No this week was honestly so good. So the first way cool thing that happened was on last Monday. Some unknown number called us and it turns out it was this former investigator that we’d met on week one. As all rms know this NEVER happens that someone comes to you before you go to them, but anyways we went and visited him and I’m not kidding he and his family are sooo prepared. Well, spiritually prepared lol. After we get through all the drinking, smoking, divorce, and marriage problems they are so ready! haha so they were going to be baptized 2 years ago but could never work out the marriage problem. The dad had quit all his habits but getting denied in the 1st interview has took him a while to get over but now he’s so ready. Quote: “One day I’m going to be one of the strongest members of this church. I’m gonna help other people relate to me and help them know baptism is always possible.” So yes he’s so awesome. With all the divorce and marriage things it might take a little while to sort out, but we’re gonna try and have their 9 year old girl get baptized this next sunday so that’d be soo great for her to be an example for her parents!

The second wayyy cool thing that happened was on Wednesday. I realized I had lost my house key. It was pretty weird cuz all my other keys were there so we were all kinda scared that someone had stolen it or something. but anyways just that morning I was reading this article in the ensign about a guy who lost his car keys and prayed and found them and so being the missionary I am I decided to pray haha. Not kidding the second I ended the prayer I had a spot that just popped in my mind. Even though the day before we had literally been EVERYWHERE, like a million different houses, a million different places on our bikes it was way cool to realize how clear I could see exactly where the key was. The next morning for exercise me and my comp ran there and of course, right there exactly where I imagined was the key πŸ™‚ we both started crying haha it was so cool to realize how clear the spirit talks to us if we are just worthy and willing to listen and have faith in him πŸ™‚

So valdeezy’s bike literally is the best thing ever. But lets just say we had a Lake Powell 2016 boat trailor experience this week. haha. When we were one exchanges this week one of the tires popped and not just popped but EXPLODED. haha idk what was in there but all this yellow goo got all over. so we got a member to go with us to buy a new tire and then not kidding the next day, same thing with the front tire! thennnn as Hermana valdez was borrowing the other sister’s bike til we could get another tire hers popped too. haha no idea what heavenly father wanted us to learn there but lets just say I’m pro at fixing bike tires:)

yesterday we walk up to these three guys just chillin, bbqing and drinking and they were seriously soo drunk haha funniest thing ever. We were like Hola somos las misioneras and they were like “YOU’RE PRISONERS? Lol funny people here let me tell ya.

Still loving the mish and this week was stake conference and it’s so cool to see all the members gathered together with 1 goal to get a temple in McAllen soon! I know it can happen if everyone just continues to have faith! if there’s anything I’ve learned here it’s that God really does work according to our faith. Love you all have a good week πŸ™‚


1. we got to do exchanges together and we literally pull up in the same dress exactly haha
2. like I said… 3 tires later
3. s/o to Amy for the best package ever besides the socks!


God Answers Prayers Through Other People

Wassup! La Joya Texas has never been better! Still don’t feel like im in Texas at all, I’m definitely in Mexico haha. It’s funny cuz most our area the phone doesn’t work cuz it thinks we’re in Mexico! Also there are cops EVERYWHERE. So all the crazy illegal immigrant stories you hear, don’t worry we’re good lol πŸ™‚

K first of all dad the new bike for my comp is seriously the biggest blessing in the whole wide world. Before she crashed it was already pretty busted but this whole week I’ve been riding her broken one cuz my bike was a little easier on her leg and I don’t know how she’s been doing it her whole mission!! The new bike finally got here on Friday and she was like crying she was so excited. We’ve had such a better week getting around not having to worry about broken bike issues every day so thanks soooo much for real πŸ™‚ Also an elder who just got his stolen took her old one so that was a blessing as well!!

