Depend On The Lord

Well this week was super amazing!! Well actually one of the weirdest weeks of my mission. We had a district meeting and made plans on how we were going to bring more people to church each week. This plan basically was just ways we can depend more on the Lord and not our own efforts. It was so great to focus on that this week but honestly it took a lot of faith. The whole week Monday-Friday we found 1 new investigator and we were trying soo hard everyday. We would take our bikes out and literally just talk to EVERYONE but no one wanted anything to do with us. And on top of that pretty much half our progressing investigators dropped us. Came Saturday night we had about 1 investigator that might come to church and I just prayed harder than ever for help. I knew I was hopeless and there was literally nothing else I could’ve done and it was the coolest prayer ever just giving my whole self and all my desires to God so that he could truly help. And oh my goodness HE BLESSED US. sunday morning we had a weird prompting to go by this permagater we dropped again and when we got there he said just seeing us was the exact push he needed to get to church. Then we got to church and Pedro wasn’t there and he was supposed to be receiving the Holy Ghost… Well we just kept praying and finally he walked in πŸ™‚ turned out his ride was just late. This other part member family randomly showed up, and then the coolest miracle we saw was Ernesto.

We’ve never met Ernesto before but he was in the church sitting in the back looking very uncomfortable. I went and sat by him and he started talking and said he’s never been to a church in his life, but God led him there today for some reason. He LOVED it. it was fast and testimony meeting and he was crying and the whole time through was also talking to me and saying he’s never felt anything like this and he wants to be apart of this church more than anything. I set the baptismal date right there and he is so excited! We’re going to meet with him for the first time tomorrow so i’ll keep you guys updated πŸ™‚

For all of you who’ve served missions you know investegators don’t just “randomly” show up. When we thought we would have 0, God blessed us with 4 and I KNOW that’s because I changed my whole aspect on my mission and just let him do it all. None of the miracles I’ve seen have ever been because of anything I’ve done but it’s truly just been God wanting to bless me with a Tender mercy. my testimony was so strengthened on that and one of the worst weeks turned into one of the best. But it doesn’t even end there….

Next right after church a brother in our ward invited us to dinner and he invited pedro as well. Pedro is so big on how much he wants to share what he’s learned with other and this brother has a 18 year old boy who’s getting ready for a mission and so naturally we decided to talk about missionary work πŸ™‚ we showed them how to do role plays and pedro and this youth were companions and did a door contact then taught us the plan of salvation and it was one of the sweetest moments on my whole mission. Hers this convert who got the holy ghost 3 hours before teaching the plan of salvation with more power than I ever could! I started crying and I just am praying with all my heart that one day pedro will have the oppritunity to serve his own mission πŸ™‚

I’m sorry this is so long but it seriously was just the most amazing day of my whole mission. God is looking out for me and sister black. I know it πŸ™‚ Have such a great week fam I LOVE YOU!! #dependontheLord

PDay at the Zoo


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