Fill The Font

It’s been a little bit of a slower week so there’s not much to write about, but la joya is still doing good! And I’m staying again for a 3rd with valdez otra vez!!! haha can you believe that? and the other two sisters are staying as well so not much changing around here. I feel so lucky to be biking and in Spanish again though. Biggest blessing ever 🙂 We’re really gonna focus this transfer on just starting new and clean and finding people who will actually progress.

I got to go on an exchange this week and leave la joya and holy cow I realized how in the middle of no where I am lol! It seriously felt like a vacation but I had a great time and the sister I was with loves running so we got up early and ran, it was THE BEST.

Everyone is super upset here about Donald Trump getting elected… Hah we’re not allowed to talk about politics though so I still don’t really know anything going on. Am I gonna be building a wall for a service project soon lol?

2 quick miracles is Eliseo, the dad of karina who’s working in Harlingen is FINALLY coming home for thanksgiving so FILL THE FONT. And second the menos fam that I wrote about last week, the husband got work off every sunday now somehow and has been coming to church and loving it 🙂 it’s amazing to see!

Well not much else but I love you guys and thanks for all the support! I’m super pumped to be in La joya for Christmas, people are already going hard decking out their houses in lights it’s way sick haha

intercambiares y nuestro favorito membro Danny!


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