This week was great! Friday we saw an awesome string of miracles and it just made me realize how much God really is looking out for his missionaries. We had planned to visit a guy but he cancelled so our back up plan was to bike really far to this other area. We were a trio this day and my other 2 comps really didn’t wanna bike that far but I just felt super strongly that we needed to go. so we went and we found this really cool guy who’s super interested… but the real milagro happened on the way back.

So I’ve told you how we have no members in our area so it’s super hard to get lessons with members present (and get fed lol). But our mission has just been pushing that A TON. And they promised that if we really prayed and focused on getting them to our lessons then we’ll be blessed. Anyways, the member for the day cancelled.. AGAIN. but as we were biking back a truck pulled up by us, we found out it was a lady in our ward and she told us to pack our bikes in her truck and she could give us a ride! After she came out with us for seriously the whole night and it really was the most immediate answer to a prayer we’ve ever had. So cool πŸ™‚ And we didn’t have to ride our bikes in the 4:00 heat for 30 mins back haha. But we later found out she had been praying for an experience to strengthen her testimony cuz she’s been having a lot of doubts recently and after she just told us that we were also an answer to her prayers. God answers prayers through other people has never been a truer statement!!

On Sunday we biked again for 30 mins to go wake up an investigator and he didn’t come… and then we got to church expecting more investegators to come but no one did :/ super sad but it’s okay because I know God is still blessing this area cuz we were able to bring 11 less actives back! God is going to strengthen Zion one way or another, and right now it’s through a ton of less active work so I’m super grateful for that πŸ™‚

I know this church is true and I know JS was a prophet. This week we’ve really been focusing on teaching that to people and it’s amazing how interested they are when they feel the spirit about Joseph Smith. Have a good week!!

1-La Joya Woo!! 2- Texmex Β 3-Cutest girl in Texas for real!!! 4- She looks good on that new bike am I right!! Β 4-Before & After picture of Jayci’s companions leg after her bike crash yikes!!


We See Miracles Seriously Every Day!!

Howdy yall!!! haha this week was seriously amazing!! I love our area and we see miracles seriously every day its so cool. So even though we are in a Spanish area we speak English mostly but there are some times where I’ll go up to people and start speaking Spanish and they’re like “no entiendo ingles” hahahha…. I’m just like k. its fine lol. also I guess I’ve been saying thanks for the opportunity to “touch” the sacrament instead of “take” haha. I’ll learn. But the ward members are saying it’s improving πŸ™‚

Sooo… got my first kiss on the mish this week. hahha so funny his name’s Oscar and we’ve been teaching him and he’s way cool. He really wants to change his life and he’s doing really good! he hasn’t smoked or drank in 2 weeks so that he can get baptized. and his sister came to one of the lessons last week too which was such a miracle cuz it was the first time someone said to me on my mission that “we were the answers to her prayers” I’m really excited and they are both progressing so they can get baptized together πŸ™‚
Our ward is super awesome. when we came in like 60 people would go every week, but because of all the less active work we’ve been doing 87 came this week!!! super cool. me and my comp didn’t get any of our investegators there this week which was super sad, but we brought 10 less actives and that was seriously so amazing. missionary work is definitely not just about baptizing but it is so much of just strengthening the wards. I read a scripture this week d and c 61:3 and it made me realize that a huge reason im on a mission is to get out of my comfort zone of Utah wards and to strengthen people and wards in texas.

so my comp had a pretty nasty wipe out on the bike yesterday… she was going way fast down hill and missed a pedal and flipped over the handle bars and got all tangled in the bike. she’s okay but it was definitely such a blessing she was wearing a helmet cuz she hit pretty hard. Anyways for the next couple days im going on splits with someone so that valdeezy can rest a few days and it’s gonna be a ton of pressure being a greeny and being in charge of the work in our area so I’m a little nervous but super excited for the experience!

K the dogs here are unreal hahah… mom you know that selfie stick you bought me? ya its turned into a dog whacker stick haha. seriously I get so scared of the dogs here, I miss izzy!!

