“I Want To Find A Church Where I Can Go Every Week & Feel The Spirit”

Christmas is definitely happening right now here in La Joya Texas!! Me and sis valdez plan every night with those antlers you sent and our apt is decked out in tons of Christmas stuff as well! I LOVE CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR. Focusing on serving everyday and just being like Jesus I promise is the best way to spend Christmas. If you haven’t started the church’s 25 days of Christmas service DO IT! It’ll make you so much happier this month of December 🙂 It’s definitely not snowing here… but it was close! this past week has been very cold and rainy here and me and sister valdez have both been sick from riding bikes all day in the rain and cold. We both lost our voices so teaching lessons has been fun haha! Everyone says it should be 80s again in a few days though 🙂 Definitely not dreaming of a white Christmas this year ha

Funny story for the week is Tuesday and Wednesday the plumbing in our apt stopped working. Nothing was draining and it was super gross! Right at 10:30 sis valdez had to go to the bathroom way bad so our only option was to sprint up to Waddaburger (Lance will know what that place is…) and I have never felt more apostate in my life being out that late in our pajamas in a public place haha! It was weird to realize that for 5 months, I’ve never been outside later that 9:30 haha

We went to a house this week of some potential investigators and started talking to them and they said that they had just gotten back from baptizing their 2 little boys in the Catholic church. one of them has special needs and their both like 3 and 5. We started talking about it and they explained how they felt very disappointed with the baptism because they had felt nothing from it. They started saying how it just didn’t feel right. We explained to them all about how his son with special needs will go straight to heaven to live with God and about how baptisms should be done and it was such a spiritual lesson! They were so excited to realize that there was a reason it didn’t feel right to baptize their kids and that there is more out there. his direct quote…. “I just wanna find a church where I can go every week and actually feel the spirit” “I want to go to a church where they have a group for men to do service and bless people” …PRIESTHOOD DUHHH so sick. I know God led us there on that day literally right at the perfect time. SO PREPARED!!! Love you all!!

1 this one’s for you kelli with finals!!
2 yes believe it or not it gets pretty cold here!

Seeing these big bright smiles and the happiness that radiates from these two sisters is the best christmas present I could ask for.  Happiness comes when we follow the Savior and his example.  Live the gospel and go Light the World!!!

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