Another Baptism & MLC Conference

FAM! Hey sorry i’m a little late. it’s been a really crazy week because we had a 2 day mlc that we were in charge of all the food and getting people to the right places and everytthing so that’s why I’m writing today haha. they were really good meetings though and we even got to go paintballing with all the mission leaders!! It was seriously the best!

We had another baptism last week and it was so great 🙂 this is the same family that we had an FHE with president so he came and was able to baptize the girl that didn’t get baptized 2 weeks ago! It was supposed to be her and her brother but he backed out the morning of, but we’re going over tonight to try and see why he’s scared and hopefully he can get baptzied and join the rest of his family this week or next 🙂 I seriously love this family though so much. You have no idea how amazing they are! We walk into the Halloween party yesterday and she was like running the whole show and all her 7 kids were there dressed up and so cute. It’s just so cool how one family can have such a positive impact on the whole ward and I”m just so blessed to be serving here with them 🙂 We asked our president for permission and he said that the next ward temple trip in 2 weeks we can go with them and our other recent converts to do baptisms for the first time!! I never thought i’d get to go to the temple again on the mission but i’m so so excited to go with them!!!
That’s pretty much all the updates for the week 🙂 Pray that we can find some more amazing prepared families cuz I know there are so many here! I love you all and hope you have another great week 😉
Hermana Horgesheimer
Baptism with President Torres
Meal appointments for days hahah #6monthstosexy NOT
Our family from la joya who we got to go see get sealed in the temple met up with us this last week and that was the best thing ever seeing them!!

Paintballing– MLC Activity

Thanks for the package mom!! We had fun


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