God Does Everything For A Wise Purpose

Woohoo go Jazz!! I’ll keep them in the prayers lolol. This week got pretty crazy! So one of the sisters we live with had a freak out and took her bike and ran out the door. She didn’t get too far but moral of the story is her companion was put into a trio with us and that’s been an adventure! I was kinda just like yeahh not doing this whole trio thing and it’d be way sick to have 2 companionships working in our area so we’ve just gotten members who are getting ready to head out on missions just come with us and we’ve seen a ton of miracles! The Epps family we’ve been working with are still doing awesome and they told us this week they have gotten their answer to their prayers finally and wanna be baptized!!! We are all just praying it’ll happen this week 🙂 🙂

We got to do this service project for a member and build this huge brick path and it was way fun! super hot and sweaty but we had a good time.

I read a scriputure this week that really helped me with this transfer being with Sister Crisp.  Although its been hard and a big change and adjustment I’ve learned that this really isn’t about me and about what I need to learn from this or anything like that. Go read words of Mormon 1:7 and it explains that God does everything for a wise purpose, and the reason he does it is to fulfill his will. It changed my whole perspective and I’m so much happier to go through this trial because I’m doing it to help God’s plan, and help my comp, not just so I can learn something that’ll help me later on in life. I love how the book of mormon can literally just answer any question/concern it’s seriously so amazing!!

I love you fam and hope you have a great last week of april! pray for the font to fill this week in brownsville!!!
Love Hermana Horgesheimer

1. best text message I’ve ever received!!! I was literally jumping off the walls during exercise that day haha
2. socks and sandals? why not right. (don’t worry didn’t pros like this)
3. mi nueva compa por la fin de semana 🙂

Service Project making the brick path and random zone pics!

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