Start The Covenant Path

FAM What’s up!!! Sorry I missed writing last week, it’s been crazy but we’re back at it today! This week was so good 🙂 My comp is recovering well and we got to work a lot more this week. I seriously love this city of brownsville more and more every day and the people here are just amazing! One thing that stinks is we always meet the coolest families but then they don’t speak english so we have to pass them off to the spanish ward but still there is just so much potential here it’s crazy!

The coolest milagro we had this week was with a guy named Pedro. We met him and started talking to him and I promise i’ve never met a more prepared person in my whole mission. We started talking and he was just telling us his life story but like bearing his testimony on all these perfect gospel principals and we were like, “pedro where did you learn this all?” He had a Book of Mormon already and said that he’s learned it from there and from the spirit. haha so cool. He basically explained the gospel of jesucristo to us and when he got to the 3rd step, baptism he was like begging us to do it! I’ve never had an investegator have their own desire like that to be baptized and it was just so amazing to realize there are people out here in brownsville texas that want to start the covenant path! haha. I’ll keep you all updated on Pedro but we should be having a baptism pretty soon here 🙂

One of the members who lives on the island took us out to eat this week and holy cow i felt like i was on a vacation! we were out on the island, over the beach eating steak and fish and not kidding it was a nicer restaurant than ruth’s chris lol… Definitely felt spoiled and apostate a little but this is a member who just got called as the 1st counselor so I guess it’s fine! Lance you probably know him, Edward Geiger hahaha!

Well the work is so good. Every day I just get so excited to go out and find people cuz our area is huge and there is just so much potential everywhere! I literally could stay here my whole mission and be happy about it. Seriously so blessed to be on my mission here and I literally would not wanna be anywhere else in my life. nope not even mexico city west 🙂 I love you fam and everyone else! keep me updated!

PS: my new fav hobbie is the uke. When I’m out on south padre so much it’s a must to be an islander you feel? 😉

New Favorite Hobbie
Dinner on the Island

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