It Takes A Lot Of Faith Sometimes

Hey fam!! This week was super awesome! It was one of those weeks where there was a ton of meetings and traveling but we still got a lot of work done so it was great!! I love this new area but it’s so different than the english areas so I’ve been adjusting! Like it’s soo easy to find people, but helping them get to church is a nightmere sometimes! As to the engish wards it was hard to find, but once you did you already know they are the most committed person ever. But it’s all good cuz i know God has so many prepared people waiting for us in this area who will be committed, we just have to keep finding them so pray for us that we’ll be led to the right people!! It’s super cool though cuz the other set of missionaries is baptizing a family of 11 this weekend so they’ll be such a good add in to the ward!!!

I got to go to the great city of Laredo this week for the first time in my mission!! But not for a good reason haha… One of the sisters broke her ankle so I got to go down with her for a little and her comp got to come work in our area. Laredo is like 20 degrees hotter tho and yeah it was a good time but i think i would die serving there in the summer!
I really am so grateful to be here, this area i’m in hasn’t baptized for 4 months and i’m the 3rd sister to ever serve here since the mcallen mission has been open but I know that God has something good prepared for us! It takes a lot of faith sometimes but really that’s all he wants, is to see our faith, and obedience and that’s when the miracles come 🙂 I can’t wait to tell you all about them and I know we’ll baptized this month!! Love you all so much, i’m glad everyone got home safe from powell, I’ll be there next time!!!
hna Horgesheimer

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