The Miracles Are Starting To Flow

Aight fam we had a super great week here in Brownsville!!! The miracles are startin to flow again and it just feels good to work hard otra vez! One thing our zone is working real hard on is depending on the Lord in every aspect. On Tuesday we had like thee best night planned out with lessons and members presents set up and they all just started falling through one after another. It stunk but we just decided to pray and were led to this potential inv family who we didn’t really see progressing, but we just followed the spirit and went anyways. We got there and they were like “Wow you came just at the right time! We needed help so bad!! We were able to help them move all this furniture and they invited us over again and are going to bring another family so we can teach them. Milagros wooo!! But the cool part is we walked outside to leave and one of the lessons that fell through were literally just pulling in to their drive way. They yelled for us to come in and not kidding most prepared fam ever!!! The girls had like made bookmarks for their book of Mormon and the whole family had read the chapter we’d left. It turned out to be such a great night and I know it’s not because anything me and sister black did but it was totally just depending on the Lord and his plan.

okay now I get to tell you all about PEDRO!!! I don’t remember how much I told you about him in the last email but holy cow he’s on fire!! We couldn’t catch him all week but then on Friday and Saturday we went and brought members and he is loving it!! We had some of the best most spiritual lessons I’ve ever had on my mission with him. During my personal study I found a scripture exactly for him and ever since he read it and realized how much the scriputures can actually apply to his life he has been reading every single day and night!! He’s already in Mosiah after like 3 days! The coolest thing was this sunday he went to the 1st ward then loved it so much he stayed for Spanish as well hahaha 7 hours in total in that church but he just loves it! He has a super hard past but everytime we talk he just can’t get over how much new hope he’s feeling. Me encanta como este evangelio puede cambiar las vidas 🙂

The other sisters we lived with got their area shut down so now me and sister black have this huge apt to ourselves and we cover half of Brownsville, and 5 surrounding cities English speaking…. lol It’s so nuts there’s soo much area! But it’s gonna be the coolest chance to follow the spirit every day on where to go. Loving life here right now and can’t wait to keep you all updated on everything going on! Love you guys!!


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