Small Little Miracles


This week was good and full of a bunch of small little miracles. That right there is the best part of missionary work, realizing how much the Lord’s hand really is in your life 24/7. The first cool thing is we’ve been working with a menos activo fam who are seriously the cutest family ever. The wife and kids come occasionally but the husband works. Anyways we felt like we needed to promise that if he fasted and prayed with us last week, he’d find a way to be able to go to church. So he did and although all his friends made fun of him at work for doing it he still did it. Thursday night we got a call from him saying his boss “randomly” gave him work off sunday which NEVER happens. It was seriously the happiest sunday of my life seeing their whole family at church going to all 3 hours 🙂 I know that it’s a step at a time, but eventually God will provide a way for him to go every week

Next way cool thing happened to our investigator that we’ve been working with for a while. His daughter Karina is ready to be baptized but can’t cuz he’s out working in a different city for a few months. anyways, he forgot his book of Mormon and only has the books of proverbs and psalms and we send him scriptures to read every night but those ran out fast lol. anyways he really wanted to get a book of Mormon to read but couldn’t come in contact with the missionaries. a couple weeks later we get a call and he was freaking out just saying that he ran into the elders. We later found out this missionary said that he NEVER carries English book of Mormons but for some reason that morning he felt like he needed to 🙂 so sick.

We had a way fun Halloween you’re all gonna love our costumes… I’ll send pics 🙂 lets just say me and valdez had a little too much fun hahaha. Being elder Johnson and elder garlitz was just a one time thing tho don’t worry lolol.

Another sister in my apt is going through some major issues and has locked herself in her room all week so me and her greenie have gone on exchanges so she gets a chance to work and lets just say 2 white greenies in a Spanish area is probably the funniest thing ever. They could make a movie out of the days we’ve had together hahaha. it’s way fun tho cuz we both went to wx and just talk about keva juice and other things about bountiful all day haha!

Love you all have a great week!!

this is the cute menos fam I wrote about!
deezy’s boy sent her soccer jersies for her bday lol



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