There Is No Better Way To End The Mission!! I’m So Grateful!!

San Benito is my favorite!!! You guys need to look it up, it’s like a ghost town, but it has the coolest people here in the world! Literally I’ve never worked so hard in my whole mission than I am with Sister Zidek and not gonna lie i’m exhausted but there’s no better way to end the mission and I’m so grateful!! I’ll probably be sleeping the first week straight when I get home though haha. My comp is awesome though. She has so much fire and just wants to work hard! We have been going none stop and I have literally 0 time to think about anything at home so it’s kinda super weird to read all these emails and realize it actually is coming to a end in like 10 days. We saw some AMAZING miracles this week though.  I got to the area Wednesday afternoon and literally everyone we talk to is willing and wants to set return appts. We’ve had so many appointments and so many new investegators and it’s just hard to know I won’t be here for much of their teaching process!

This one fam in particular, The Ruiz Family we met them and next time we came back we brought a member and it was a miracle cuz turns out they knew each other! The lesson was so so powerful and it’s so cool how good me and Sister Zidek teach together! They came to church the next day and loved it 🙂 Another cool thing was Saturday morning we were biking looking for a referral and there was this guy sitting on the porch and we gave him a card and invited him to church and he showed up this sunday!! Honestly I know God is blessing us with so many miracles my last week cuz they said San Benito hasn’t brought an investegator to church for about 3 months. I know it’s nothing we’re doing, I just know that people are prepared and God blesses us when we show him our pure desires to help his children out!
I seriously love my mission. Every time I think about how grateful I am for it I almost start crying and I just couldn’t be happier to end it the way we are! I can’t wait to see everyone next week! It’s gonna be amazing 🙂 Love you all and I’ll talk to you for the last time emailing next week!!
Hermana Horgesheimer
Lol President Torres dabbing!! It’s the best.
Back on the Bikes!!DSC01799.JPG
Jayci’s new companionDSC01810.JPG
Jayci and Cam Allen finally connect in the mission– Friends from High SchoolDSC01791.JPG
The families pet iguana!!DSC01808.JPG

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