The work here seriously is so cool. since missiomaries haven’t been here for so long so many people are curious and open to it. especially families. we are teaching like 4 super solid young families that I really hope can progress to baptism because they already are like the best families and I just want them to see sooo bad how much the gospel can strengthen and make their families even better!

I love this church and this work. I’m super blessed to be working in La Joya Texas right now and I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else πŸ™‚ love you all!

Hermana Horgesheimer

hahhaha yep that’s only after one hour of biking with our backpacks

first coke that ive ever drank. did I like it? no. is it the only drink they have here? yes.

A Mission Is The Craziest Idea I’ve Ever Had!!! BUT Also The Best!!!

HEYYYY. oh my goodness I just wanna say a mission is the craziest idea I’ve ever had in my whole life. But also the best. I’ve learned more this week than I have all last year no joke in like every aspect! Okay so first I’ll tell you night one I prayed for Spanish area, latino comp, and bike area… hahahha Heavenly Father seriously knows me too well and I know he loves me cuz literally I got all of that! I’m in La Joya Texas, go look it up πŸ™‚ my comp is Sister Valdez and oh my she is THE BEST. best trainor ever no joke. and yes, I have one of the only 100% bike areas in the whole mission. This is partly cuz God answers prayers if you ask, and mostly cuz my driving record before the mish wasn’t so hot. You can only have 2 tickets and I have 3 so I won’t be driving for a few transfers. But lets just say me and Hermana Valdez legs are gonna be looking real good after this transfer πŸ˜‰ But keep us in your prayers cuz being blind, biking at nights, and not many street lights is a little sketch but I know God is blessing me!

So La Joya has not had missionaries in it for a really long time. It has so much potential here and it’s a lot of pressure because they usually never send greenies to new areas like this. In the mission, sisters are usually always in English areas, so I’m really blessed to start off Spanish and I just hope I can stay here for a while and really learn the language. Sister Valdez is the best. she has taught me so much about Spanish and I’m really learning a lot from her. The first day when we were packing up the car for transfers she


slammed the trunk closed on my hand and smashed my pinky in it. hahah that’s one way to break the companionship in! Also she hates bananas and pb…. lol for anyone who doesn’t know those are literally my 2 fav foods hahaha.

THe flight there was way good. Dad you motivated me to contact someone on the airplane and I did and felt way cool but then after one day in the mish I realized that was nothing lolol. But still, good experience πŸ™‚ Also I ordered food in the dallas airport and the guy didn’t even ask me for my name, just put “jesucristo” on the receipt and it made me realize real quick that I am a representive of jesus Christ now!

I have learned soooo much this week but mostly how to listen to the spirit. we have been knocking a ton of doors and there have been a few specific times where the spirit has told us to go somewhere and we do and we see miracles! I wish I could explain more but I have like NO time. I know that if we are intune with the spirit, and follow it, that is when we get blessed and all the investagators we teach as well. I have learned real quick the mission is not about me, and the second I realized that it’s been so much easier to put EVERYTHING into the work. I love you all and sorry this email is kinda short/bad… no time but I love you!

Hermana Horgesheimer


Goodbye MTC!!! Hello Texas!!!

They told us toΒ write our families 1 more time before we head out. First I just want
to thank you so much for supporting me so much at the Mtc. I’ve felt
that more than ever here and it really does just make the biggest
difference to know that no matter where i’m at and what im doing, I
always have a family at home who loves me and is looking out for me.
Please keep continuing to keep me updated πŸ™‚ it doesnt make me miss
home at all dont worry! I just love hearing about all the little
details of what happens.

Anyways I really have loved being here. Despite all the stupid little
complaints i’ve had haha. Everyday I just want to be a better person
than the last and I know its because I have the spirit with me all the
time, and when you live with the spirit with you all the time I’ve
learned that amazing things can happen. God can literally mold you
into the person he wants you to be. And i’ve realized that’s all I
want, is who God wants me to be. I know i’m no where close but i just
hope and pray I’ll get there eventually.

