I Had A Cool Experience Following The Spirit

I’m sorry guys, for some reason i’m having the hardest time remembering anything that happened this week so this might be kinda short! But Brownsville’s still rolling! Our mission has a goal of 100 baptisms this month after starting the year off at 20 and slowly progressing to 70 so we’re feeling a lot of pressure to get the work done with these investigators and get some baptisms happening!

The Epps family is a family from New York with the cutest sassiest Junior High daughters that we just have the funnest time with. The other day we were visiting them and they have been really slow to accept an actual baptismal date because of social reasons and their perspective of what mormons are, but they love church and the activities so it’s been a little frustrating! Anyways, we went over and taught the Word of Wisdom this week and when she heard about coffee she was really questioning if it was some rule made up by man, or by God. I had a pretty cool experience with following the spirit because I was trying to think of how to answer her question in the best way and all I could hear was “open a scripture, open a scripture” very strongly. The problem was I had no idea where to flip to answer the question perfectly. So I just went to the typical d and c 89 and started reading the promises we get from keeping the word of wisdom. This is an investigator who we’re always joking around with and laughing with but She started crying and we asked why and she said that that had been her scripture in rehab for other addictions she’d been going through. Right then and there she commited to live not only the Word of Wisdom, but to be baptized on April 30th 🙂 seriosuly such a miracle!! I love the Holy Ghost!!

This week in interviews President Torres gave me a challenge to have 160 people in the church when we usually have around 130.  He told us to spend our Saturday visiting families that sometimes come, sometimes no and have all the auxillaries call people as well. So that’s exactly what we did and Sunday came and it was sooo cool! literlaly every person we took the time to go visit and talk to showed up on time for sacrament and even though we didn’t meet our goal exactly, it was still a miracle to see all these people who havent been in a while or who barely ever come! I spoke this week as well on becoming Converted to Christ and it was my first talk on my mission and i think it went alright!

This email turned out a little longer than I expected haha but Happy Easter and go watch the new video #prince of peace It’s so amazing!!! Love you all

Hermana Horgesheimer


Happy Easter!!

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