Being A Missionary Is Thee Best

Sup fam!! This email probs is gonna be short but that doesn’t mean that nothing happened this week cuz you have no idea how blessed we were this week!! Literally miracle after miracle after miracle. haha being a missionary is THEE best. First we found this family through a member who’ve been taught before but now it’s so obvious that they are so ready!! the whole family listens and they just love reading the Book of Mormon. It’s cool cuz usually we plan lessons with stuff from the Book of Mormon included, but with them we’ve been planning the Book of Mormon and how we can teach the lesson through it and wow it works so good with them 🙂 they are already so converted and I have just such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and the power it has, it’s way cool!!

Another cool miracle was we were knocking and we had an appt to get to so we were driving off and we both saw this trailor and knew we just had to stop and knock it. So we stopped the car after driving for 2 seconds, went and knocked and we didn’t even say anything before this lady was like come in come in! usually when this happens its just gonna be a really old mexican lady who wants to share her whole life story with you, but sam is this 21 year old mom who was just so happy to have us there. we told her after sharing the 1st lesson that God told us to stop here and she’s like “yeah never in my life have I ever let any people in like you but something just told me to let you in” She’s SO receptive because of the spirit she felt when she saw us on the door step and I can’t wait cuz we have another lesson with her tonight 🙂
Can’t wait to write to you about all the miracles next week that we’re gonna have, cuz we both know it’s gonna be a good one!!!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!!
This random taco stand gave us 4 tostadas, frijoles, pina and chips with salsa for 3 bucks this week!! perks of being a missionary hahaha

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