Sometimes I feel kinda upset being the only Hermana going to mcallen
that didnt get to go to the mexico mtc and be fully immersed in
spanish. I know I am going to be a lot further behind in spanish than
all of them and I’m gonna have to work a lot harder. But I know I’m
not behind spiritually and thats what i just gotta keep telling myself
is more important! I’ve been blessed in my life to have tons of
experiences to strengthen my testimony. However, It’s been a really
humbling experience realizing that it doesn’t matter how strong my
testimony is because it doesnt really matter what I say. All I can say
really is easy lines about simple truths but thats okay because all
that matters is the spirit people will feel from me from just living
the gospel and being obedient πŸ™‚

I cant wait to leave the mtc and finally get to stand out at a
representative of Jesus Christ. I am 100% ready to take on that
responsibility and I know there are gonna be some hard times but
there’s just something about standing for what you believe in all
times and places and I’m ready to be Heavenly Father’s tool in doing
that! My spanish is not great, but i have the spirit with me so thats
all that matters at first πŸ™‚

I cant wait to keep you updated for this experience in my life! I love
my family so much and I love telling people about you because you
really are all the greatest blessing in my life. I take so much pride
in my family haha i dont know if thats good but i dont care because im
just so glad we’ll be together for eternity! Im going on a mission so
i can help other families feel this same happiness πŸ™‚
Alright well i’ll talk to you monday sometime between 6-8!!! Its gonna
be so fun! Love you fam!!

imagejpeg_0Picture of Jayci’s MTC Zone

I Couldn’t Feel More Privileged To Be Called Of God At This Time

K first off I just gotta give Kelli a birthday S/O love you, Happy
Birthday Kel!!!! I can’t believe I’m almost done at the ccm and I’m
going be honest im way pumped to get out of prison! Jk it doesnt feel
like prison, but lets just say I learned a lot from prison break that
could come in handy… Ha just kidding. But I leave this monday early
so I have a little less than a week left. I don’t feel ready at all
with the language but no one does and I know I’ll be able to pick it
up a lot more in McAllen.

So you know you’ve been here too long when you have the same devo! Ha
yep. Nashville tribute band’s comin again this week for our last one.
Haha so that’ll be good. And word on the street is holland might be
coming tonight, everyone cross your fingers!!! But last tuesday was
the best! Guess who came…. Elder Neil Anderson woo! I love it cuz
it’s literally general conference every week here. He talked about
Christ and the 2nd coming and said something that really changed my
perspective on why I’m here. Not directly quoted but he talked about
how by going on missions, we are literally preparing the world for the
2nd coming. I have always just kinda thought that the reason im going
is to bless people and bring the same happiness to them that i’ve felt
my whole life and thats a great reason, but there’s a lot bigger
reason for it. By going on a mission we’re literally preparing this
earth for the day when Christ comes again. That is why it is the most
important work that can be done on this earth. I couldn’t feel more
privileged to be called of God at this time for that reason. So cool

He also said missionary work is not complex, but not easy. It’s so
true and that’s one of the things i’ve learned here a lot that this
gospel and christ’s doctrine is simple. It’s cool cuz I can only say
like one line sentences in spanish, but thats all you need as a
missionary. It’s honestly a blessing im speaking spanish so I have no
choice but to explain things the way Christ did, SIMPLE. My job as a
missionary is to find and teach the elect, which is anyone who will
listen to me. I cant wait to start finding them in less than a week πŸ™‚

One thing that happened this week that was cool was when I wasΒ talking with my teacher during coaching. There’s literally like aΒ million different things I can do to study or work on grammar orΒ language things and I just asked like what should I really focus on
this week to help me the most with the language. The second I asked
that book of mormon just popped into my head, i didnt really realize
that til after a few second of my teacher thinking and then he said ”
I think just read the book of mormon in spanish” and then I realized
that was totally a prompting from the spirt. So yes that’s been my
main focus and it’s going great πŸ™‚

