Shout Out To Pants!!!

Wow it was sooo so fun to talk to you guys last night! Me and sister schickedanz were so trunky it was the funniest thing but don’t worry we’re back to normal missionaries now 🙂 I’m soo glad lots of the family could make it and it made my day just seeing everyone and holy cow all the cousins are growing up haha! I’m scared for what 7 more months is gonna do!

This week was so good 🙂 it felt like the longest week ever because so much was going on and so many plans but it was amazing! We are teaching the Munoz Family and they were very skeptical at first but as we’ve brought the spirit into their home with the message of the restoration they can’t get enough of it and always want us to stay longer! But they came to church this week and they have the cutest 3 little kids. They even went up and on the stage and sung the mother’s day songs which was so funny even though they have no idea what their doing. There only thing is they’re really close and connected to their other church because it’s so small, so we’re gonna try to get them really involved with a bunch of our members and then I know they’ll be ready to go down!!

I got to go on 2 exchanges in a row with the STLTS and then one of the sisters in the YSA ward and it was so fun! We had a cool miracle with a ysa investegator. So me and schicky found this way cool kid named Edson who’s about 22 and we’d tried and tried to contact him again but we never could. So I decided to take the YSA missionary with me and we finally found him! We set a BD and then right after he followed us and came to institute and LOVED it!! It was so awesome and exchange miracles are legit! I’m excited to go on some more this week 🙂

Saturday was like the coolest/best day of my whole mission. We had 8 lessons set up from 10 in the morning til 9 at night every single hour and we honestly had no idea how we were gonna do it and drive and stay on time for everything. But we just prayed a ton and it seriously was so amazing how it all worked out! We even took president’s 16 year old daughter with us to some of the lessons! I love this work so much and thanks fam for all the support and advice and everything from yesterday, it’s gonna change my whole outlook on the mission and i’m so excited for that!! Love you so much and have a great week!

Hermana Horgesheimer

Happy Birthday to Schickey!!!!!


elder or nah? lolol

Guys its so sick now i can tumble, hop fences, and do heel stretches so s/o to pants hahahah!!


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