Working Hard & Trying Our Best

So Christmas season is definitely starting here in La Joya! I wish you guys could see but pretty much all the houses have lights and trees and blow up santas in their yard and people just go hard here its awesome! Even though it doesn’t feel like Christmas cuz it’s still hot, I’m not complaining! Last pday was super fun. We had a zone activity and it was a contest who could make the best gingerbread temple and you guys are all gonna be impressed with our district’s haah! We spent kinda a ton of money on it, but we wanted to make it good so we could give it to President!

Coolest miracle. So we were out tracting Wednesday morning and were contacting referals and we met this lady who had just moved there from Washington. we started talking about baptism and receiving the holy ghost and she said the famous words “I’ve already been baptized” we started preppin to talk about the proper authority and receiving the holy ghost by laying on of hands and then she was like (in Spanish) “Yeah last year I was baptized like that, as a Latter day saint in Washington” We were way pumped cuz she was saying ever since she moved she stopped going but wants her fam to all be baptized too!! But the coolest thing is I’m pretty sure she’s from kelli’s mission! So Kelli ask Trey if he worked with someone named Ruth Enriquez…. that would be the coolest thing ever if he did haha!

That’s crazy about mpjh. I wasn’t gonna tell you guys but I guess I will cuz of that but apparently there was this huge shooting this week in the grocery store we go to and 1 was killed and 4 were injured. and like everyone is related in some way down here so everyone had ties to them, super sad. oh and pretty sure we’ve met the shooter cuz he’s from la joya haha.

We’re still just working hard and trying our best to bring people to Christ! it’s really hard sometimes to just realize that people aren’t ready and willing to except it, but that doesn’t stop up 🙂 I know there’s gotta be someone prepared in this little town, there’s a reason me and valdez have stayed here for 3 transfers together and I know we’ll find out soon enough! Valdeezy learned the words antlers, and wretched this week and she says them all the time it’s the funniest thing ever hahaha. love you all have a great week and do some missionary work by showing someone the light the world video!

Gingerbread House Temple with the District


you already know we taught these guys the plan of salvation on the door step ha



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