Well once again im sorry for making you all bored from my ccm emails
but hopefully life starts to get a little more interesting in a couple
days. I cant wait to tell you about it!!! Love you all πŸ™‚

Hermana Horgesheimer


Another Week Down At The CCM

Another week down at the ccm! Sorry everyone who reads these how
boring my emails are, trying my best but not much out of the usual
happens here! Still loving it tho, especially learning spanish. Its
super hard but way exciting to learn how to say new things. Definitely
need to work on the accent, im the most gringo one here but estar bien
haha. So there are 13 people in my district and 10/13 have gotten sick
with this super bad cold and I’m still one of the lucky 3 that hasn’t.
Both my comps have had it bad this week and the other 2 hermanas in my
room the week before. Because of that its kinda been hard to go 100%
but they’re getting through it. Hopefully I dont get sick but i know i
wont cuz its all in your head, right dad?? Ha

Teaching has been going good this week. Its kinda funny cuz I
literally see my “investigator” everywhere. A couple days ago she was
vacuuming my residency hall so thats cool haha. But hey she committed
to baptism! Lots of things at the mtc arent real like the food but hey
2 weeks and i’ll be living on tex mex wooo!!! My other invesegator i
guess is legit real. My teacher knows her from school and the first
lesson with her went super well! Our district had an “english fast” on
that day and that helped a ton cuz by the time we got into the lesson,
spanish came pretty natural.

Sunday was probably my favorite day this week. It was fast sunday and
i never knew this before the mish but fasting really can help so much.
Heavenly father definitely blessed me. The meal after fast sunday
however, definitely wasnt blessed hahahaha. Mom lets just say i miss
your cooking. But with 2000+ missionaries, all starving and trying to
get food at the same time, never a good thing. We waited for at least
an hour to get food so im glad i never have to experience another fast
sunday here! Testimony meeting this week was way cool. I dont know
what made me do it but I got up and bore my testimony in spanish. I
dont even remember what I said but i think it went alright! Part of
the reason i got up was cuz every sunday they randomly pick on a
sister and a elder to give a talk on the spot. Like they dont announce
who until after the sacrament. so hopefully i’ll be safe now but you
never know! The devo was awesome this week too. There were like rumors
going around that elder holland was coming so we went way early and
when we got there turns out his son was speaking and it was soo good!
He talked all about joseph smith and I have never felt the spirit so
strong ever telling me joseph smith really was a prophet of God.
There’s no other way to look at it.

We got to host this week and that was super fun. It brought back a ton
of memories haha but we get to host again next week so if you know any
missionaries coming in let me know!!! Love you all, have a good week
and haz lo justo πŸ™‚

Hermana Horgesheimer

Sunday Picture


I ran into your daughter at the MTC. Β She overheard me talking about Bountiful and then we made the connection that you used to be the bishop for the Mills Park YSA. Β I was in Legacy YSA ward. Β I’ve been volunteering during the summer with the interpretation department, so I’m there on Sundays and Tuesdays. Β  Ben Tillostson

So fun getting random pictures from nice people!!!

Show A Little Faith

Hola todas las persons!!! The ccm is going great and im loving it a
ton! It’s weird I feel like ive been here my whole life and that i’m
never gonna leave but im glad thats not the case lol. Even though im
not ready at all with spanish there are days where i dont even care
and just wanna get to texas but then I think about it and I’d be so
screwed to go right now haha. Im grateful that i’ve grown up in the
gospel and know the doctrines and stuff so all i really have to focus
on is learning spanish so s/o to the fam for teaching me all that my
whole life πŸ™‚

So this week we were doing service and I was talking to one of the
cleaning coodinators and turns out she is the daughter of the old
mission pres who just got released in mcallen texas!!! She was giving
me all the details. Its kinda annoying cuz literally all anyone can
say about mcallen is the weather and how hot it is but i guess to
figure out anything else about the place i’ll just have to go! She
said there’s tons of bugs there so just pray that the mish doesnt turn
into one that wears pants!

