It Might Seem Small

Cuentas bendiciones!! thanksgiving was way fun this week. In the morning we got to get together with a couple zones and do a turkey bowl and it felt so weird to hear the words “first down” or “interception” haha it’s been a while without football and I definitely miss it so that was good! After we went over to one of our menos houses and helped her cook her whole meal. she had just had surgery on her wrist so it helped her a ton and I realized how fun cooking is! Pretty hard to pros on thanksgiving cuz everyone was partying, but it’s all good. and mom don’t worry someone made me an apple pie haha. (nothing close to yours tho)

This sunday was way cool! The garcia fam we’ve been working with, the dad got the priesthood and passed the sacrament this week!! It might seem small, but you guys have no idea how far this family has come. It’s so amazing to see their progression and they’ll be in the temple in no time 🙂 He was so happy and is way pumped to keep using his priesthood. This family has been bringing their cousin with them every week to church and he’ll be baptized either this week or next! Bro Garcia is pumped to be the one to be able to baptize him 🙂

haha funny story for the week. I had an exchange with the STL and we went to her area in Hildago. It always amazes me how different everywhere is from La Joya when I leave haha La Joya is it’s own place for sure! Anyways when we were out we talked to this cuban guy and holy I couldn’t understand one word he said cuz of how fast they talk. But he was being super weird and creepy and was like checking us out and later on I found out he said “Wow The Lord has blessed you” hahahah… we ran away super fast

I realized that in my emails I always share my experiences but havent been too good about sharing my testimony with everyone! I really do just want everyone to know how amazing this church is. and how great of blessing we all have to make the choice to make it apart of our lives. I know more than anything that this gospel is for families and there is no better way to find happiness than living gospel principals in the home with your family. I know that our families are strengthened by doing the simple things in the home like scriptures, fhe, and prayers and it’s something I really wish I would’ve taken more seriously before the mission. If there’s ever a problem in a family, I promise these simple things can solve anything 🙂 I love you all and miss you a ton but I know that I need to be here to give back to God all the amazing things he’s blessed me with! Keep strengthening your testimonies and have a great week!

Playin conch with the locals and futbol americano with the zones!


this explains how weird la joya can be haha


Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowldsc00544

Exchanges with Sister Rivera


La Joya Zone!!!


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