Dog Troubles & Then A Miracle

Not a lot of time to say all the amazing little miracles we saw this week but it was a good one!! Me and Calero are working so hard to find new people and families to teach and even though it’s going kind of slow right now I know the Lord is preparing them for us! The best story of the week was on an exchange I was doing with a sister in her area and we really wanted to contact this house but they had a big fence. We were knocking on it as much as we could with a rock but it just wasn’t loud enough so I decided to hop it not thinking there was gonna be a dog cuz it hadn’t come out when we were knocking before but as I was knocking on the door a huge german shepard runs out of no where and if anyones seen the sandlot thats exactly how I felt looking eye to eye with him… hahaha he starting jumping on me and was getting aggressive and then a miracle happened and he just stopped and scratched his head and I booked it and threw myself over the fence and it was exactly like in napoleon dynamite how he landed but i don’t even care cuz i didn’t get eaten alive haha!! Literally funniest thing that’s happened on the mish. Now that we wear pants i can feel like I can do anything but I don’t think I’ll be hopping any fences anymore!!

Anyways our investegator Jackie is doing so so good!! She’ll be baptized in the beginning of July and she has family who we’re hoping we can go visit soon too. We can’t wait! Well we’re gonna go play soccer is this huge muddy field so I gotta go a little early but I love you all so much and have fun in BEAR LAKE!!!
A Short Letter but lots of Pictures
This is Sister Wolfgram who almost experienced my passing to the spirit world on that exchange!

I felt like SpongeBob this week making Hamburgers with a member!!DSC01175DSC01178
This random guy we contacted gave and drew us pictures haha!


#scripturepower lol just your average cheesy missionary pic

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