GUYS I’M IN LOVE WITH MY MISSION!!! Changes were this week and I’m with hna Schickedanz!! (chicken dance) lolol. She’s literally my favorite person I’ve every met we get along sooo good because we are literally the same exact person. haha wow it’s been the best week of my life not kidding. AND SHE WORKS SO HARD!!! It’s her last transfer and you would not believe how much she wants to end it off perfectly good and I am seriously so priviledged to be her last comp/ We seriously haven’t ate, or slept cuz we wake up and run so early every morning and i’m just in heaven cuz finally someone is just down to sacrifice everything with me for the Lord and his work. It’s seriously so amazing.

We have the leadership training meeting this week and I was seriously so pumped! Pres changed the whole focus of baptizing, back to retention and establishing zion. We have so many menos activos and so many of our converts fall away so half our efforts are just going to that and I seriously love it. For example instead of our main goal focusing on how many investegators we get at church, we focus a ton on total sacrament meeting and stuff. It’s so great and our ward plan is to plan a recent convert temple trip! we have about 10 recent converts from the last year and with each of them we are going to help them find some names and then the ones who are able to cross the checkpoint we’re going to go up with them and do baptisms for the dead!! and guess what day that’s gonna be…. JUNE 3rd!!!! Sound familiar kel? we’ll get to be in the temple the same day! Pray that all the recent converts can jump on board with this. we’ve met with 3 so far and it’s looking pretty good!

We had a cool miracle this week. We’re teaching a dad and daughter and she’s about 10 and his doubt is that he can’t get over the fact that “every church is good” there’s not one true church. Well we watching this video about baptism and then automatically it just went to the next one and it was about the sacrament. Well after the video the 10 year old was like “dad why don’t we do that in any of the other churches we go to?” haha it was so sick the dad just sat there for like a minute and contemplated and finally just accepted after like 5 weeks that this is the one and only true church, from something so simple as a little video! Love it.

OKAY GUYS READY FOR THE CRAZIEST NEWS EVER……… OUR MISSION NO LONGER IS A DRESS/SKIRT MISSION… WE HAVE TO WEAR PANTS. ahhhhhhh hahahhahah. Zeika is hitting in brownsville and during the leadership training we got the news and everyone was dying. The mission is paying for them as long as they’re under 20 dollars but yeah pretty much we can only wear skirts and dresses at baptisms and church and zone conferences. so like once a week. Yeah it’s nuts and i’m not too excited about it at all but being an stl you gotta like be a good example for the other sisters. they cant be tight at all and our mission president’s wife explained that they have to look like marching band pants. so yep we’ll send some pics next week! pray that people will still talk to us even though we’ll look like weirdos!

Wow sorry this letter was so long. just so many amazing things this week. I’m just so happy all the time and sister schickedanz is the biggest blessing EVER. so sad she’s dying next transfer but it’s all good! LOVE YOU ALL, wish us luck with the slacks hahahah

last night with the brownsville 1st crew! and last day with crispy


Guys NO ONE can say our last names hahahah they’re both the hardest german last names out there!

Last day with dresses…. ha sad huh


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