I Didn’t Realize It Was Thanksgiving– You Can Save Me The Leftovers!!

haha what the heck I didn’t even realize it was thanksgiving this week til everyone’s writing me about it!! I think it’s funny cuz you guys can save me leftovers and they’ll probably still be good enough to eat hahaha weird.  This week was awesome other than I got sick again!! I don’t know what’s happening because anyone who knows me knows I never get sick. Probably just satan trying to slow me down right at the end but it’s not gonna happen!! We had this mlc with Elder Pearson and his wife from the 70 and it was super good.  He talked all about how we are gonna move our mission to the next level and I started crying cuz pres had all the people stand who weren’t gonna be there next transfer and was like “you won’t be here to see the mission go to the next level, but thankyou for what you’ve done to get us here.” That was honestly way hard for me to hear.

This sunday we had this family come to church with 5 kids and we can never find them to teach them but they have just been coming to church! It’s honestly way sick but I’m praying we can find them cuz they are never in their house! Our other family have a baptismal date for the first week of december. I’m super excited for them and the only problem is they’re super involved in their other church but once they receive a stonger testimony i know they’ll leave behind their old ways and be a HUGE asset in the mission 4th ward!! I’m probably gonna leave for my last two weeks so that kinda stinks cuz i won’t get to see a bunch of people i love be baptized :/ But it’s all good cuz i know i’ll come back soon and visit them all!!
I love you all and I might be writing this week on saturday so just been ready if so! Have a great week and enjoy the snow 🙂

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