Teaching has been going great this week! We teach our teachers and
then we started teaching actual people. On monday we taught a lady
named patricia who’s originally from Uruguay and I had a super cool
experience with that. Kelli i took your advice of writing bullet
points on a sticky note and letting the spirit do the rest and wow it
was honestly amazing how well that worked. Usually i take spanish
cheat sheet books or write out my testimony but i decided it was time
to try to just let el spiritu santo lead me lol. Her accent was super
strong and me alone literally didnt understand 1 thing she was saying.
The cool thing was i still somehow knew what she was talking about and
how to respond and it ended up being such a great lesson. When we got
out my comps both said that everything i was saying was like perfect
and its weird cuz i honestly cant remember 1 thing i said to her ha!
GIFT OF TONGUES AM I RIGHT?! We literally have the don de lenguas talk
everyday in the ccm and i guess it payed off cuz now i’ll never go
back to the way i used to teach lessons!

Another cool thing was during comp study yesterday it was my turn to
pray and during the middle i thought to myself why am i not speaking
spanish right now?… But then after i was like sorry for speaking
english for part of that and they were like what are you talking about
that was definitely all spanish! It was just way cool to pray without
thinking and how natural it’s already becoming.

Some of you might know that before leaving i was super worried about
learning the language but im just grateful everyday that I have the
opportunity to speak spanish here and on my mission. I wouldn’t want
it any other way. My testimony has been strengthened so much about how
God can make your weaknesses become your strengths. And how much he
can make out of you and the miracles that can happen if you just show
a little faith in him. Go check ether 12:12 its been my motto this
past week πŸ™‚

Love you all and thanks for the continual support! Ps i get to be a
host next week so let me know if you know any missionaries coming in
so I can be their host!

Love Hermana Horgesheimer

Heavenly Father Is Blessing Me

What’s up everyone!!! First I’d just like to give a S/O to all my
family and cousins for all the letters you send me haha my district
leader just chucks them at me everyday cuz apparently im on a 2 week
streak of getting one everyday lol. I seriously have the best cousins

This week was good! Not gonna lie I feel kinda bad for anyone who
reads these emails for the first 6 weeks cuz they’re gonna be really
boring haha. We go to class, exercise, eat and sleep and thats
literally it! Spanish is coming tho! So the first day we had an
investigator named antonio and we got to teach him like 5 times. Kinda
funny cuz on lesson 2 I saw his g’s, his screensaver on his laptop of
him and his wife at the temple, and another elder in our district saw
him texting someone in english so lets just say we all knew he wasn’t
a real investigator and that he spoke english haha but it was still
such a good experience! My spanish is always 10 times better during
lessons and i know its cuz i have the spirit with me. The 4th lesson
he finally committed to baptism and then right as we were about to go
teach the next lesson he walked into the classroom and turns out he’s
our teacher! He’s honestly the best. He’s originally from africa and
after he got baptized he moved to america and lets just say he really
knows how to work with missionaries! If he hears us say anything in
english we get in trouble and he made this elder cry the other day cuz
of that haha. He like gives us motivational pep talks all the time
like a coach not a teacher and honestly sometimes i feel like im in
military camp haha but i love it cuz i feel like i learn better with
that kind of learning style!

This sunday we had a way cool devotional for 24th of july and the
nashville tribute band came. I didnt know who they were before either
but mom and amy go look them up cuz its your kind of music haha! My
comps love singing so we go to the choir every week and this week we
got to sing with them and that was actually pretty cool

