I Have No Idea What I’d Do Without Prayer!!

Another solid week in the TMM! We have 2 super solid families that we are working with right now who are still a little nervous about baptism because of the social reasons but the testimonies are increasing every day it’s super cool to see! On Sunday morning before the first session we stopped by one of the families and turned it on for them and music and the spoken word was on before and they were like mesmerized by the spirit that entered their home. I thinnk as members of the church we’re used to feeling the spirit but when you can visibly see it hitting someone for the first time so strongly it’s so amazing to see! Shout out to Motab haha!

Some sad news is our recent convert Pedro had to move back with his mom in Crockett Texas 😦 it happened so fast that we didn’t even get to say bye. It’s sad because he was gonna recieve the priesthood this week but it’s all just in the Lord’s hands now I guess what ends up happening to him. There’s a little branch right by his house though so I know he’ll be led right to there!

Conference was amazing and all our investigators that watched loved it!! Especially that talk by Elder Costa on the sunday session. So cool 🙂 One thing that’s been super good this transfer is how close I’ve gotten with my Father in Heaven. I live with 3 very different than me sisters right now and I feel alone and like I can’t really ever relate to anyone all the time but on my goodness I have no idea what I’d do without prayer.  Heavenly Father gets me and understands everything I’m going through even when nobody else does and it’s the most comforting feeling. It’s really helped me learn a lot more about the relationship we can truly have with him if we just give our whole lives to him.

Everyone go watch the new ask of god joseph smith video.  It’s the coolest thing ever and we’re gonna get so many investigators from it! haha love you fam have a great week and UNC GONNA WIN TONIGHT!!!
Hermana Horgesheimer



One thought on “I Have No Idea What I’d Do Without Prayer!!

  1. Hi Sister Horgeshimer!

    I love reading your emails each week!! You are always so positive and full of the spirit and yet still our Jayci Horgesheimer! You still have that fun spirit in you! I did watch the new ‘Ask of God” video! Pretty amazing! I can see how that will help your investigators! Have a wonderful week! Our prayers are with you!!! Love, Sister Shanna Ha


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