You Just Can’t Argue With A 13 Year Old And The Spirit!!

*sorry long email*

What up homies!!! Just found out that i’m getting transferred out of mcallen 😦 but it’s okay cuz im not going far! I’m going to a town called Mission and Im going to be the new STLT!!! President told me at church yesterday in front of the family we’ve been teaching who literally said the night before that if i get transferred he won’t get baptized… lol awkward but don’t worry he was kidding! Life is about to start getting really crazy though! I’ll have an area, but tons of the time is just going to all the others sisters areas and zone conferences and everything so it’s gonna be nuts! I’m excited but sad to leave this ward. the family I will send you a picture of is getting baptized on the 13th and it’s so sad I don’t get to keep teaching them 😦 also another girl we’re teaching is getting baptized next week and on top of that we found 3 of the coolest people ever yesterday so it’s gonna be hard to leave but I know God has a plan. Plus I’ll finally be serving in Spanish again so I’m pretty pumped about that!

This week was seriously incredible though. we had a lesson with the family I told you about and the dad really just wants proof of the Book of Mormon and everything. he was just asking a bunch of questions and I kept feeling the spirit telling me so hard to let the youth talk that we had brought with us. I passed the rock to her and she’s the cutest shyest little 13 year old girl and she just bore such a sweet testimony and he just sat back nodded his head and accepted everything 🙂 Me and Sister Calero just walked out of there and she’s like ” you just can’t argue with a 13 year old and the spirit!” haha
Another cool miracle was this last conference pres was talking about having faith to drop the investegatos and not holding on to the garbage. We had an experince with this with an inv who came to church once but didn’t like it cuz it was too quiet compared to her church and we let her know we couldn’t just come to the house if she didn’t wanna act and go to church, well 2 weeks later we get a call from her asking us to come over and we did and she just went off about how much she’s felt a difference without us and in her own words she said she’s “hungry” to feel the spirit again. we explained how it’s possible to have that even when we’re not there if she’s baptized and recieves the holy ghost and she basically said she’d do anything to have that, she came to church again and now has a BD. Such a miracle 🙂 Her names Jaine and she has the cutest young family!
So many amazing other things happened this week but I can’t remember right now cuz my minds kinda going crazy! Everyone pray that my Spanish can miraculously come back cuz I’m gonna need it to communicate with the ward and pres and his fam haha! But last thing is S/O to Austin and Braedon for making it home after 2 years!! Love you guys so much! Everyone have a great week and don’t forget to write me even when you’re partying it up down at lake powell!! Be safe and love you all!
The esquatel fam!!! LOVE THEM. yes they’re gettin sealed 1 day

Brother Saenz is literally the coolest guy ever! He’s a convert and always hooks up the missionaries!!

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