I Love Love Love Teaching The Restoration!!

sorry this probably wont be the longest email ever but it was such a good week!! Honestly it was a record how many restoration lessons we taught this week but it was so sick cuz there’s literally nothing better than telling people about something that only takes 5 mins to do but can change their lives forever if they just accept it! I love love LOVE teaching the resortation and seeing the light that comes from it every time. You can teach it the same but it just hits people in such a personal way everytime it’s amazing 🙂

So a cool thing that happened was we were about to back out of an apt complex and Sis patterson always has to be my backer lol but right as she was about to get into the car she’s like pull back in we gotta go knock on this apt. So we did and we saw these members in their car and they gave us a way cool referencia, then we knocked on this door and met this way cool lady who called us later that night asking for help moving a couch, then we saw this other lady getting out of her car bawling and we prayed with her and she cried even harder saying that we were an answer to her prayers cuz she has a doctor appt tomorrow and God sent us there to bring her peace. So literally one prompting from the spirit brought 3 new potential families to teach, a service project that we did today, and probably a baptism lolol 😉 ALL IN # MINS. it was legit haha.
Love you fam and hope the beginning starting school again goes great!! Someone tell brock not to wear cut off basketball jersey’s anymore hahahahah 😉 just kidding love you all!!
Hermana Horgesheimer
The mission is the best!!  recent convert he and his wife. then this is a sister from haiti i got to do exchanges with and then the other one is a fam we’re teaching!

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