We Have A Few Minutes Right Now

We had such a great week!!! I’m getting transferred and it was the best last week I could’ve ever asked for.  We worked all week helping this amazing part member family prepare for the baptism of their youngest son.  His name is sonny and i’m pretty sure i’ve written a little about him but I don’t how to explain how a little 9 year old could change someone’s life so much but he has!!  He’s very hyperactive and is obsessed with this one tv show and so we always have to teach him the gospel using that and it’s just been so fun.  Really it was a miracle he was able to get baptized before I left because his grandpa from mexico came up and baptized him and that caused his whole family down in mexico to start going back to church and same with sonny’s! They’ve been less active for years and years and this baptism lit a fire for all them because all a sudden the 18 year old wants to go to seminary, and go on a mission 🙂 It was such a great weekend and I’ll send you all the pictures!!

The other amazing thing is the family we’ve been working with with 4 girls came to church this week and LOVED it!! they’ve been before but it was just like a conference broadcast but they loved all the classes so much 🙂 After church we set a bd for the 9th of dec which is her birthday and the same day Elder Cook is coming to the mission so i’m probably gonna be able to come i’m so pumped!!  The biggest miracle with them this week though is we went to visit them just to set a return appt and the dad who has NEVER listened out of no where was like “we have a few minutes right now”  We taught him the restoration and he was crying throughout the whole time.  Then after we invited him to say the closing prayer and he did and it was honestly one of the most spiritual moments of my whole mission.  The whole family was crying and said that never in his life has he ever joined the family in anything religious related. He didn’t come to church with them yet but he’ll get there 🙂
I’m being transferred to a city called san benito for my last 2 weeks!! It’s a bike area and i”m gonna finish training another of dad’s patients sister zidek!!! Woo i’m pumped!! I’ll tell you guys about it next week 🙂 I love you all so much, have a great week!!
Sonny’s baptism and family. He loves “goku” so that’s why we’re standing like this haha

This is the family that’s gonna be baptized dec 9, pray for the olmedo fam :):)
I got her a sushi cake cuz she doesn’t like cake haha

she mordided me even though it wasn’t my birthday but it was way funny!!

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