She Had Been Praying For God To Help Her And Guide Her Life

SUP FAM!!! Still doing great over here in Texas para que sepan! This week was so good and we found so many miracles.  One of the coolest things though was the family that I was working with in McAllen and loved soo much just got baptized this last week and I got to call them and they were just all so happy!! So the funny story of the week is every night my comp leaves the room to go pray out loud, and i usually fall asleep before she gets back but one night I guess when she walked in I totally slept talked and said something pretty rude and she was honestly mad at me for 2 days and I had no idea why!!! hahah thank goodness for comp invetory but I’m telling you my sleep talking is gonna be the death of me! But don’t worry we’re all good haha me and sister patterson are like bffs.

So this week it was super cool. We had no exchanges, meetings, NOTHING. So we just got to go so hard and i’ve never found more new investegators in my whole mission!! And they were some of the coolest people ever. our president always says that the best times to find are from 10-12am and 2-4pm and honeslty that’s so true!! We got to go out like all the mornings and we were walking around the apt complex and i was sending a text and the spirit told me pretty strong to put my phone away and right when i did there was this girl setting up this scavenger hunt and we went and talked to her and she was like “are you the people that go to the church on bryan?” and we said yes and she said she used to go there with her aunt when she was 8! she was never baptized or anything but she said 2 weeks ago she was in slc and temple square and then the night before she had been praying for God to help her and guide her in her life, and then we showed up 🙂 she started crying and hugging us and honestly it was just such a cool miracle 🙂
I love this mission and I can’t believe how fast the time is passing all a sudden. The school year is already starting, like I pretty much am only gonna be here for the same amount of time as 1 more semester of school and that is NOT enough time!! Sisters missions are so flippen short haha! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!
love hna horgesheimer
what i do when i get home at nights lol
I love Sis Patterson

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