Being An Answer To A Prayer Is The Best Part Of Being A Missionary

sup fam!! This week was incredible! The best part was going to the temple with the solis-ramirez family and seeing them get baptized for their ancestors that they found who they’ve had dreams about.  We went this tuesday and it was literally amazing how within 2 minutes we were led to the exact family member, her great grandma who she had had a dream about.  They found a bunch of other names and they just loved the temple so much!! I’ve already decided i’m coming down here in a year when they go through for the first time:)

It kinda stinks cuz i feel like finally when I only have 4 weeks left, I’m finally understanding what it means to be an instrument in God’s hands. I’ve realized that there’s literally nothing that brings me more joy than that.  This week we had another cool experience where we met a lady and she said that she had just been praying the night before to send her someone.  We were led there totally by the spirit and I know God loves his children so much and answers every prayer. Being an answer to a prayer is literally the best part of being a missionary!
The other cool thing that happened is one of our investegators that we’ve been working with since i’ve been in the area, his grandpa is coming into town for the holidays and he finally wants to be baptized while he’s here!! That should be happening in the next few weeks so we’re super excited for that 🙂 We;ll keep you updated but yeah everything’s still going great!
We had elder pearson from the 70 come this week and I just felt so much motivation and fire to finish strong this last month and do literally everything possible as a full time servant of the lord! I can’t wait to just give it literally my all til the end and thanks for all your support in everything! I love you all and hope you have agreat week 🙂
Love Hermana Horgesheimer

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