Blessed For The Small Sacrifices We Make As Missionaries

We had a great week!! Our family with all the girls from New York have been progressing soo good and they all came to church this Sunday and stayed for the whole 3 hours and LOVED it!!! She’s had a few slips with the coffee but we’re working with her and we have a lot of faith that the family will be baptized on the 30th 🙂 We went and helped her organize her laundry room and she was so grateful! It’s super funny cuz literally all our other investegators right now are single 18-30 year old guys and then the Elders in our ward have like 5 18-30 year old girls that are all progressing and coming to church.  Weird how that works hahah

This week was the first time I’ve been sick on the mish! I woke up with a fever and chills and body aches but I wasn’t about to mess up the streak of never not going out because of me so we went out and God blessed us with sooo many miracles! I wasn’t even thinking about being sick because we found 3 prepared Families all in like 2 hours. It was amazing. We kept working the rest of the day and the second I walked in the door at 9:15 I like passed out because it just all hit me like a train. But it honestly grew my testimony so much how much God was blessing us for the small sacrifices we make as missionaries 🙂

Easter Sunday was amazing and it’s a Mexican tradition where they save all their eggs for the whole year and fill them with confetti and then have a huge egg throwing fight! me and Sister Crisp got to do it a little and I had confetti in my hair for the rest of night but it was fun 🙂 Hopefully the video we took works it was funny haha. anyways love you fam and have a great week!! and S/O to the Jazz sooo sick!!!


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