Random Referral Miracles

Well everyone Spring Break has officially started here in Texas haha! I can’t believe of all places I could be I’m at South Padre Island for Spring Break.  Honestly it’s way sick!! hahahah jk jk don’t worry mom. But it’s pretty crazy down there right now! Not many missionary opportunities cuz everyone’s so drunk haha. Even though no one has even told us we can’t go on the island we’re staying far away don’t worry!

This week was solid! We found 2 awesome families who have taken the lessons before but are starting to get interested again. It’s hard to catch them but when we do it’s like us and the WHOLE family, mom dad 4 kids and they all just listen and participate and it’s awesome! That rarely happens here but when it does it’s just the best.

This guy called us this week and was like hey! I’m Michael and I’m in the ysa ward in McAllen and I got baptized a year ago and I just wanted to give you my brother’s address because he’s ready. It was such a cool referral and we met this kid and he really is so ready and accepted a baptismal date and everything! This area is full of just random referral miracles and it’s the coolest thing ever! it just goes back to if you rely on the Lord he blesses you 🙂

I just found out I get to go to the temple this week with the less active family we helped reactivate in my old area and we can’t even wait!!! I’m so excited and it’s SO rare that missionaries from this mision get to go to the temple once on their mission so I’m feeling very blessed 🙂 I’ll keep you guys updated and send you lots of pictures!

Have such a great week I LOVE YOU!!!

DSCF1022DSCF1017Sister Black’s Birthday

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