El Arbol Familia– We Can Help!!

This week was so awesome!! I feel like I just barely wrote but there’s still so many miracles and updates to write about.  First of all, Alex our recent convert received the Melckezideck priesthood this past sunday!!! It’s only been like a month but our bishop loves him cuz he said he reminds him of what he was like when he first joined the church 🙂 He’s gonna be our new ward mission leader too!! Honestly so pumped for that haha. This weekend is gonna be awesome cuz we’re gonna go up to the temple with them and do baptisms 🙂 The mom had a super cool experience where she had a dream of someone telling her to go to the temple and she found out it was her great grandma and they just can’t wait to go up there now.

The other wayy cool thing that happened this week was we met this family with 4 cute girls and started teaching them. on like the 2nd visit she showed us her bible and was like “yeah I bought this one because it has el arbol familia” and she showed us and it already had like all the names filled out up to 4 or 5 generations!! Then she was like “I’m frustrated though because i can’t get any of the names for my husbands side and I don’t know how.” We were like WE CAN HELP. hahaha so they came to church for the first time yesterday and LOVED it and have a baptismal date for november! The coolest part though was the night before that lesson I remember looking at my planner and there was only like 2 appts and I just prayed asking God to bless us with some sort of miracle. I have such a strong testimony that it’s so simple and all we have to do is literally ask God for what we need and he’s always so willing to bless us with things that bring us joy and happiness 🙂
 I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Hermana Horgesheimer
Had to say bye to Lucia, she’s going back to Honduras!

me and luque messin around hahaDSC01623.JPG

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