I’ve Never Felt The Gift Of Tongues Like That Before!!!

Hey sorry we didn’t write yesterday all the libraries were closed but how are you all?! This has been such a great and probably one of my best weeks yet on the mish! I don’t really know why, because nothing out of the usual really happened, but I’m just so much happier all the time and I love it! I really think a lot of it is because on my comp. She has so much fire and positivity and is so fun to be around all the time I love it 🙂

We finally got to go out to the island part of our area this week and that was so much fun! On our way out we were following our gps and put in it to go the route that uses the least amount of miles and it took us on some old dirt road and we were literally in the middle of nowhere!! I was just thinking about how when I first got my mission call to Mcallen texas this is exactly how I imagined it to be lol!! We had a good time getting lost in the middle of texas haha. We didn’t actually make it out to south padre island because it was too late, but we literally have the coolest members ever that live right on the coast. One of the families invited us to dinner and then drove us around in this wayy sick lime green golf cart jeep thing and was just giving us referal after referal of the whole town of port isabel! I have no idea if it’s even allowed to drive on golf carts in missions but it was a good time haha!

We had a pretty cool lesson with this lady who”s pretty young with kids who is trying to recover from a stroke. The whole family speaks english but since she had the stroke she forgot english and is very slow in speaking in spanish. It’s really sad but she is so humbled and prepared. Anyways this was kinda my first time teaching a full on lesson in spanish without sister valdez and it was seriously the coolest thing ever! The spirit just talked through me I’ve never felt the gift of tounges like that before! We came out of the lesson and my comp told me I sounded like i’d been on my mission for like a year. It made me have a lot more faith that i really do have the ability to speak spanish if i have the spirit with me. I was so pumped and she understood everything we were saying!

I love you all and can’t wait to have another great week in Texas! I’m so happy here right now and there’s really no place i’d rather be than serving my heavenly father. I don’t think i could’ve said that even a few months ago but now I just realized how blessed i am to be here serving this mission and it’s the best!! have a great week 🙂

Hit 6 months with this Sister this week!!


1 this is where the gps took us
2 islanders go hard haha

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