He Was Listening In– On A Random Door Contact!!

So guess what!! Texas hit 70 this week!! woooo. There are rumors going around that it’s gonna snow this year so we’ll see. I honeslty wouldn’t be surprised if I brought the snow with me tho tbh 🙂 hahaha but it’s a joke, sister valdez wears my big black winter coat every day and it’s like 80s hahah I don’t understand but she is always cold! it’s like you times 10 mom haha. But she is from Arizona and Mexico so she’s never really been below 60s

This week was really good! We had interviews with president and I had been preppin all day for Spanish and words I might need to know and we get in there and he’s like “today I wanna practice my English, so this whole interview will be in English is that okay?” haha but it was so good! I asked him about how I can feel okay about baptizing kids but not their parents and he gave the best counsel, and then also just said look for families the rest of the transfer where the dad is on board, because if you can convert the dad you can convert the whole family. That revelation honestly could not have applied any better this week cuz we found 3 or 4 families where the dad and mom and kids all are listening at the same time! it’s honeslty so fun teaching full families 🙂 I’m excited to see how they progress.

So we had a really cool milagro on Sunday. We brought 10 people to church so that was amazing, and then there was this ysa age guy there and we went and talked to him and turns out he was listening in to some random door contact we had that week, and decided he wanted to come try it out without us ever even talking to him!!! So sick.

Karina wasn’t able to get baptized this week cuz her dad who always takes her to church and is involved had to leave town for a couple weeks to work 😦 it’s sad cuz she’s so ready. she even came to church all by herself yesterday and loooves primary. She’ll be baptized when her dad gets home tho! and the cheerleader family is also so ready but OF COURSE they have a comp on their baptism date this week…. seriously God is letting me have it with all the sundays I competed on lol. Anyways that’s about it for the week, tons of cool stuff happening here and for the first time ever there was 100+ people in sacrament 🙂 I’m loving la joya and I better stay here for another transfer!

1. Me and Karina 🙂 she was the cutest policeman ever
2. Celeste Ramos is also the cutest ever. She’s 4 and calls herself “THE BOSS” hahaha


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