The Mission Is The Best! I Love Every Part Of It!!

haha I forgot it was the byu utah game but that stinks they lost 😦 lets be honest if I was in that student section they would’ve won 🙂  this week was so sick you guys!!! The cool family I wrote about last week came to church for the first time and LOVED it. They are kinda shy tbh but they were like participating and everything it was sick! I feel like they’re secretly mormon already or something hahah. We’re pumped cuz we’re gonna have a family home evening tonight in President Torres’s home with his famiy! The plan is that they should be getting baptized in 2 weeks 🙂

The other cool miracle we had was with a part member family that missionaries have been working with for years. The mom and kids are very active members but the husband isn’t baptized but he works out of town pretty much all the time. Well the ward has been wanting him to get baptized for forever even though he wouldn’t be able to come every single sunday and we got a call this week and he asked us to come over and we weren’t even planning to talk about baptism but he just brought it up and we set a date and he was like nah lets move it a week earlier, haha we were like HA YEAH OKAY. He’s so sick and the only thing is he doesn’t know his work schedule so if he’s not home this week it’ll probs be the next week but that was just such a cool miracle for us especially on sis luque’s 2nd day in the area!!
Guys the mission’s the best. I love every part of it! Especially my comp sister luque. She’s literally the latino version of leah nelson so yeah. We have a good time hahaha. The mission’s going way too fast and i can’t believe it’s already september! I’m enjoying every second and my testimony is growing so strong seeing all these miracles and people changing their lives 🙂 I’ll talk to you all next week!
Love Hermana Horgesheimer
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