The First Person She Saw Was Pres. Torres!!!

I don’t have much time to write today cuz my comp is going home tomorrow so we’re gonna spend the whole night knocking doors for her last night we’re so excited!! but this week was incredible. Honeslty this whole transfer but i know it’s just gonna keep getting better cuz i get to stay for another 6 weeks and Sister Calero is coming in with me!! I don’t know her but all i’ve heard is she’s one of the hardest working sisters here and that she’s way amazing so it should be an amazing transfer 🙂

This week the big miracle was this lady walked into the chapel and turns out she was baptized 7 months ago but then had a baby so was never confirmed. Well she just moved back to McAllen and is ready! The first person she saw at the chapel was President Torres so they talked and he told her she should take the lessons again and be rebaptized! So we’re working really hard with her and she should be ready by end of June 🙂 she’s so prepared and is seriously the most humble cute girl I’ve ever met!!

Anyways keep having a great summer and have lots of good faceplants on the wake board for me! love you fam 🙂

ps: we get to house all the new greenies coming in tonight from the airport so that should be fun!!!

DSC01149DSC01150our fav recent convert ever and only in Texas do people drive things like this haha

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