This Transfer Is Officially In The Books!!

Well fam this transfer is officially in the books! haha. We got a call yesterday in the middle of the meal appt that I was going to be transferred out of Brownsville. I know you guys probably can’t believe me when I tell you how much I love this city with a name like “BROWNsville” but no it’s so true I have literally become a new person here! I know the Lord put me in this area for a specific purpose even if I don’t know exactly why yet, and I may never know but it’s okay. I’m going to be transferred to the heart of the mission in McAllen and I’m going to be an STL! I’m super excited because I already know my companion and she is THE BEST. It’s gonna be so much fun. Oh and rumor on the street is i’m going to be in the same ward as President Torres. WOOOO!

This week was honestly way hard. The Epps were texting us everyday wanting to plan out the baptism and everyone was so excited and the ward was ready… but then the interview questions ;/ Little did we know the mom hasn’t committed to fully live the word of wisdom and can’t give up coffee yet. This brought up a bunch of other doubts like modern day prophets and it was just obvious that this family actually wasn’t as ready as we thought :/ It was so hard to accept. But now that we actually know their concerns it’s been so much easier to teach to their need and they’ll keep progressing and get baptized soon! The Lord has a perfect plan and even though I won’t be there in person for their baptism, I’m still always gonna think of them as my converts. Love that fam soo much and I’m so sad to be leaving them right now. The cool thing was is after that news, we went out and literally found like 8 new prepared investigators. Way cool how God blesses us if we just keep pressing forward even when it’s the last thing you wanna do!

Natalie, a girl we’ve been team teaching with the elders got baptized yesterday though!! She’s amazing guys!!! not kidding she’s the most converted person I’ve ever seen. She’s 19 and is gonna go on her mission next year. Her family is not supportive at all but she’s so strong and comes every week and it was just soo amazing to see her get baptized yesterday!! It all started with her because she went to the book of mormon play hahahaha sooo yeahhh… but hey if it works it works I guess! One of our invs came and he loved it so much he wants to get baptized next week! He’s already been to church 3 times so it’s probably gonna happen. Don’t you hate how you always have to leave right when everything starts happening?! Leah you can relate am I right? lolol

The mission is so amazing and I can’t wait for what’s in store for me up in McAllen!! S/o to Cam Allen you’re comin to the sickest mission out there!! Love you fam and hope it’s a great week!

Saying goodbye to the Mission NurseDSC01009DSC01013DSC01016

The Brownsville Apartment SistersDSC01036

Baptism of NatalieDSC01041

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