I Have Never Felt This Much Joy

This week was so great!! I’m seriously loving my mission and i’m in the sickest area in the world. Brownsville is popping!! We have seen the coolest miracles ever with people ready to receive the gospel here it’s the best. I’m absolutely LOVING training sister black and having that responsibility. She’s the best and we work so good together. This week we got a call from the zone leaders saying that president needs us at MLC. (basically just a leadership conference) and I was just thinking all the trainers would go but nope! just us and the zone leaders and stls haha definitely felt out of place but he randomly called me up in the middle of it to share the experience I had with having faith in the promised blessing with the baptism I had last transfer. Other than using 100 miles in the car it was such a great experience! haha

We found this wayy cool guy from our recent convert this week. He randomly met them and they started talking and both realized they were members of the church. Anwyays we got to meet him this week and he’s from Idaho but ran away from home for 3 months and has been homeless. But our recent convert totally converted this guy back to God! He walked over an hour to be at church yesterday for the first time in about 5 years and he had such a great experience there. His name is Seth and he’s 6’7 and likes to write music and calls himself “Crystal Seth” hahahhah. Someone go look him up on sound cloud. Anyways it’s just so cool how missionaries changed the life of this recent convert and now he’s changing the life of others! Seth has had a change of heart bigger than alma the younger not kidding!

Anyways this week had a million little miracles like that but i dont have enough time to write about them… but i love you all and want you to know i’m sooo happy here in brownsville texas. I love this work more than anything and have never felt this much joy my whole mission. Now i know what people mean when they say the mission is the happiest time in your life. So true!! have a great week and sorry ya’ll are in the negatives while i’m hear getting tan in 80s hahahah sorry!

Love hna HorgesheimerDSC00762.JPGPicture with Crystal “Seth”

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