What’s The Glow? And How Do You Both Have It?

Wow guys there is sooooo much to write about this week! You have no idea how many miracles we’ve seen. It’s just been a week where I’ve been constantly reminded how much the Lord loves me and loves the people in McAllen Texas. So I guess the first person who has literally been the biggest miracle of my mission is Jacob. We received this referral from a member in a different ward and she wanted to come contact it with us. She had met him a week ago but you would’ve thought they were life long friends. The second I met him I just knew he was so prepared. He was raised Southern Baptist but loves the doctorine in this church and he always explains that it’s so clear to him that it’s true! At the end of the lesson he was like I have 1 more question. “What’s the glow and how do you both have it?” He said that the second he saw us walk out of the car he’s never seen anything like that! That made us feel good that we had really prepared spiritually that morning and made me remember how important it really is as a missionary to always be obedient so that others can see that, cuz it made all the difference! The next morning he called after reading the stuff and had all these questions about the apostacy and dispensations and then sent a text and was like “and I would also love if you prepared a lesson to add baptism in it” hahahahhaha we were laughing so hard.

He came to church and seriously LOVED every second. As the talks were being given and they quoted a scripture he would like try to find it in the book of mormon. Definition of GOLDEN. The text he sent after church was serioulsy so sick. He said: “I was full of anxienty and depression and uneasyness, but your obedience to be serving a mission has changed my life.” Ha so cool. I know any missionary could teach him and he’d be baptized, but i’m just so privleged to be the one to get to know him and help him realize the truth finally in his life. He’s 50 years old and has been looking for this his whole life and finally found it. and he knows it too and is just changing every time we see him. Can’t wait to keep you all updated with him!

Literally there’s been 50 other amazing miracle just like that this week and we don’t even know what to do with ourselves there’s so many blessings! we had 6 investigators that came to church and every single one of the was so fellowshipped and just loved it! Can’t wait for the amazing things that are going to start happening the last 3 weeks of this transfer and Sister Schickedanz’s last 3 weeks of her mish! Seriously have never been so happy and blessed in my life. Our president told me in the interview this week that sometimes you work so hard and don’t see any results, but sometimes you do, so enjoy it!! So great 🙂 love you all and hope you have as amazing week as we’re about to have this week haahah!!

Mom’s Note:  The Light of Christ is truly amazing to me.  It’s actually a physical thing that you can see radiating from people who live the gospel and keep their covenants.  It’s amazing to me that it can be seen so clearly by others searching for light.  D&C 88 49-50 “The light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not; nevertheless, the day shall come when you shall comprehend even God, being quickened in him and by him.  Then shall ye know that ye have seen me, that I am, and that I am the true light that is in you, and that you are in me.”  Doesn’t this scripture just perfectly describe what Jayci described in her letter!!  I’ve spent some time studying about God’s Glory and how he shares it with those who choose to follow him.  The more we follow and learn and are obedient the more God is willing to give us.  I believe that’s why missionaries radiate light and truth.  A physical tangible light that can be seen by other.  I guess because I have been studying about God’s Glory and truth and light I was especially tuned in to this part of her letter.  Just such a testimony to me personally about what the gospel brings to each of our lives.  I never want to live without the Light of Christ in my life, it’s a remarkable gift!!

Sorry no pictures this week.  For some reason they wouldn’t open!!  Have a wonderful week everyone!!!

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