This Gospel Is A Gospel Of Miracles

ayyy!! Sorry again this will probably be pretty rushed but this week AGAIN was just so full of miracles! I feel like I say that every week but I’m not kidding it just keeps getting better and better, it’s unreal!! The best one was Jackie was baptized on the 4th of July wooo!!! It was right after the ward breakfast so you guys won’t even believe how many people came and supported her! Literally the whole ward 🙂  It was so so spiritual and she was confirmed this Sunday.  You already know she’s the most commited new member ever cuz she even came to get confirmed when she had a fever of 103. #dedication haha but we were so happy for her 🙂 Even though she was sick she was just beaming with light after that baptism!

Right after that we decided since it would be impossible to set any appts on 4th of July to just go down to the fireworks and talk to everyone sitting there on blankets with thier fams and holy cow it was gold!! I’ve never seen so many families all together in one place ever and it made misisonary work really really easy haha.  We found a bunch of potentials that we’re teaching now, so sick!!
The last miracle happened on Wednesday. The mission office lady Sister Neil just happened to be staying overtime til 8 there and it’s such a miracle that she did because a family walked into the church and said they wanna meet with missionaries again. The mom had been baptized about 7 years ago but fell away but now the daughter and dad want to be baptized!! we’ve been teaching them and they came to church this sunday and the dad even brought a friend who wants to be baptized on the 23 of july too!! haha literally I’m telling you this gospel is a gospel of miracles.  Go read Miracles in the bible dictionary, truest thing ever 🙂

We had a missionary leadership meeting this week and it was seriously so crazy!! We learned just how much our mission needs to change and it pumped me up SO much cuz I still have 6 months to be apart of it.  I’m loving every second of this hot humid weather and I can’t wait to see what Heavenly Father has in store for me these last 6 months here!!
gettin real festive for the 4th of july hahha 🙂DSC01248
Baptism of Jackie on the 4th of JulyDSC01250DSC01254
We found our recent Converts at the FireworksDSC01258

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