This week I learned so much about SERVICE!!! Seriously everyday we had a major service project to do and I dont even know if that’s allowed but we really saw muchos bendiciones  from it in the people’s lives and in ours. My favorite one we did was go out to the fields and pick lemons and other fruits off trees. I literally felt like I was in the movie McFarland! every one was super grateful for me cuz they never have tall people to pick off the fruits at the top… (haha yes i’m considered very tall here)

Another thing we did was clean off the walls and floors of a menos activo family’s apartment. The little girl i’m not kidding had sharpy crayon maker ALL OVER the white walls and floor. I wish we would’ve taken a before and after pic but it was a ton of work! We didn’t have anything really to get it off so we just went hard unloading bug spray and nail polish remover all over the apt. haha it evenutally mostly came off but lets just say my wrists are still sore! Both the parents work all the time though so they were really grateful for the help 🙂

The other/worst one was cleaning a room full of dog diarea that had been sitting there for over 3 weeks. The garcia fam got a new dog and decided to lock him up in the back room when he was sick and both the parents and kids were too scared to confront the mess so they just locked the door of that room and left it like that for 3 weeks. hahha me and sis valdez went in and literally scraped poop/throwup off the floor for 2 hours… and we aren’t even done yet so round 2 this week woo!!! hahaha

The mission has had a huge push on member work recently and even though we don’t have any solid members in our area, helping these less active families this week REALLY gained their trust and confidence in us it was so sick to see. All a sudden they’re giving us referals left and right, feeding us, and coming to church without us even pushing it super hard on them it’s so great! We started out last august with 0 actives in our area and now we have 3 families and 3 other people who go every week again it’s so great!!! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! The baptisms aren’t flowing yet, but reactivation is and I know that is our purpose right now in La Joya and I couldn’t be more happy with God trusting us with that responsibility 🙂 Love you all and happy thanksgiving!!

just chilin in la joya! sister valdez wears my north face jacket every day cuz she gets sooo cold and i’m just like dude it’s 70 degrees!


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