Fill The Fonts & Hurricane Harvey

I guess I’ll just start out by telling you I’m totally fine and Hurricane Harvey didn’t do anything to us down here except FILL THE FONTS WOOO. The misssion is honestly so amazing you guys. I’ve never seen God’s hand in my life or the lives of those around me so much as I’ve seen it this last week.  Last week we got a call from a lady in the other ward who told us she’s been bringing her friend to church with her and she wanted us to go start with the lessons! So we went over and met her and her name is Rita and she’s my adopted grandma hahaha. She’s the cutest 72 year old ever and she just cracks us up!! She lost her son and when we shared the Plan of Slavation she was just crying and we’re so excited to start her on her family history! Well she was planning to go to Houston this weekend and this week our Mission pres, President Torres came to a lesson with us and we set a BD and he told her that with faith she’ll be here this Saturday, then Hurricane Harvey hit and she stayed!!! Well Thursday we had to go help all the missionaries evacuate so we sent some other sisters to teach her, Friday night she called and said she was too sick to be baptized, Saturday morning at 10 the elders went and gave her a blessing and healed the sickness, at 12 she had her interview, passed and was baptized 10 mins later 🙂  Sunday she was confirmed a member and I’ve never seen a happier grandma in my whole life. she was just beaming!1 AH i love Rita!!!  haha she loves the church and fits in so perfectly with the old mexican ladies in the relief society. She said the most beautiful prayer about how grateful she is that she’s found the truth and how it’s never too late and how she’s grateful for the Book of Mormon. She may be older, but Rita is so so converted!! the thing that made this so cool was that 2 weeks ago we had interviews with our president and he promised my comp after 4 transfers the trial of faith will be over and we both just had to give it all to God and he just made it all work out so smoothly it was so cool 🙂

We’ve had other missionaries living with us from the hurricane and they’ll probably be here for a while but it’s been such a blessing to have them cuz they’ve just been here helping in our area so much and we’ve found so many people because of them!! Also the members are taking care of them and us very well 🙂 I honeslty haven’t seen the news or anything so I have no idea how bad it is but everyone says there’s like no standing buildings in some cities except for missionary apts and the churches so I thought that was pretty cool. I’m really blessed to be a missionary right now and I know God is looking out for us. We don’t have to just work and struggle and stress and worry, cuz if you just leave it to him he’ll just make everything work out perfectly 🙂 I have such a strong testimony in that!
Well sorry this is super long I just had to tell you how amazing rita is!! I’ll send you some pics!
I love you!
Hermana Horgesheimer
Cute Rita gettin dunked after 72 years 🙂 🙂 🙂
When Hurricane Harvey hits in the middle of the night and your not allowed to go to bedDSC01343.JPG
My evacuated Comp for the week
S/O to Amy!! Yes we got the package Thanks!!!!
The last pic is a pic of all my comps that are still alive on the mission playin conch this morning!

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