In Those Moments It’s So Crucial To Have Faith

ahhh I’m not even gonna look yet at all the wedding pictures cuz I know i’ll waste all my email time on that but wow shoutout to the new happy couple kelli and trey!!! The wedding sounded so so amazing and just perfect! I’m so happy to hear that all was well and that I even got to dance on the dance floor hahah. shoutout to whoever’s idea that was!

AHH THIS WAS THE BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION. Dad in the skype you said “I can feel that something big is about to happen.” Yeah you were right!! The miracles of the sacrifice to miss the wedding were shown immediately and I just felt so loved by Heavenly Father. You guys are going to die at all the miracles that happened. So first Jacob at the beginning of the week finally committed 100% to baptism. The same day i was baptized 12 years ago, June 4th 🙂 we set it all up and a couple days before sunday, he said he got in contact with his best friend from kindergarten, all the way til highschool. after graduation they lost contact for 40 years. During that time this man met the missionaries and was converted and is now a branch president in San antonio. Well turns out he’s the cousin of our Stake President and he just happened to be coming down this week from San Antonio. We contacted him and he said he’d love to preform the baptism for Jacob. Jacob was so thrilled. We read the scripture to him of Alma and Amuelk and their joyous meeting and he was crying so much. It’s Alma 27:16-19, go read it that it was SO perfect.

So that miracle was all set up and then on Saturday he had his interview. Lets just say some stuff came up and Jacob was not going to be able to be baptized. We were all shocked. He was so sad and seconds after he told us his best friend sent a picture of him all in his white clothes and it just made it so hard. On top of all that Kelli was getting married that night and man it was definitely the saddest I’ve felt my whole mission.  It was seriously so hard and we tried to go out and work and it was just not physically possible cuz we would knock on a door and just be trying so hard to hold in the tears haha. The worst part was just how sad and disappointed Jacob was.  I’ve never seen someone so happy and excited for baptism and to find out after inviting his whole family that it wasn’t going to hapen was devastating.

The next morning we went to church and President pulled up right at the same time and said I’m going to interview Jacob right after sacrament.  Seriously the perks of having the mission pres in your ward hahahaha. Well anyways everything cleared and an hour before the baptism was back on and we were trying to do everything to fill the font so fast!!! It was seriously the most amazing baptismal service EVER. We had President Torres and his whole family there, the Patriarch, the stake president, and the branch president from San Antonio. I think God was saying something about Jacob’s future eh? 😉 We were closing and Jacob was like wait, i’d like to bear my testimony hahha guys. Literally it was like he’s been a member for 4 years! Kelli– think your sealing room experience the spirit was strong 😉 hahah jk

This next morning we got a text from him saying he ran for the first time in 5 years and yeah lets just say he’s really taking advantage of his new life.  It’s the most amazing thing, God blessed us soo much when we needed it most! and I know he’ll do the same with everyone. Just when we”re on the brink and we litereally don’t think we can do it anymore and everything is just falling apart in our lives, we should be happy, cuz that just means that God is just about to bless us with a miracle! I’ve seen that over and over again on my mission and I know it applies to everyday situations. In those moments it’s so crucial to have faith so that we can just expect the miracle.  Love you all and have a great week recovering from the wedding!
Kelli and Trey have fun CRUISIN!!!

We think he looks like a mix between President Monson and Elder Holland what do you guys think hahah?



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