Great Week In The Texas MCAllen Mission!!

We had such a great week here in the TMM!! Me and sister black worked so hard to meet all the goals we set and for the first time in my whole mission we actually did it! It’s been a huge focus for our mission lately and we went home last night feeling so accomplished last night that we had done what the Lord wanted us to do this week. We definitely saw some miracles from it too. We were knocking and we found this family who wanted us to come back soon. So we did and as we started teaching them we found out they’d been baptized in georgia a couple years back and their records just havent moved! You wouldn’t believe how often this happens tho so this wasn’t the cool part. But we started talking and realized everyone was baptized except the 16 and the 7 year old… But the 7 year old’s bday is this week on the 29th!!! Tender mercy for sure. They’re so pumped about it and the parents have said they have had such a better week since we’ve started coming and that they’ve felt something very different in their home 🙂 I can’t wait to keep helping this family out!
We were soo excited driving back after the appointment that we actually got pulled over…. lolol just my luck right? Don’t worry though it wasn’t for speeding, just cuz our bike rack covers the liscense plate ha.

We actually made it out to the island this week!! It was so cool. We met these way cool girls ysa age who live there but don’t drink coffee, alcohol, or do anything bad (which is VERY unheard of on south padre) lol but it was such a great day there. and then this random dude offered to buy us food and I’m not kidding I’ve never had better fish tacos in my whole life. Dad you’d love them!

So we have a member that graduated from Bountiful in 89 and i was like wait… my mom graduated from bountiful in 89! We were talking and turns out he definitly remembers you mom! Matthew Thornock? haha small world! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

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I know many of you know Paul Evans who passed away this past weekend who graduated from Woods Cross High School.   Turns out this is the best friend of Jayci’s companion who just started serving in the McAllen Texas Mission.   Jayci’s companion Sister Black just learned today of Paul’s passing.  If you know Paul and have a chance to send some words of encouragement to help Jayci’s companion Sister Black get through this difficult time,  I know she would greatly appreciate it.

Sister Jayci Horgesheimer & Sister Black’s address is

1900 Coffeeport Rd #F-6  Brownsville, Texas 78521

Part of Jayci’s letter home to the family

so if you guys could keep my companion sister black in your prayers that’d be awesome. She got a call this morning from president that her best friend passed away. His name was Paul and she ALWAYS talks about him. They would write every week.   It’s been so hard and I just can’t even start to imagine. She called her parents and I talked to her dad and said I was going to do everything to take care of her and that i’m here for her so pray for me as well that i can be that person for her.

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