Transfers & The Coolest Family Ever

Sorry I haven’t been able to write til today! Helping with all the transfers and stuff has been crazy to say the least! I got a new companion Sister Luque and it’s way sick cuz she’s one of Dad’s patients at the office!! hahaha honestly she’s so amazing. She has like the best gift of discernment I’ve ever seen and follows the spirit so well in everything so I’m excited to learn from her 🙂

This week was so amazing though!! We found the coolest family ever to start teaching and they are so receptive to all the lessons! And baptism too 🙂 they prayed about it and are down to be baptized! I’ll keep you updated on everything that happens with them but we’re just praying they’ll keep progressing. Also there’s this other family that the missionaries were working with before I got to the area but they went on a summer trip and just finally got back and she said she was reading the Book of Mormon the whole time and that they wanna come to church again!! The work is going so great and I love being a missionary!
I hope you all have a great week and I’ll talk to you on monday! and I’ll be praying our house doesn’t burn down, that’s crazy!!
I love you!!
Hermana Horgesheimer
The Best Districto Ever Assembled

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