I’ve Never Been So Tired In My Whole Life!!

Sorry everyone I don’t have much time today to tell you all about the amazing week but it was such a good one!!! so the first night of the transfer we pretty much just had to get the greenies all figured out and then the dead people as well! We were at presidents house for literally 2 days straight just cooking and cleaning and helping with the new arrivals and we even got to go the party with all the people going home and that was the weirdest thing of my life… hahah but other than that the week was super awesome!! going back to spanish was kinda a shock and im probably going to spend my whole p day studying and trying to get it back but i really love this area and the ward so much already!!

We’re teaching some pretty solid investegators and found a bunch of new ones this week too! It’s kinda crazy cuz this area is honestly so small but we are always finding the most random new people who are prepared for the gospel it’s so cool!! Sister Patterson is my new companion and she’s been here for like 4 transfers already so it’s kinda hard cuz i feel like a greenie again most the time, but it’s really been so humbling and i’m super excited to work on that this transfer! The first night we were there we met this mom and daughter and they had been studying with jehovah’s witnesses for forever but she had a feeling to talk to us and we did and honestly she’s so prepared!! we set a baptismal date with her already and I know their family will go down in august 🙂 Honestly I can’t wait for all the things that are gonna keep happening here in this area! I’ve never been so tired in my whole life every day when we get home but it’s such a blessing 🙂 There’s no better feeling than just knowing you accomplished as best as you could what God wanted you to that day. The mission is honestly just a dream right now and I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else right now for real! I love you guys so much and hope you have a fun week in powell!!
Love Hna Horgesheimer
already miss my old comp sis calero!! 1 and dones are too fast!

dropping all the dead sisters off at the airport haha
the one next to me with the glasses is my new comp, she’s seriously amazing!!!

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