God Protects His Missionaries

So much happened this week but we don’t have a lot of time to write so i’ll try to fit it all in!! I’ll start with a funny story. So our mission leader bought us grocieries this week cuz no one feeds us so that was nice! He bought whole milk and no one would drink it so we decided to take it over to our members house. I tried to put the milk carton through my handle bars and it was the most awkard and unbalanced ride ever! haha but then we hit the dirt road and I went over rocks and my bike completely lost balance and everything went every where! haha I jumped off the bike, the milk fell off and splatterd everywhere. lol i’ll send pics it was pretty funny. Riding bikes on the mish seriously makes everything 20 times better throughout the day

There was one night where we had to schedule an apt in kinda a sketchy area right next to the border at night and so we were going to it and we both didn’t really feel good but we just went anyways. Then border patrol pulls up and was yelling “sisters, sisters!!” he came and talked to us and turns out like a 1/2 mile down the road they were having some big problems. It was way cool cuz turns out this border patrol was a member of the church in another ward and I know God sent him there at that exact time. God protects his missionaries!!!!

We had a really cool experience with the Sierra girls the other night. So the whole family isn’t progressing well. They don’t wanna give up tea and coffee and haven’t been coming to church. But the two middle girls are still progressing sooo good. they literally haven’t missed church or an activity since we met them. They’re amazing! anyways we went to their house and felt prompted to read with them the book of Mormon. We told them to think of a question and one of the girls was “how do I know if I’m actually ready to be baptized. Sometimes I feel like I am, other times I don’t.” We promised her that when we read she’d get her answer. So we told her to open to a random page (Book of Mormon Russian roulette lol” and she did to Mormon 3. go read verse 2 literally coolest thing ever. 🙂 she was like crying and the other sister had her question answered perfectly in that verse too.

The rest of the family was like amazed that that had happened so they were like “okay we wanna try now” He opened to 3 nefi 3 all about like the gaddinton robbers and in my head I was thinking like haha shoot this isn’t gonna work. His question was “Does God actually hear my prayers.” Literally the whole chapter was about war but then like the most random verse about praying was in there and it seriously strengthened my testimony sooo much that God really will answer every question you have through the book of Mormon! You guys should all try it 🙂

So all the missionaries had to speak in sacrament this week but since my Spanish sucks so bad the ward mission leader was like “you can just sing instead. ” lol I guess he hadn’t heard me sing before either but anyways it was going fine until the second verse when my contact randomly decided to fall out. I couldn’t see any of the words and ya lets just say most embarrassing thing ever but it’s all good! God has a reason for everything guess lol.

Anyways happy Halloween!! love you all and were gonna have a party tonight with all the stuff you sent mom!!


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