The Lord Needs Your Whole Heart, Might Mind, and Strength!!

Last time I’ll be sending you guys one of these things so you better enjoy it!! hahaha jk but for real I can’t believe this is my last letter before I get to talk to you all in person. I’ll tell you more about my week in detail in the homecoming talk but lets just say I couldn’t have had a better last week 🙂 God has blessed me so much through out this mission and I know he won’t ever stop even when I come home and I’m so grateful for that relationship that I’ve built with him.  First things first is that it freakin snowed in MCALLEN TEXAS. It’s been 13 years since that happened and lets just say it did not get me excited for the cold weather I have to come back to haha.  We were on bikes for both the snow days and lets just say I was pretty dang cold but it was the biggest blessing ever cuz literally everyone was letting us in and I’ve never taught the restoration more in my life, it was so sick!!! There was one time in particular that we were biking back to the apt and passed this family and waved but I had a distinct impression to turn around and go talk to them. My comp was a little ahead of me so I went and caught up to her and we turned around and turns out this family is sooo prepared to listen!! They all want to get baptized as soon as possible and I know they will this month and literally everytime the spirit can talk to you that clearly it’s such a miracle!

The next day riding was a joke cuz our whole area is pretty much dirt roads and the mud was unreal! haha the mud was literally all over us and it was some of the hardest days of my mission biking for miles in the cold, wet, and windy weather. But it just makes all the memories that much greater so I’m beyond grateful for everything that I’ve been through these last 2 weeks in San Benito and honestly just my whole mission.  It’ll be hard to express my gratitude that I have for these last 18 months on email so I’ll just wait for Thursday but I just wanna thank everyone who’s prayed for me, supported me and been there for me this whole time! I really couldn’t have done any of this without you.  I know missionaries who are coming to the TMM read these so if you’re one of them GET SO PUMPED!!! We’re so close to getting a temple here and the Lord needs your whole heart, mind, might, and strength. This mission is literally one of a kind and you’re so lucky to be coming here under the direction of President Torres 🙂
I love you friends and fam and I’ll see you on thurs on the escalator AYYYY
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Horgesheimer 🙂
Snow in McAllen
Biking In The MudDSC01832.JPGDSC01833.JPG

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