God Is Intertwined In Every Aspect Of Our Lives

Wow lets just say this week was one of the best yet on the mission and I have sooo much to write about!! I’ve never seen so many good things happen in such a short period of time but I guess that’s what the missions about hah! First things first, Mirasol and 3 of her kids were baptized saturday and confirmed sunday:) There were so many miracles that went into it but one of the coolest was that originally she was going to get baptized next month but she decided that she wanted to move it up to this month.  Well she told us the day of her interview that she realized that she was going to be baptized the EXACT same day, oct 21 as she received the Book of Mormon after a car crash in Mexico that planted the seed and started this all 🙂 We were shocked and amazed when we heard that and it’s just so cool how intertwined God is with every aspect of our lives 🙂 There’s so many other things that happened but basically the morning before we got a text and she said she wanted to postpone, we went over and talked to her and we saw one of the biggest miracles of my mission and everything was fixed and she got baptized 🙂  Our recent convert Alex who got baptized 2 weeks ago, baptized all 4 of them and that was one of the coolest things watching that happen.

The next day on Sunday it was so amazing!! Seeing Alex bless the sacrament, The Salinas family get confirmed, and Best part was my first recent convert in La Joya MOVED INTO OUR WARD HERE. Best day. Lets just say life is going really good 🙂 We had president’s neighbor from hondoras who’s going on her mission in 2 months get to be in a trio with us all week and it was the best cuz it forced me to speak straight spanish all week!
It was a great week and I can’t wait to tell you about it all more in detail in a few months lol! Love you guys all so much and I hope you have a great week 🙂
Hermana Horgesheimer
Mirasol and her three kids
Recent Convert who happens to be a cheerleader
Carving PumpkinsDSC01551.JPG

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