So I know spanish is coming cuz apparently i slept talked all night in
spanish hahaha. I wish i had my recorder app soo bad to hear what i
say! I love the mtc a ton. The days are starting to go by so much
faster now that im in the swing of things and i love being busy every
second of the day. Everyday i realize more and more why im on a
mission and my testimony has already been strengthend so much. Its
super cool because even though im studying like 100 times more and
harder here than i was in college my eyes have not bugged me even
once. In college every day that would be the biggest struggle so i
know heavenly father is blessing me a ton with that πŸ™‚ Whit and
Kambree i hope you both have the best weekends ever! Everyone better
send me pics of the weddings. Love you all have a good week πŸ™‚

Hermana Horgesheimer

I Love The MTC

Hola!!! How is everyone?! The Mtc is going great so far! I’ll start by
telling you a little about my comps. So hermana swapp is from
springville and last minute got changed from the mexico mtc to the
provo because she couldnt find her passport the day of the flight so
she was a little upset about that at first but she’s happy now and im
soooo grateful to have her here! She played soccer and likes to run so
thats been fun for exercise. My other comp hermana robertson is also
way fun. She went to utah state and is originally from south jordan
and she’s like amazing at instruments/singing! So thats why i have 2
comps and im super grateful for both of them! Even though it doesnt
really feel like missionary companions and more like a group project
24/7 its fine hahah I like it!

Spanish is honestly going way good. I thought for sure most the people
in my district would all know spanish before they came but only one
elder knows a little so its good that we all started at the same
level. That was like 1 thing i was scared about before coming but
thats not a worry at all anymore tbh. Heavenly father has blessed me a
ton with being able to pick it up fast! Im at the point where i can
understand about 75% of what the teachers say when they talk and the
gift of tounges is honestly way sick! My comps both have never had
spanish and during lessons with investigators and stuff its way scary
cuz they rely on me a ton to be able to say stuff but the spirit
definitely is helping me out πŸ™‚

My district is the best!! Its like huge. We have 5 hermanas and 8
elders and our room is so claustrophobic and hot and sweaty all the
time but i already love everyone in my district so its good. We also
are like the blessed district haha. we got put as the pilot district
for having ipads in the mtc and it is THEE BEST. It’s too bad I dont
get it on the mission cuz they honestly help for everything but for
example during lessons its way easy to just pull up random scriptures
or show videos. Also its sick cuz i can read emails anytime, just not
respond til tuesday and since i can email on the ipad i can take as
long as i want! so that’ll be way nice to have for the ccm πŸ™‚

K best part of the week was sunday…. We had a devotional and watched
elder bednar’s talk about the character of christ which literally
changed my whole perspective on missionary work. I’ve always known and
heard that my mission was not about me but to learn how to apply it
was way good. Then the lights flipped on and elder bednar was there!!!
He did a question answer thing and i was raising my hand but didnt get
called on :/ but what was cool is he called on a sister with literally
the exact same question as me and he answered it perfectly!

I love the mtc soo much other than i cant stop saying guys, shiz,
sick, and get in trouble hahah but its fine i’ll learn. My testimony
and purpose for going on a mish has already been strengthened soo much
and i love knowing exactly why im here! I love you all and thanks for
the support πŸ™‚

Love hermana horgesheimer

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Made It!!

Hey Family! I only have like 2 minutes to write sorry! But I absolutely love it here and it’s only the first day! I have 2 companions because one of them was supposed to go to the mexico mtc but last minute came to provo because she lost her passport so she was kind of upset but I was able to relate to her because of us both not going to mexico so that was cool! I love you guys and my pday is on tuesday so I’ll talk to you then!
-Hermana Horgesheimer

Write to Hermana Horgesheimer at the MTC using this address:

Sister Jayci Horgesheimer


2005 N 900 E Unit 171

Provo, UT 84602

Mission Farewell

Jayci will be giving her farewell address in the Hidden Lake Ward on

Sunday July 10th at 11:00 a.m.

Address: Β 4275 Bountiful Boulevard

Come and say goodbye to Jayci and eat some Texas BBQ

Saturday July 9th

6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Open House

Horgesheimer Home: Β 4148 Hidden Ridge Cir Bountiful

*** There will not be an open house on Sunday following the meeting***