Amazing To Teach Someone You Can Actually Talk To God

Another amazing week in the TMM! We had lots of cool lessons with people and tons of little miracles were just always happening! I say this a lot but that’s the best part about being a missionary is just getting to realize every day how much God cares about our lives and our every day efforts. We had a cool lesson with this girl named Dulce and she’s been SUPER hard to catch but we finally did and taught her the restoration and just started to explain how good it felt to hear the truth. She’s only like 13 but explained to us how she knows the catholic religion isn’t right because it’s against the 10 commandments to have other people you worship other than God. after she prayed and just started crying and she was like so confused where all the emotions were coming from but it was just amazing to teach someone that they can actually talk to God and not just say memorized prayers. She has a baptismal date for next month but we’re gonna start working really hard to teach her family as well!!

Our other inv pedro is amazing and we are getting his baptism all planned out for this sunday! We’re super excited for him. He was sad he couldn’t get baptized last week but he’s just so ready and is gonna be an awesome new member of the Brownsville 1st ward! me and sister black are playing our ukes and singing at it so wish us luck lol….

Thanks for the pizza for valentines day mom and dad that was much needed haha!!! love you all so much and I hope you all have a great week!

1. this is the sister who I go running with every morning and we got to go on exchanges this week in the Spanish area and it was SOO fun to speak Spanish again in lessons!! I was a little rusty but I miss teaching peeps in Spanish a ton!

2 we gave this fam a book of Mormon then came back the next week and she had made book marks for all of us and for her family!! so cute

3. thanks for the pizza mom and dad!! night made!


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