Hold On!!

I don’t know if you guys got to see the women’s conference, but there was a quote from Linda K Burton that was pretty much my motto this week haha. “HOLD ON.” So tuesday I went and met my greenie and her name is Sister Crisp and we literally don’t have one similarity except that we are both missionaries lol! But it’s been working out super great. She’s like soo smart and already knows spanish after 6 weeks. She loves studying russian, lithanian and french too and I have to tell her to only study spanish during language study haha. But even though she’s super different from me she’s so diligent and we are always to stuff on time, she doesn’t let me forget anything, and honestly sometimes I feel like she’s training me haha!

It was seriously such an awesome week. Lily was sooo excited for her baptism the whole week and we had all the talks and everything planned out, and then saturday night she sent us a text saying her mom wants to make sure lily isn’t just in “a stage” and wants her to prove she can live all the commandments for longer…. That was seriously so hard. I wanted my greenie to have a baptism on her first week so bad. :/ Sending all the texts to the ward to cancel everything was super hard but what made it okay was I was forced to have to act positive and have faith to show sis crisp that we can’t let satan win. It was hard but I know since we still just acted positive God blessed us with a cool family we found right after that happened.

This transfers gonna be VERY different but training will be fun! Sister Crisp has never had a friend except online so I’m trying my best just to love her, be patient and make her mission amazing 🙂 Pray for me fam haha.

love Hermana Horgesheimer

Amy your package was definitely inspired when you sent rice “CRISPy’s” and CRISPy m&ms hahaha good job!!

and yes ps fam no one really realizes it’s the chile flag and not texas expect me hahaha works out really great right?


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