FELIZ NAVIDAD!!! How’s everyone doing?! This week was so great! Me and sister valdez had the motto and attitude that this was going to be the best week of our time together until now and it was pretty close 🙂 So to start off we had our ward Christmas dinner and I’m seriously so converted to authentic Mexican food now it’s not even funny. We had tamales and rice and salsa and I don’t even know but just all these way good desserts.. but the best part is I ate cow feet! hahaha. I wish I would’ve taken a pic of that… so gross lol!

So it hit 40s this week here and lets just say I’m grateful for my comp comin in clutch with all the winter clothes cuz I brought nothing but a jacket! it’s okay though because it’s only cold like this for one week then it will be 80s again next week, so don’t send any winter clothes! but that morning the elders thought they’d be nice and bring us over mcdonalds hot chocolate. I started drinking it and it was way good and then like half way through sister valdez like screams and was like “THIS IS COFFEE!” hahahaha so yep. don’t worry i’ll call the mish pres and get an interview for word of wisdom issues lolol

We had a way cool experience this week! so president a couple weeks ago promised us that if we work together we’ll baptize this transfer before I leave. We’ve been doing literally everything we can since then but the only problem is we didn’t know who we needed to put our focus on to baptize. We had about 5 potentials that it could be but we decided to pray and fast and have God tell us who it was. We made a plan to go visit all those people that day and use the spirit to tell us who. It wasn’t til the night we received our answer. We got news that a member of our ward was released from jail 2 months early… and this isn’t just any member, but he was like one of the most active missionary members who converted his whole family! Well he’s also the uncle of one of our invs and before he went to jail they’d go to church with him every week. So right then and there we knew exactly who we are going to baptize this Christmas. I have no idea how everything’s going to work out, but I have so much faith that God is apart of every step of our work and I know he’ll provide a way for this girl to be baptized. I also know that he has a plan and if everything doesn’t work out like we’re expecting, it’s all for a reason 🙂 I love this work and I love the little miracles we see every day. Being a missionary is the best!!! Love you all and merry Christmas!


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