SICK & Family of 7

Well this week was so “sick”!! haha no literally I’ve been super sick all week and I’m just praying I’ll be better by all the crazy transfers this next coming week.  I feel so bad cuz i’ve gotten my comp sick, both the other sisters we live with, one of the recent converts in our family that just got baptized and one of our investegators but it’s just like a cold so it’s not too bad! this week was still amazing though.  We had an FHE with President Torres and his whole family monday night with our family of 7 and he was able to overcome the mom’s underlying doubts that he discerned and we didn’t even know about and it was so perfect! We had a lesson with the whole family a few days later and one by one each of the kids said they wanna join their mom in getting baptized next week 🙂 and you know it’s official when the mom wants to go dress shopping for the girls to have a white baptismal dress lol 🙂 I’m excited to write you all about it next week and send you pictures.

Sorry this is short, next week will hopefully be longer but I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
Hermana Horgesheimer

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