THE SOLIS RAMIREZ GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was honestly such a great week you guys!! Their baptisms and confirmations were incredible I’ll send you pictures 🙂 It is so amazing to work with this family. They have so much faith and even though they were scared to get baptized without knowing everything, they got answers so strong from God that they needed to so they just followed it! Alex is getting the priesthood next week, and Itzel wants to go on a mission in a few years!! The mom, Imelda is talking to her husband to send missionaries up to where he works. It’s honestly gonna be so great to work with them and get them going on family history!!!

The other amazing miracle is the family that we’ve been working with that were gonna get baptized in Nov came up to us after church without us even bringing it up and said they wanna get baptized earlier this month!! WOOO. Tonight we have a family home evening with President Torres and his fam so hopefully we can set a firm solid date. Their family is huge and take up 2 benches at church it’s such a blessing to work with them too! They’re so prepared and I’ll keep you updated on their progress 🙂
Its been another kinda crazy week helping out a lot of sisters but we still found some awesome new families to start working with. This one night it was a kinda a hard night cuz all the plans didn’t work out and no one was answering, but the last house we stopped by a super prepared family was outside having a carne asada and they were like yeah, my sons been wanting to go to that church, but I didn’t know where it was!! She’s planning on going with the whole family next week so it’ll be sick 🙂
I love you guys and hope you have a great week!!!
Hermana Horgesheimer

District Pic

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